Review: Kinderfeets Balance Bike for Kids 2 to 4 Years Old


With an ergonomically-influenced structure, handlebars, adjustable seats, and low step-through frame encouraging good posture and safety while also maximizing comfort, the Kinderfeets Balance Bike comes speedily into the market with lots of features and qualities.


Kinderfeet products are handmade with the wood of fast-growing birch trees, a replenishable source- and for every bike sold by the company, Kinderfeets plant a tree in collaboration with “Trees for the Future.”


The Kinderfeets stands out from the crowd, as it has a Patented Dutch-inspired, low step-through frame, ergonomically designed seat, and handlebar position, Foot-pegs for cruising, and EVA airless biodegradable tires.


Pros & Cons


  1. Chalkboard surface allows kids to “design their own” bikes by using their creativity.
  2. Eco-friendly wood design and Tree-Planting program
  3. The low-cut frame will enable kids to get on and off quickly without any problem
  4. Comfortable, supportive saddle with removable and launderable seat cushion


  1. Seat height is challenging to adjust
  2. It quickly gets scratched and chipped
  3. No bell and brakes included with the bike


The bike is made from eco-friendly birch wood. The material allows it to hold 65lbs or 30kg of weight which is enough for 2 to 4 years old kids. The Kinderfeets Balance Bike is available in 5 variants, bamboo, natural, black, cherry red, and Steiff classic. The wheels on the bike are the regular 12″. Coming on to the price, Kinderfeets can cost anywhere between $79 to $129.


The bike is packed with a lot of goodies! The wheels are made of EVA foam for good grip and are degradable. The bike has a horse-saddle seat that can be raised from 13″ to 16″. To adjust the height, Kinderfeets has fixed slots which is not as convenient as it only allows set increments. On the other hand, the handlebar has a fixed height. The bike has a footpeg to support the feet while striding, which is helpful.


Finally, to put a ribbon on the top, the company offers a warranty on the frame & parts, which can be redeemed by emailing them.


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Paint Job

Kinderfeet Balance Bike interestingly has a wooden frame, which does not require any paint job. Instead, it serves as a room for creativity where the rider can draw or paint according to their will and imagination. The rest of the frame of the Kinderfeets balance bike is black, like the tires, handle structure, and handlebar with a smooth finish.


Material & Strength

While solid and rugged, the Kinderfeets balance bike adds an exciting degree of collaboration and “plan your-own” bicycle writing slate surface. Made with speedy developing birch wood, the Kinderfeets balance bicycles are very eco-accommodating. For each tree that is reaped to make Kinderfeets, another tree is planted in its place.


While wood bicycles have their limits, generally speaking, we were intrigued with the bike form. This bicycle’s development effectively permits little youngsters to rapidly jump on and off due to the low-profile outline and is light enough for even a tiny kid to hold it up. The seat style is innovative and steady and has a removable and launderable seat cushion. Like all wood bicycles, nonetheless, the Kinderfeets has a turning limiter, and the seat is a test to change, requiring an Allen wrench and the removable and reinsertion of two bolts. The wood development of the bicycles likewise makes the bicycle ideal for indoor and outside use. Once outside, in any case, the wood outline immediately got scratched, yet not to the purpose of being risky. Dimensions of 33″ L x 14″ W x 21.5″ H (84 x 35.6 x 55 cm) make the balance bike suitable for children up to 65 pounds (30 kilograms).


Safety & Stability

The seat’s height is adjustable, so it has room to grow, and the narrower turn radius is perfect for little ones to manage. It was effortless to put together, and it feels sturdy and safe.


The bike’s material is light enough, making it easier for a 2-year-old to handle it independently since metal bikes were too heavy and took more work even to hold the bike. Hence, The Kinderfeets balance bike makes it easier for kids to ride.


The Kinderfeets Balance Bike helps babies change a pedal-controlled bicycle while creating motor abilities, actual strength, and comprehension of equilibrium on the route. Kids likewise grow psychologically as they explore the rest of their general surroundings and gain proficiency with the connection among circumstances and logical results.


Wheel & Comfort

Unlike others, its tires are made up of EVA, which is a slight downgrade from the rubber tires, but as they are biodegradable, they hold the ground with their solid and firm grip while minimizing our carbon footprint. The Kinderfeets airless rubber tires do not damage indoor floors, and its handlebars are capped with a foam covering to protect them from a collision.


With a minimum seat height of 13″ and a maximum of 16″, it was found to fit the age group of 2-4 years. The wood footpegs of the Kinderfeets were hinder-free but were not used as regularly as one should. The maximum seat height of 16″ makes for a tight fit for older/taller kids.


The Kinderfeets has a patented Dutch-inspired, low step-through frame that places children’s feet closer to the ground to feel safe. Kinderfeets ergonomically designed the seat and handlebar position to encourage good posture and maximize comfort.


The addition of Foot-pegs helps children position their feet properly for cruising and prepare for pedals.


Extra Features

Handmade with wood from quick-growing birch trees, EVA airless tires, an adjustable seat, non-toxic handlebar grips, and harmless adhesives and paints, these balance bikes benefit both children and the planet. Additionally, minimal packaging is used and consists of recycled paper and water-based inks.


Kinderfeet accessories include a wooden bike basket priced at $19.05, a wooden bike crate priced at $19.95, and a wooden bike stand priced at $11.95.



Compared to other top-selling balance bikes, the Kinderfeets is about average-sized. A patented low step-through frame, sustainable manufacturing method, and passion for child development, safety, and adventure make Kinderfeets the decision for your active toddler. It can be bought for $79 to $129, depending upon the bike’s color and design frame.

Thus, this eco-friendly, sturdy and stable bike could be an excellent option to surprise your 2-4 years old child with creativity and imagination. Its airless EVA-based tires make it lightweight and easy to handle.


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