Review: KaZAM v2e No-Pedal Balance Bike For Kids Up to 5 Years Old


The Kazam Balance Bike is widely available in unique designs and color options. These bikes have both air and foam tire variants with a price tag hard to refuse. The Kazam v2e Balance Bike is best suited for the kids starting to learn coordination and balance. It helps kids fine-tune their motor skills and agility while making them fall in love with the comfortable architecture. The architecture gives an ample amount of room for the bike to grow and help kids in their long-term learning experience. Want to know in detail about this impressive bike? Read the full article below.


Pros & Cons


  1. Affordable
  2. Adjustable seat and handlebar height
  3. Two tire variants – air & foam
  4. Strong Frame
  5. Footrest with perfect width and angle


  1. Too wide rear frame
  2. Minimal seat height adjustment
  3. Brakes unavailable
  4. Not ideal for non-paved surfaces


The KaZAM Balance Bike is made with Steel. With a competitive cost of $87.83, the bike can handle kids up to 5 years of age. The bike is available on Amazon in 2 colors – Red and Peppa Pig. The 12″ wheel can bear a weight of 60lbs or 27kg, which is comfortable for young kids. Fun Fact! The bike KaZAM was featured on the TV show ‘Shark Tank’. The bike has a patented easy footrest design. It has EVA tires to make it lightweight and even comes with essential tools for assembly. The adjustable seat slides between 13.5″ to 16.5″, and the handle can be changed from 19″ to 20.5″. Overall, the bike weighs around 8lbs and 3.63 kg, which is comfortable for 44″ tall kids.


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Paint Job

The Kazam v2e Balance Bike is available in Green, Pink, and Red that fascinate both the parents and the kids. The bike has a brightly colored frame with a black colored seat and handle. It also has a white-colored rim along with cool stickers on the frame that radiates a mesmerizing look to the bike. The bike has a glossy appearance that can make anyone squint their eyes.


Material & Strength

The bike uses a steel frame which makes the bike strong and durable. This durability builds up confidence in the kids as they can use the bike as they wish and become fearless from falling off. The bike is quite heavy which makes it a bit difficult for the kids to use it comfortably and enjoy the ride. The bike itself weighs 8 lbs or 3.62kg that can lift kids 60lbs or 27kg.


Safety & Stability

Though brakes aren’t necessary for a balance bike, they improve coordination between hands and eyes to master the handbrakes, and once handbrakes are mastered, kids are better prepared for pedal bikes. Also, the brakes save the sole of the shoes from wearing out as they no longer use their shoes to stop the cycle. The Kazam v2e has a wide rear frame that makes it difficult for the little toddlers, as they occasionally hurt their knee pit while riding the bike. The wide frame makes the young child hesitant to ride the bike, but this is not a problem for taller riders. The pedal-less cycle has rounded bolts that do not create any issue for the kids while striding and keep them safe from getting hurt. The bike lacks a turning limiter which restrains the handle from being overturned and protects the child from any injury. The handle has grips that keep the kids and their hands safe when they ride the bike.


Wheel & Comfort

The Kazam v2e Balance Bike has 12″ broad foam tires. Though the foam tires provide less traction and cushioning when compared to air tires, the foam tires are puncture-proof. These tires do not need any maintenance and do not even pump of air. The EVA foam tires just fit fine for the paved surfaces. The EVA tires are a somewhat good shock absorber and keep the ride smooth and safe for the kids. By using the inseam length of the kid one can easily alter the height of the seat post. The seat height ranges from 13.75” at its lowest and 16” at its highest. This range of adjustments provides plenty of space for the kids to grow and enjoy the ride as the bike can grow along with the kid. The grips prevent the hands of the kids from sliding off during the ride. Having a good quality handlebar grip is vital as they protect the little hands from fall damage or collision from a wall or a tree. The bike provides a quick-release clamp to adjust the handlebars, which is a nice feature in the budget bike. The clamp enables the parents to set the height comfortably for the kids taking into account both the height and torso length as they reach for those handlebars.


The Kazam v2e Balance Bike has a patented platform footrest. The footrest is at the bottom front of the bike, which is perfect for kids to put on their feet. The footrest has a design to match the angle that a child’s foot naturally takes when lifting their feet off the ground. The footrest is also not too broad and does not hinder the child’s ride.



The Kazam v2e Balance Bike is an affordable and stylish bike for young toddlers. It looks magnificent and comes in two tire variants. It is a bit heavy but comes with an adjustable seat and handlebar height. The part that differentiates it from its competitor is its low center of gravity and a broad comfortable footrest. It lacks brakes and a turning limiter to improve safety. The wider rear frame makes it difficult for the little toddlers to ride the bike. The grips on the handles protect the child and make the ride safe and enjoyable. With its presence on the TV show ‘Shark Tank’, the bike seems comfortable for kids up to 5 years old.


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