Review: JOYSTAR 16″ Striker Balance Bike For Kids 5 to 9 Years Old


The JOYSTAR 16 Striker balance bike is one of the best bikes for young kids to learn coordination and balance. This pedal-less bike is available in two eye-catching colors with adequate safety measures to make the riding joyful and comfortable. Do words sound enticing? Read the full article to know if the bike fits your kid perfectly.


Pros & Cons


  1. Adjustable seat and handlebar height
  2. Clipper handbrake available
  3. Strong and durable
  4. No tools are needed for height adjustment
  5. Rubber air tire
  6. Best for Kids who need Special Care.


  1. Limited colors
  2. Turning limiter absent


Joystar is among the few, who manufacture a 16″ Balance Bike. This bike is suitable for kids from 5 to 9 years old. The body is made out of carbon steel and comes in exciting colors – beige, black, and blue. If you want to have more color options, you can check this bike on their official website. The biggie bike will cost you a little more than the usual 12″ balance bike, i.e. around $109.99. The bike comes with a caliper braking system and adjustable seat and handlebar. The seat height varies from 18″ to 22″ while the handle can travel from 25.2″ to 28.7″. Being a biggie bike its weight is still a comfortable 13.5lbs or 6.12kg. To make the offer more lucrative, the manufacturer gives a limited lifetime warranty, along with a 100% parts replacement or fixing guarantee.


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Paint Job

It is available in two bright colors: Blue and Beige. The colored parts include the handlebar, seat, and mainframe. The colored rim with the black wheels gives a stunning contrast. The bland look on the mainframe is covered by the popping branding stickers on either side. The overall bike has a glossy finish.


The bike comes along with a set of alphabetical stickers that can be used to customize the bike as one needs.


Material & Strength

The bike is made up of a Carbon Steel frame which keeps the bike strong and durable. The sturdy frame builds up confidence in the kids as they can use the bike properly even after many falls. The bike is pretty light compared to the age group of kids, which makes the ride convenient. The kids can easily carry the bike and push it forward without a lot of effort. The bike weighs 13.5 lbs or 6.12kg.


Safety & Stability

When we talk about a balanced bike, the main point of concern is the safety of the kids, especially kids who need special care. The JOYSTAR 16 Striker Balance Bike makes sure all the kids are safe when they ride the bike. It has safety handle grips that keep the kid’s hand secure. It does not allow the hands to slide off and keep them safe when they fall or come across a wall or a tree. The front clipper handbrake gives excellent stop power to ensure safety while riding. The bike even has a footrest tucked just below the seat where kids can rest their feet while riding, this prevents their shoes from getting worn out. The bike does not have a turning limiter which restricts the handle from getting overturned. Because a lot of kids with special care ride this bike, a turning limiter would have been a great addition. The bike is installed with pneumatic tires, so cruizing over rocky and bumpy terrain will be quite stable. Other features like the safety reflector and bell are a perfect addition to the bike. Both these features can be very useful on a busy road or a busy pavement.


Wheel & Comfort

The JOYSTAR 16 Striker balance bike has wide rubber tires. Air tires provide traction and cushioning that make the ride more comfortable than a balance bike with foam tires. It performs smoothly with all terrains and surfaces. The air tires provide a comfortable and fluid riding experience.


The saddle of this bike is well padded and is soft to the kid’s butt. The padding helps the kid to sit for an extended duration. There is no requirement for tools to make adjustments to the seat post. The bike has a quick-release clamp to make easy adjustments in seconds. The seat height ranges from 18 inches to 22 inches and supports kids with an overall height from 41 inches to 55 inches. It has an ample amount of seat length that can be extended as the child grows. This is important in kids with special needs as they take more than an average kid to learn to ride.


The handlebar of this bike is also adjustable and grows with the kids. It comes with handle grips that keep the kid’s hands safe. It does not allow the hands of the toddlers to slide off the handlebar. The handlebar has a fork that can be extended from 25.2″ to 28.7″ using a quick-release clamp.


The bike has a footrest tucked below the seat with a lot of room for the legs. Kids can rest their feet on the footrest while riding instead of dangling them around and getting injured.


Extra Features

The bike comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is backed by an expert support team. The manufacturer makes sure to fix and replace the defective parts if they get damaged. A lot of reviews and customer opinions suggest that the company really put effort into its customer service.


Notable add-ons such as bike bells, bike baskets, and decor elements can be purchased from their website.



The JOYSTAR 16 Striker Balance Bike is a beautiful bike built especially for kids experiencing autism, high functioning disorder, or any other disorder. It is light as well as sturdy. It has an adjustable seat and handlebar that grow with the kid. It also has a footrest and a front caliper brake. The padded saddle and rubber tires provide good traction and cushioning. The only issue that stopped it from getting a five star would be the lack of a turning limiter. The bike is well suited for kids between 5 to 9 years of age.


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