Review: Mini Glider Balance Bike for Kids 2 to 5 Years Old


Mini Glider helps the kids in an easier transition to a pedal bike without changing the cycle. The pedal assembly set can be purchased separately from the website, so parents won’t have to worry about buying another bike for their kids. This bike comes with a ‘Slow Speed Geometry’ design, which helps the toddlers to master balance and coordination at a slow speed of just two miles per hour. With rubber tires, adjustable height handlebars, and a seat post with a quick-release clamp, this bike has a bundle of features that will satisfy the needs of every kid.


Pros and Cons


  1. Air tires
  2. Adjustable height handlebars
  3. Quick-release clamp for Seatpost
  4. Durable frame
  5. Low center of gravity
  6. Internally routed handbrakes


  1. Heavy frame
  2. Limited colour options
  3. Handbreak is complicated
  4. Handlebar grip doesn’t last long
  5. Exposed bolts


Made with steel, the Mini Glider can sustain up to 150lbs or 68.04kg. As evident, this bike is meant for kids 2 to 5 years old and has a 12″ wheelbase. The bike comes in 3 different shades (red, blue, and pink) and can be brought home at $104.65.

The bike has sealed bearings and rubber tires that provide smooth and comfortable gliding. The rear tire is attached to a drum brake which makes controlling the cycle very easy. Control is further improved by a turn limiter on the handlebar that enables kids to make confident turns. The bike weighs around 11.7 lbs or 5.31 kg and has an adjustable handlebar and seat post. The range of adjustment for the seat post is 12.5″ to 15.75″. They have also provided a removable footpeg to rest your foot while gliding.


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Paint Job

Mini Glider Bike doesn’t have too many color options like other balance bikes in this price range. It comes in red, blue, and pink color options. So if your kid is specific about the colors, the limited color options may disappoint you. The paint job is perfect, which gives a gloss finish to the bike. The paint looks uniform from any orientation.


Mini Glider Bike has a colored frame, while the rest of its components are black in tone. The seat post, rims, and spokes are given a metallic look, making these bikes kids-friendly yet classy.


Material and Strength

Mini Glider Bike uses steel as its primary material for the frame. The frame is very durable and lasts for several years. Mini Glider Bike uses aluminum alloy for its wheels and spokes making the wheels light and durable. The overall weight of the bike is 11.7 lbs or 5.31 kg. This weight can be heavy for the kids who are just learning to balance the bike. This bike is quite heavy than the other balance bikes.


This bike comes with handbrakes that give it a lead against its competitors. The bolts are exposed, which may cause minor scratches to kiddos if mishandled.


Safety and Stability

Mini Glider Bike has a low center of gravity which helps the kids in maintaining balance and stability. The ‘Slow Speed Geometry’ lets the kids learn coordination at a slower speed, thus decreasing the chances of collision and injuries. The presence of handbrakes in this bike reduces the chances of collision and injuries to the kids. Handbrakes are internally routed, which keeps the cable clean. These handbrakes require little maintenance and are less affected by wet riding conditions. The 17″ wide handlebars provide a good grip to toddlers. The grips on the end of handlebars tear off easily. After a few uses, the metal at the end of the handlebar breaks off. The exposed bolts may cause safety concerns to some parents.


Wheel & Comfort

Mini Glider Bike comes with 12″ composite mag wheels with aluminum alloy rims and spokes. It makes the wheels both lightweight and long-lasting. Although air tires do risk going flat, they provide better traction and comfort when compared to foam tires. The air tires with versatile treads are perfect for any terrain and provide a comfortable ride to the kids on all surfaces. The tires have a good grip, so little ones can glide easily, even on rough surfaces, without causing concerns for their safety to their parents.


The ergonomically shaped seat is comfortable and durable and thus provides cushioned rides to the little drivers. The seat height range is 12.5″ to 15.75″, which is less than other balance bikes. Kids grow rapidly at this age, so they won’t get enough room to grow on this bike.


The Mini Glider allows raising the handlebar by 1″, which makes the ride more comfortable for older riders. The handlebars are 17″ wide, which reduces the jerking and makes the bike stable, and helps in teaching balance and coordination to the kids more easily. The handlebars are bent and provide an excellent grip for the kids. This bike comes with a steering limiter, a must-needed feature in kids’ balance bikes. Steering limiters prevent the cycle from jack-knifing and thus save kids from sharp turns and prevent injuries.


The Mini Glider bike comes with a detachable footrest. Footrest doesn’t allow the kid’s legs from dangling in the air and saves their energy, making their ride more enjoyable. So depending on the choice of kids, the footrest can be attached or detached.


Extra Features

After kids learn balance and coordination on this bike, parents can purchase the pedal assembly set from the company’s website. Therefore kids won’t have to change their cycle. They can transition to a pedal bike without actually changing it. It reduces the pressure on parents’ budgets as well.


Safety helmets and bells are available from the company’s website directly. The company warrants the frame and original components parts against defects in quality and materials for a lifetime. The manufacturers promise good customer care service, so if you face any difficulty with the bike, the company is always ready to help you.



Concluding, the bike does not offer too many color options, so kids will have to compromise with their favorite color options if they want to opt for this balance bike. The material used in this bike is very durable but a little on the heavier side. A soft padded seat, wide handlebars with good grip, pneumatic air tires, steering limiter, and handbrakes make this bike secure and comfortable; its pedal assembly set, detachable footrest, and ‘Slow Speed Geometry’ separate this bike from the crowd. Exposed bolts, heavyweight, and tight handbrakes are some drawbacks present in this balance bike but are surely not a dealbreaker. This bike is ideal for kids aged 2-5 years. Older kids won’t be comfortable on this bike, so they will have to opt for bigger balance bikes.


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