Review: Little Big Convertible Balance Bike for Kids 3 to 7 Years Old


With a price tag of $200, Little Big Convertible Balance Bike promises many exceptional features that are not found in other bikes. Its three-mode convertible features grab the attention of every customer. Is this bike the right choice for your kid? Read this detailed review to get insights into this bike.


Pros and Cons


  1. A great visual appeal
  2. Strong and robust
  3. 14″ wheels
  4. Dual handbrakes
  5. Three-mode convertible
  6. Adjustable handlebars
  7. Good customer care support


  1. Little heavyweight for kids
  2. Lack of a mudguard
  3. Lack of a chainguard


The $200 bike from Little Big is a 14″ balance bike ideal for 3 to 7 years old. The bike is available in four shades, red, green, blue, pink, and silver.


The bike can be used in three modes – two balance modes and one pedal mode. In balance mode, the pedals are removed to make room for legs. One can even attach a pair of training wheels to the rear wheel. Talking about wheels; the bike has rubber tires instead of EVA tires. Unlike most, the Little Big Convertible Balance Bike comes with a front and rear brake. The handle and the seat both are adjustable.


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Paint Job

Little Big Convertible Balance Bike is, no doubt, the most beautiful bike in this price range. The brushed aluminum frame steals the viewers’ attention at first look. The frame is shiny and looks very classy; this bike comes with five color options, i.e., red, green, blue, pink, and silver. All of them attract the attention of the viewers. The bike comes with a black seat, while half of the frame is silver in color. The components’ color is a cherry on the cake of the looks of this bike. They all complement the bike, making it irresistible to take your eyes from it.


Material and Strength

This balance bike uses aluminum as the primary material for this bike. Aluminum makes this bike both lightweight and durable. This balance bike uses long-lasting elements for its components for a longer life of this bike. This balance bike’s aluminum rim and spokes make it lightweight and durable, and the wheels are less prone to wear and tear. This bike weighs 11.2 lbs or 5.08 kgs, making it slightly heavier for the kids to transport, but packed with exceptional features. This bike is strong enough to last for several years.


Safety and Stability

Little Big Convertible Balance Bike comes with low-profile rounded hex bolts with no sharp edges to prevent scratches and injuries to the kids. This feature is essential in the kid’s bikes, as they get injured very often. The bike does not come with a reflector, but it is not much needed as kids mostly ride in the daylight. This balance bike comes with dual hand brakes, which are easy to handle for the kids. A quality handbrake allows kids to stop faster with more control. They infuse the habit of applying handbrakes in kids, which is necessary when they transition to pedal bikes. Handbrakes prevent kids from colliding with any wall or any other surface. The brake setup is ideal for left-handed kids as it is safer and more efficient for their more substantial hands to activate the rear brake. However, Little big will reverse the brake cables so the right brake can activate the rear tire brake if you ask them to do so. The internally routed cables of handbrakes require less maintenance. This balance bike comes with a threadless headset. It keeps alignment after the impact from a crash. Handlebars have a good grip and provide cushioned and comfortable ride to the kids.


However, with a gain ratio of 3.9, the Little Big Convertible Balance Bike takes more effort to pedal but travels faster with less spinning of the pedals than bikes with lower gain ratios.


This balance bike does not come with a handlebar pad, so it cannot save kids from bumping into the wall.


Wheel & Comfort

Little Big Convertible Balance Bike comes with 14″ metal alloy wheels which is a great advantage. Larger wheels make the ride more cushioned and comfortable. The wheels also have metallic spokes, which makes the wheels both stable and durable. The bike has excellent air tires made of good quality rubber. Air tires provide better traction and make the ride both comfortable and enjoyable. So your little kid can explore any terrain with his balance bike without causing concerns for his safety.


The bike comes with a padded seat, which makes the ride pleasant. The bike has 4″ of seat height adjustment (from 14″ to 18″). It gives enough room for the kids to grow. So kids won’t have to feel the pressure of learning the bike quickly. They will feel confident while riding this bike.


The handlebars are bent in shape and provide good grip and comfort to the kids. The handlebars are 30mm adjustable, giving the kids a correct posture with the optimum seat height. Proper posture makes it easy for the kids to maintain balance while riding the bike.


Extra Features

The company provides a wide range of add-ons on its website. You can purchase gloves, helmets, bells, carrying straps, etc., from their website.


This bike does not need stabilizers, so kids can glide freely without being stressed about balance and coordination. This bike boasts of having three modes, i.e., a single bike can be converted into three different cycles. As your toddler grows, LittleBig adapts into a balance bike for big kids with a higher saddle and a more extended handlebar reach. Once your child is balancing happily, a simple pedal attachment converts the big balance bike into a proper pedal bike. This feature is not available in most of the balance bikes in its price range; thus, it makes this bike stand out from the crowd.


The laid-back geometry makes it very easy for the kids to learn to ride. The company has good customer care support. If you face any issue with the bike, you can directly message on their WhatsApp.



Concluding, this bike comes in three color options that are not enough compared to the other bikes in this price range, but the bike does not fail to appeal to the viewers. It instantly captures the gaze of both the kids and the parents. The aluminum frame makes the bike durable. The wheels and tires are good and provide cushioned and comfortable ride for the kids. The handlebars offer a suitable grip to the kids and save them from falling off the bike. Being a little heavier, lack of a handlebar pad, lack of mudguard, and chainguard are some minor drawbacks. Its three-mode option feature makes it different from other bikes. It is suitable for kids aged three years to seven years.


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