Review: JOYSTAR 12″ Marcher Balance Bike For Kids 1 to 5 Years Old


Riding a bike is one of the best parts of growing up, and JOYSTAR offers a list of bikes to start making memories. The JOYSTAR 12 Balance Bike is one of the best partners for toddlers to learn coordination and balance at the right stage of their life. It is a bike with fabulous architecture and appearance that makes anyone fall in love with the bike. It is a perfect blend of style and function that build up confidence in the kids. If you want to know if the bike suits your kid or not, read out the full article.


Pros & Cons


  1. Lightweight
  2. Affordable
  3. EVA tires – never go flat
  4. Adjustable seat and handlebar height
  5. Strong and durable
  6. Minimal assembly and no maintenance


  1. Brakes unavailable
  2. Turning limiter absent


This beast with a 12″ wheelbase can be yours at a comfortable price of $57.99. The Marcher Balance Bike is available in three colors – ivory, orange, and red on Amazon. One can explore more options in colors on JOYSTAR’s website. The bike has a body of steel that can bear a weight of 40lbs or 18.14kg. Given the weight, the bike is suitable for 1 to 5 years old.

The bike weighs around 5.9lbs or 2.67kg and has a convenient step-through frame. The setup takes a mere 20 minutes, and you can even adjust the seat and handlebar height with the quick-release lever. The seat can move between 12.2″ and 15.7″ while the handlebar can slide between 20.4″ and 22.4″. The bike also has foam tires, so you don’t have to pump air every time.


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Paint Job

The Marcher Balance Bike has a pretty appearance with many bright colors to honor each child’s stubbornness. The bike frame is colored while the other parts such as the wheel, handle, and the seat is black. With the black and colored frames contrasting each other, it is a great way to increase the overall visual appeal. It has a colored protective ring on the handle that also adds to the contrast. There are branding stickers on the frame that make sure the bike avoids a blank appearance. It has a glossy finish throughout. The bike is available in Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, and Ivory colors.


Material & Strength

The Marcher Balance Bike is made up of a high tensile steel frame. The sturdy frame makes the bike strong and durable. This builds up confidence among the kids to ride the bike even if they fall multiple times. The bike is lightweight and makes it easier for the kids to use the bike and push it forward. The bike weighs 6.28 lbs or 2.84kg and is sturdy enough to withstand kids up to 75 lbs or 34kg.


Safety & Stability

Due to the absence of a rear braking system, kids have to use their feet to bring the bike to a halt. The issue with using feet is that it damages the sole of their shoes. Generally, balance bikes lack a braking system, as kids at such an early age do not need them. This also ensures the bike remains affordable to all. The handle grips keep the kid’s hands safe. It saves the little hands whenever they fall or come across a wall or a tree. It prevents the kid’s hands to slip off the handle and keeps them safe. The step-through frame is designed for young riders, easy for them to get on or off the bike without any collision. There is a footrest tucked exactly below the seat where children can keep their feet while riding and take a feel of flying over streets. There is no turning limiter on the bike that restricts the handle from getting overturned. All these safety measures make the ride comfortable and safe.


Wheel & Comfort

The bike has inflation-free EVA tires that are ideal for multiple terrains. The EVA tires never go flat and allow toddlers to scoot around on and off-road. Though these tires provide less traction and cushioning than air tires, they are just fine for paved roads. They act as a good shock absorber which ensures the safety of the kids.


The JOYSTAR Marcher Balance Bike has a padded seat that is soft and comfortable. This makes the kid’s ride comfortable and joyful as they can sit on the saddle for a longer time and enjoy the ride without having a pain in their butt. The seat of this bike can be adjusted according to the toddler’s convenience. The seat height ranges from 12.2” to 15.7”. The 3.5” range of seat posts gives an ample amount of space for the bike to grow. No tools are used for the height adjustment instead, a quick-release clamp is used.


The handlebar of the bike has grips that ensure the safety of the kid’s hands. The handlebar has no turning limiter, which restricts the handle from being turned 360-degree. Its height can be adjusted without the use of any tools. The height ranges from 20.4” to 22.4” and can be adjusted according to the child’s torso using the quick-release clamp.

There is a footrest tucked exactly below the seat. The placement of the footrest is just fine and helps kids to use them properly. Kids can put their feet on the footrest while riding and save their shoes from getting worn out.


Extra Features

When the bike is bought from the website, they make the shopping safe and secure. Also, JOYSTAR offers a comprehensive return policy on their balance bikes. A lot of reviews and customer opinions suggest that they really put effort into their customer service.


Notable add-ons such as bike bells, bike baskets, and decor elements can be purchased from their website.



The JOYSTAR 12 Marcher balance Bike is an affordable bike with a captivating appearance. The components used on the bike are very lightweight and durable. The safety of the kids can be ensured by the available round cover on the handle, handlebar grips, and the perfect positioning of the footrest. The only issue is that the bike lacks a brake and a turning limiter. It is quick to assemble and requires no maintenance. It is fit for kids of 2.5-3 years of age and 31.5”-43.3” in height.


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