Review: Micro G-Bike Chopper Deluxe Balance Bike for Kids 2 to 5 Years Old


Micro was started by a Swiss Entrepreneur to build the world’s first functional and compact micro scooter. Built for fun and mobility, the Micro-G Chopper Deluxe is a sturdy Balance Bike. The ergonomics of the bike are perfect to teach kids the basics of bike riding and handling. Made for the sole purpose of learning to balance and ride, Chopper Deluxe is not suitable for off-roading or fast riding. The article sheds light on various features of the bike. Read along to find out.


Pros and cons


  1. Lightweight.
  2. Recessed bolts won’t scratch little legs.
  3. Easy Seat Height Adjustment


  1. No brakes
  2. Wide handlebars create problems for small kids.
  3. Small, plastic tires perform poorly on dirt and rocks.


The classic Micro G-Bike Chopper Deluxe Balance Bike can be your child’s new favorite learning experience. The bike has an aluminum body that comes in 4 different colors – blue, aqua, yellow, and pink. The bicycle can withstand 44lbs or 20kg of weight. With a wheel size of 7.8″, the bike is suitable for 2 to 4 years old.


The bike has no-flat tires made from EVA polymer. The tires reduce the weight of the cycle and make it weigh around 6.7lbs or 3kg. It comes with an adjustable handle and seat. The seat can be moved from 13.8″ to 18.3″. For a comfortable ride, the inseam should be between 14.8″ to 19.3″.


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Paint Job

Micro offers four color options – blue, aqua, yellow, and pink. The bike has a glossy finish, with the paint restricted to the mainframe and the handlebar fork. The handlebar and the seat post have a chrome finish while the saddle and the wheel come in black. There is a good balance between the chrome color and the frame color which makes the bike visually appealing.


Materials and Strength

Built by a scooter company, it is built specifically for paved surfaces and is not suitable for any dirt or rocky trails. Made out of aluminum, the Chopper is also lighter and has a better quality build than most bikes in its price range. The weight of the bike stands somewhere around 2.88kg or 6.34lbs. The parts have been well welded. The Chopper rolls smoother and faster on paved surfaces but struggles on smaller bumps and uneven steps. The 12″ foam tires on many balance bikes are slower on pavement than the Chopper but can tackle most off-road surfaces.


Safety and Security

Gripped foam-composite wheels are sturdy and fun for children and hug the sidewalk for added safety. Though foam tires appear to be convenient, they provide less traction and suspension compared to rubber tires. The G-Bike Chopper comes with an adjustable foam seat and handlebars to accommodate your child’s growth and sharing among siblings. The saddle is broad and provides a lot of room for the child’s butt. Certified by the CPSC for safety, the G-Bike Chopper Deluxe is recommended for children up to 44 lbs. There are no safety reflectors that are helpful while riding when the sun is not up.


Wheel and comfort

The MICRO G-Bike Chopper Deluxe Balance Bike comes with small 7.8″ EVA foam wheels as well as a patented two-wheeled carver. The carver is easy to install which allows riders to learn carving action along with providing extra stability and keeping the G-Bike standing upright. When no longer needed, it can be swapped out for the full-size foam wheel to match the front wheel. The flat-free EVA of the bike tires is ideal for multiple terrains. The tires do not get flat and are puncture-proof. Though the EVA tires are not a good shock absorber which is not accurate for bumpy roads. Though the foam tires provide less traction and cushioning than the air tires, the foam tires will work just fine on pavements and standard roads. The front wheel is studded with suspensions to account for the comfortable cushioning.


The bike has a seat with a broad base that allows the rider to sit comfortably and ride for a longer duration. The saddle height is adjustable from 13.8″ at the lowest to 18.3″ at the highest without the use of any tools. It uses a quick-release clamp to make this adjustment, which is very easy compared to the old method of using a wrench. It provides an ample amount of space for the bike to grow along with the kid.


The handlebar has a reliable grip that prevents the hands from sliding off during the ride. The handlebar is non-removable, but the height can be adjusted from 21.6″ to a maximum of 23.6″ measured from the ground. The bike uses a biker handlebar bar which is has a curved look. It has a turning limiter that provides safety to the kids by making sure that the kids do not rotate the handle too much and disbalance the bike.


While riding the bike, the shoes are prone to wear and tear as there is no footrest to support the little feet.


Extra features

A handlebar bell comes free of cost with the bike. There are other add-ons on Micro’s Website that will be a great addition to the bike. The Micro Light Deluxe is a torch for your Chopper to guide kids when the sun is down. A beautiful helmet, knee pads, and a Micro Windmill with sticker decoration on their website are also a good buy.



The overall paint job has a mesmerizing visual appeal. The aluminum used in the bike makes the bike sturdy and gives it that chrome look that compliments the paint job. The kids between the age of 2 to 4 years will find the bike riding experience very comfortable.


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