Review: Little Tikes My First Balance-to-Pedal Training Bike For Kids 2 to 5 Years Old


The Little Tike My First Balance to Pedal Bike is one of the best companions for the kids. This bike teaches kids to coordinate and balance accurately at the right age in their life. They learn to balance, and then they move right onto the pedal mode. This feature of the bicycle attracts both parents and kids. It is available in only one vivid, eye-catching color with satisfactory safety measures to keep the kids safe and make the ride joyful and comfortable. It is a perfect blend of style and architecture. It is one of the best bikes for toddlers to fine-tune their motor skills. Word sound intriguing? Read the full article to know if the bikes fit your kids are not.


Pros & Cons


  1. Seat and handlebar height can be adjusted
  2. Tool-Free Adjustment
  3. Pedals can be added
  4. Foldable Pedals
  5. Flat-Free EVA Tyres
  6. Has classic coaster brakes
  7. Strong and durable


  1. No Colour Choices
  2. Seat height-restricted
  3. Footrest absent
  4. Heavier in weight


The $69.99 bike from Little Tikes is a 12″ balance bike ideal for 2 to 5 years old. The bike comes in a combination color of black and green.


The bike can be used in two modes – balance mode and pedal mode. In balance mode, the pedals fold in to make room for legs. The package comes with an Allen wrench to make the assembly easy. One can even attach a pair of training wheels to the rear wheel. Talking about wheels; the bike has EVA foam tires instead of rubber tires. Unlike most, the Little Tikes Balance Bike comes with a classic coaster brake. The handle and the seat both are adjustable. The seat can slide from 14.25″ to 17″, and the handle can be raised from 25″ to 27″.


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Paint Job

The overall appearance of the bike is very stylish and mesmerizing which attracts both parents and kids. It is available in a combination color of green and black. The Little Tikes Balance bike has a frame with shaded colors along with a colorful rim and handlebar. The bike overall has a glossy appearance.


Material & Strength

The Little Tikes Balance bike is made up of a steel frame. The frame is sturdy and makes the bike strong and durable. The durable bike builds up confidence in the little toddlers as they can use the bike properly even after many falls. The bike is a bit bulkier in weight and that makes it difficult for small kids to handle the bike and enjoy the ride. Whereas the taller and a bit chubbier kids do not face any issues in riding the bike and have a pleasant and joyful ride. The bicycle is capable of taking a maximum weight of up to 50 lbs or 22.67kg.


Safety & Stability

The bike has a basic level of safety features onboard that is sufficient to convince a parent. The Little Tikes Balance Bike has safety hand grips that ensure the protection of the little hands. It makes sure the toddler’s hands are safe when they fall or come across a wall or a tree. It also prevents the kid’s hands to slide off the handle. The bike has classic coaster brakes to bring the bike to a halt and make sure that kid learns to stop safely.


Wheel & Comfort

The bike has durable tires made from EVA foam that does not get flat and are high-quality puncture-proof tires. The EVA tires feature a good shock absorber which is just fine for a variety of ground surfaces. Though the foam tires provide less traction and cushioning as compared to air tires, these tires fit fine on paved surfaces. These tires never go flat and do not require any pumping.


The bike has a padded saddle that is soft and comfortable for the kids. It allows kids to sit for a longer duration of time without any pain in the butt and have a joyful ride. The seat height of this bike is adjustable and grows along with the kids. The seat height ranges from 14.25 inches to 17 inches. The seat height range is restricted and lacks an ample amount of space for the seat to grow.


The bike has curved handlebars with grips that will keep the kid’s hands safe and restrict them from getting slid off. The handlebar height of this bike is also adjustable from 25 inches to 27 inches.


The bike does not have a footrest but allows you to add pedals to the bike. The bicycle can be switched back and forth between balance mode and pedal mode with ease using an Allen wrench. This feature facilitates kids to learn balancing and make a quick switch to pedal mode.



The Little Tikes My First Balance to Pedal Bike has a stylish appearance with restricted color options. It has an adjustable seat and handlebar height that grows along with the kids. The bike has a steel frame that is sturdy and durable. It has foam tires that never go flat. It has a feature to add pedals to the bike that fold in and out so the child can learn to ride a bike faster. It lacks a footrest, but the pedals ca This bike is fit for kids of 2-5 years of age.


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