Review: JOYSTAR 12″/14″ Roadster Balance Bike For Kids 2 to 6 Years Old


Learning to ride can be a daunting task for kids, especially at a very young age. JOYSTAR Roadster Balance Bike helps kids master riding through balancing, steering, and coordinating practices. It is available in a wonderful selection of colors. The bike has a perfect blend of functionality and architecture to give your child a safe and joyful ride. So, does this balance bike put training wheels to shame? Read along to find out.


Pros & Cons


  1. Lightweight
  2. Sturdy and durable
  3. Low-step Frame
  4. Adjustable seat and handlebar post
  5. Footrest available
  6. EVA foam tires – Flat-free


  1. No brakes available
  2. No turning limiter
  3. Exposed bolts


On a feather budget of $59.99, the Roadster Balance Bike comes in two wheel-size variations – a 12″ and a 14″. The color choices on Amazon are either lime or red, but you can explore more options on JOYSTAR’s website. To support the age range of 2 to 6 the bike is made out of high-tensile steel. The material makes it sufficiently strong to withstand a weight of 75lbs or 34kg.


The bike has JOYSTAR’s iconic low-step frame for easy access. It has EVA polymer tires that give it a lightweight of 7.05lbs or 3.2kg. You can also adjust the seat (13.4″ to 16.5″) and handlebar (20.4″ to 22.9″) using the quick-release lever. The whole package comes with an undeniable lucrative 12 monthly warranty.


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Paint Job

Let’s be real, for kids, it’s all about how the bike looks. It is available in beautiful colors that can hopefully satisfy every child’s desire. Similar to JOYSTAR’s other variants, this bike too plays with contrast. The black wheel, seat, and handlebar make the color of the mainframe pop out. It has a glossy finish that makes it appear to be shiny. It has cool branding stickers on the frame, seat, and handlebar. The bike is available in Blue, Pink, Red, and Lime colors. Overall, the bike is cool enough to make other kids stop and notice.


Material & Strength

The JOYSTAR Roadster Balance Bike is made up of a high-tensile steel frame. The bike is lightweight that allows kids to ride and control the bike smoothly. Kids can effortlessly push the bike and have a comfortable ride. The bike weighs 6.28 lbs or 2.84kg and can carry the kids up to 75lbs or 34kg.


Safety & Stability

The JOYSTAR Roadster Balance Bike ensures all kinds of safety for the kids to make their ride pleasant and enjoyable. The handles have hand grips to keep the little hands safe when they fall. The end of the grip also prevents slippage of hands. The central part of the handle also has soft padding as protection. The bike has an attached footrest that allows kids to rest their feet while riding the bike. It helps in maintaining stability and prevents any strain on the legs. It has a low-step frame so that kids can comfortably get on and off the bike and avoid any unnecessary collision. It lacks a turning limiter that restricts the handle from getting overturned. The bike doesn’t have a brake either. It uses exposed bolts, which are dangerous to the legs as compared to flat or rounded bolts.


Wheel & Comfort

The JOYSTAR Roadster Balance Bike has 12 inches EVA polymer foam wheels. These foam wheels are puncture-proof tires that never go flat. Ideally, it is recommended to have rubber tires as they provide better traction compared to foam tires. But, it acts as a fair shock absorber that ensures the comfort of the kids. A bike with foam tires does not require any kind of maintenance. These never flatten tires allow our little hero to scoot around on and off-road.


The bike has a padded saddle. It is soft and allows kids to sit firmly on the seat without getting slid off. It makes the ride comfortable and enjoyable. The bike seat can be easily raised and dropped using the quick-release clamp. The adjustment range is 12.2 inches at the lowest to 15.7 inches at the highest. Adjustment allows the seat to be raised as the child grows and continues to serve them till they learn to balance.


The bike has a straight handlebar attached with hand grips to keep the kid’s hands secure. The height of the handlebar is adjustable, with a range from 20.4 inches to 22.9 inches.


The bike has an attached footrest that allows kids to rest their feet while riding the bike and keep their feet from getting strained.


Extra Features

The company provides a 12-months warranty on the bike. They also ensure the quality of the bike and gives friendly customer service.


Notable add-ons such as bike bells, bike baskets, and decor elements can be purchased from their website.



The JOYSTAR Roadster Balance Bike has a charming appearance. It has an adjustable seat and handlebar post. The puncture-proof EVA foam tires ensure the bike stays lightweight and requires minimum maintenance. It is made up of a high tensile steel frame that is strong and durable. It has a padded seat, handle protection, and a low-step frame to ensure the kid’s safety. The bike lacks a brake and a turning limiter and has exposed bolts. One can prefer to buy this balance bike if their kids are 1.5 to 5 years old or 31.5 to 49.2 inches in height.


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