Review: JOYSTAR Vintage Kids Bike for 2 to 7 Years Old


The JOYSTAR Vintage Kids Bike can be your ideal choice if you look for a vintage-themed bike with its aura and elegance. The paint job is highly commendable, and the steel frame provides a more sturdy ride. While the bike has its issues, I would undoubtedly say that this can be considered as an option in the sub $100 range. The bike is currently priced at $136-$146, which can be regarded as acceptable, given the features this bike provides. Go through the entire article to see if this bike meets our expectations or not.


Pros and Cons


  1. Made up of steel which is durable and tends to absorb the vibrations
  2. Vintage themed bike with matching colors and features
  3. Classic bike basket and training wheels provided with the bike
  4. Leather handlebar grips, softer than rubber grips, more friendly for kids, supplied with the bike
  5. Shock absorbing adjustable saddle and handlebar
  6. Pneumatic rubber tires ensure more comfort.
  7. Coaster brakes included with the bike
  8. A lifetime warranty included with the product


  1. Very heavy, weighing 18.5 lbs/ 8.4 kgs
  2. No kickstand, bell, or mudguard was provided with the bike.
  3. Very expensive for the features offered; many options are available in the market with a lesser price tag and more features to offer


The JOYSTAR Vintage Kids Bike is a bulky 18.5lbs or 8.4kg pedal bike. The model comes in several sizes, ranging from 12″ to 16″ with a price varying from $136 to $146. Considering the 12″ model, the material used is steel and is available in three different colors- beige, pink and green. The seat height can be changed from 17″ to 21″ and unlike most of the other bikes, the handlebar can also go from 24″ to 27″. Add-ons such as training wheels, leather handlebar, and basket do also come along with the bike. Safety features like reflectors and rear coaster brakes are also present, but a few small features like bell, kickstand, and mudguard are absent. Finally, to put a ribbon on top, it also has a lifetime warranty.


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Paint Job

The cycle comes in the color options of Beige, Pink, and Green. The smooth and glossy finish of the bike inbuild a positive appeal both for adults and kids alike. Though the company could have provided more color options in the cycle considering its price tag, I believe that the existing ones are enough in defining the class and quality of the bike. The chainguard matches the color of the bike. The rims of tires are painted the same color as well. The stickers are provided with the bike to customize it, which amplifies the overall visual look of the cycle.


Material and Strength

The mainframe of the bike is composed of steel, which delivers a robust performance and absorbs shocks and jerks. The bike weighs around 18.5lbs/ 8.4kgs, which can be a little heavy for newbies. The handlebar contains big bumpers on both ends with good quality soft leather grips that protect riders’ tiny hands. The saddle is padded and comes with extra spring, and is meant to last for a more extended period than its counterparts. The training wheels are made up of high-quality plastic and help the kid to balance the bike.


Safety and Stability

The JOYSTAR Vintage Kids Bike performs average when it comes to the safety of the rider. The bike has a coaster brake, which to me looks insufficient for the money I am offering for the cycle. At least a front caliper brake should have been provided by the manufacturers with the bike. Unfortunately, the bolts are exposed, which may create problems for the kids. The cycle is not supplied with a bell, mudguard, or kickstand, which may displease some buyers. The wide rubber tires perform well on paved surfaces and complete the motive for which they are designed. I would deem the overall safety features of the bike average with much scope for improvement.


Wheel and Comfort

The 12″-16″ rubber tires used in this bike provide a firm grip on the paved and off-road surfaces. They make the ride as comfortable and buttery as possible.


The training wheels, as stated earlier, are made up of high-quality plastic, and their triangular structure makes the bike more stable than its counterparts.


The seat is well-padded and can rise to a height from 17″ to 21″ (for the 12″ variant), although the height rise can only be four inches. Its vintage design and the presence of extra springs at its base ensure a comfortable ride for the kid.


The bike comes with a low riser handlebar promoting the overall stretching and growth of the kid’s body. The handlebar also has an adjustable height of 24″-27″. Grips are also provided with leather grips which are softer than rubber grips.


The bike pedals are made up of reasonably good material; I didn’t find anything regarding their displacement or breakdown.


Overall, one can consider this bike a worthy opponent for its counterparts if we look at the comfort it offers.


Extra Features

The bike lags accessories like a bell, reflectors, and a kickstand. The company provides a classic basket, stickers, and training wheels with the bike, but more accessories could have been supplied with the bike, considering the competition in the market. I was pleased to know that the company offers a lifetime warranty for the frame and any manufacturing defect. As for the customization options, the company provides a plethora of alternatives to choose from. Various bike baskets, kickstands, pumps, decorations items, and much more are available at reasonable prices in the company’s store.



As I write this conclusion, I believe that JOYSTAR Vintage Kids Bike is worth considering if you are looking for a more vintage feel. The paint job is well suited for the theme of the bike. The coaster brake works fine, but caliper brakes could have been provided with the bike. Due to the lifetime warranty provided with the product, you can be free from handling any inconsistency caused due to manufacturing defects. The variety of customization options increases the overall appeal of the cycle. Overall, this bike is a good option to consider with many customization options that you may choose if your ward is in the age group of 2-7 years.


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