Review: Kokua LIKEaBIKE Jumper Kids Balance Bike for 2 to 5 Years Old


Childhood is the time of learning new things. It is the time when they learn to balance and coordinate. To help them with it, LIKEaBIKE Jumper Kids Balance Bike comes with unique features that allow them to learn. It is a pedal-less balance bike designed for kiddos. But with the price tag of $349, is it enough to meet the needs of your kid? To find the answer to these questions, follow this article.


Pros and Cons


  1. Great visual appeal
  2. Light and durable material
  3. Larger wheels
  4. Puncture-resistant tires
  5. Quick handbrakes
  6. Quick-release seat post
  7. Presence of a steering limiter
  8. Good customer care support


  1. High price tag
  2. The seat can rub on the back tire if set to the lowest height
  3. Need to pay extra for a mudguard and hand brakes
  4. Lacks reflector


The Jumper Balance Bike is among the expensive bike you will find on our website. It will cost you a whopping $349.00 to buy this aluminum-made bike. The cycle has ten different shades of color selection and comes mounted on a regular 12″ wheelbase. The bike feels ideal for kids 2 to 5 years old and weighs up to a maximum of 55lbs or 24.94kg.


The bike has an adjustable seat going from 13.4″ to 18.5″. To further increase the comfort, the Jumper bike also has rubber tires and suspension (a rare feature in a balance bike). When it comes to safety, the bike has covered bolts and an addition of a front brake at $29. The sealed bearings provide a smooth ride, and the handlebar limiter is helpful when making turns. The bike has a lightweight of 7.5lbs or 3.4kg that does not overpower kids when in use.


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Paint Job

The bike looks robust and sporty. This pedal-less bicycle comes in eight color options, i.e., orange, two variants of red, pink, ocean, purple, green, and blue. These color options are way more than enough to meet the requirements of every kid. This bike provides the maximum number of color options in this price range. The paint job gives a beautiful matte finish to this bike. While the frame is silver, the rest of the structure is colored. The other components are black. The bike looks somewhat different from most other bikes; it may seem alien to its viewers.


Material and Strength

LIKEaBIKE Jumper Kids Balance Bike uses aluminum as the primary material for its frame. It makes the bike very lightweight but resistant to dents and scratches. Components like forks, cranks, rims, brake levers, etc., are also made of aluminum. It not only makes the overall bicycle tough but also long-lasting. The bike weighs only 7.5 lbs or 3.4 kgs. This weight is suitable for kids to handle and transport the bike on their own. The saddle is thickly padded as well as the headset to provide extra cushioning. The bike has covered hexagonal bolts, which protect the kids from minor scratches and injuries. However, the seat can rub on the back tire when the saddle is set to the lowest height.


Safety and Stability

LIKEaBIKE Jumper Kids Balance Bike comes with unexposed bolts, which reduce the risk of minor scratches to the kids. The bike does not come with a reflector. It is not a significant disadvantage in the kid’s bikes because they usually do not ride at night. This bike does not come with handbrakes either. The presence of handbrakes increases the safety of kids. They prevent the fast riders from colliding with any walls or surfaces.


A unique steering limiter prevents the jack-knifing. It also can be easily removed when kids become advanced riders.

The bike does not come with a handlebar pad so that kids may bump into the walls or any other surface. The bike lacks a stand, and a mudguard can be added to the cycle by paying an extra amount for it. While other bikes provide mudguards and hand brakes along with the cycle, LIKEaBIKE Jumper Kids Balance Bike charges you extra to get these features for your kids.


Wheel and Comfort

The wheels are 12″ wide. Larger wheels ensure cushioned and enjoyable ride for the kids. The tires are thick and provide a good grip. The air-filled rubber tires are suitable for any type of terrain because they offer good traction. The tires have puncture protection and reflective trim. Kids can glide on their bikes anywhere without the fear of an uncomfortable ride. The alloy spokes make the wheels lightweight but durable. This bike has 4″ of seat height adjustment(from 13.7″ to 14.7″). This seat height adjustment gives enough room for the kids to grow and learn balance and coordination. Seat height can be easily adjusted without using any tools because this bike comes with a quick-release system. The extra padded seat makes the ride both comfortable and enjoyable for the kids.


This bike does not come with a footrest; therefore, kids will get tired quickly because of the dangling of their legs in the air.
Handlebars are straight in shape. They have a good grip and provide both comfort and stability to the kiddos. This geometry is beneficial for aggressive riders who like to jump and perform stunts on their bike. The shock-resistant frame makes it very easy for the kids to perform tricks on this bike.


Extra Features

The company provides a fantastic range of addons on its website. Parents can purchase bags, bells, mitts, air pumps, etc., from the company’s website. The handlebars, saddle, and wheels all need fitting to the frame. So, it becomes easy for the parents to assemble the bike for their kids. However, no tools come with the bike.


The company offers two years warranty with this bike, which makes the parents stress-free regarding the early wear and tear of the cycle. Customers can easily reach the company by calling on their telephone number or by e-mail if they face any problem.



No doubt, this bike comes with a maximum number of color options in this price range. Kids will surely not get disappointed with the color options. The bike has a matte finish, and the color looks even from every orientation. The unexposed bolts and a steering limiter provide safety to the kids. A lightweight frame, 12-inch wheels, and an extra padded seat make this bike a perfect choice for extreme riders. Kids can perform stunts on this bike without the fear of getting bumps. However, while many other companies provide hand brakes and mudguards along with the cycle, it becomes expensive to charge extra for the items. It makes this bike quite expensive. Lack of footrest, handlebar pads, and reflector are some other drawbacks of this bike. LIKEaBIKE Jumper Kids Balance Bike is designed for kids aged 2 to 5 years.


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