Review: Mongoose Switch BMX Bike for 3 to 6 Years Old


With its low, stand-over steel frame, The Mongoose Switch BMX Bike arrives in the market with its variety of features and qualities. Coming at a price tag of $115, this bike is one of the most value-for-money products I have encountered recently. The frame design and the paint job alone are enough to convince you to consider this bike as an option for your kid. While this bike has its issues, I will consider it a fine product considering its price. To know about the merits and demerits of this bike, you might want to go through the complete article and then decide whether to consider it or not.


Pros and Cons


  1. Very budget-friendly, arriving at $115
  2. Massive 18″ wheels provide more clearance to the rider
  3. Training wheels are supplied with the bike.
  4. The bike has both coaster and handbrakes.
  5. Pegs are included with the bike, allowing the riders to do basic tricks.
  6. The reflectors increase rider visibility on the bike.
  7. It has a steel frame that is both firm and shock absorbing
  8. The Switch comes with a lifetime warranty.


  1. Caliper brakes are used instead of V-pull brakes that can quickly go out of alignment.
  2. The bike requires a toolkit for its assembling.
  3. Has a heavyweight of 27.01 lbs/ 12.25 kgs
  4. Some customers found the seat and pedals defective.
  5. Bell and a kickstand are not provided


Want to have a budget-friendly BMX Bike? Look no further than the Mongoose Switch BMX Bike which comes with a price tag of $115. The bike has 18″ thick wheels with pegs to perform simple tricks. They are also accompanied by coaster brakes and training wheels. The robust steel frame is either available in blue or black and keeps the weight around 27lbs or 12.25kg. The bike is equipped with features like reflectors but lacks a quick-release clamp for the seat post. With a lifetime warranty, the bike is well suited for 3 to 6 years old.


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Paint Job

The bike comes in punchy shades of black and blue. However, while writing this article, the black color was available only on, and the blue color was available only on the manufacturer’s official website. The colors resonate well with the stickers used in the bike and deliver the only thing designed for – perfection. Overall, the colors used truly match the young enthusiasm and perfectly define the kids’ spirit.


Material and strength

As for the bike’s mainframe, steel is used for the frame and the forks. While this absorbs jerks and sudden bumps, the bike’s weight is much for a five-year-old. The bike has a heavyweight of 27.01 lbs/ 12.25 kgs, which can be difficult for a petite kid to handle. The seat has an ergonomic design and is finely padded. The bike has exposed bolts, but I don’t think it would pose a problem for a 5-6 year old rider. However, the younger rider should ride it with caution. The pedals used are of good quality plastic; however, there might be some difficulty assembling them. The chain guard is made up of hard plastic and looks promising at first glance. Overall, the built quality of the product is good for the price tag it acquires.


Safety and Stability

The bike has both hand brakes and coaster brakes as well. The front and rear brakes are caliper brakes, which can quickly go out of alignment. The manufacturers should have used V pull brakes that hold their position firmly and deliver robust performance. Due to exposed bolts, the little riders of age 3-4 years can face problems while riding the bike. But it seems satisfactory considering its price tag. The company provides training wheels and reflectors with the bike, which gives it a considerable margin over its counterparts. Though the kickstand and the mudguard are not supplied with the bike, the comfortable grip, and the low gravity design fill up the void made by their absence. Considering all the bike’s features in the safety department, it has the upper hand over its competitors.


Wheels and Comfort

The big 18″ wheels provide more clearance and better performance to the rider. The thick rubber tires deliver a firm ride on off-road surfaces and paved ones alike. The training wheels provided with the bike seemed of good quality and efficiently offered support to our learning rider.


The seat is adequately padded and provides firm support to the rider’s body while maintaining an upright position. The seat post does not have a quick-release seat clamp, so a toolkit is required every time the seat has to be adjusted. No factual information is provided on the range of seat posts and handlebars, even on the manufacturer’s official site, so I cannot say something particular about this. The bike has a bent handlebar with a handset. It quickly takes the rider’s body’s load through their hands in case of turbulence. Overall, while the comfort level in the bike can be regarded as satisfactory, and for the price tag of $115, the bike stands ahead of most of its competitors.


Extra features

As discussed earlier, a reflector and training wheels are provided with the bike, increasing its overall beauty and appeal. The company offers a limited warranty of a lifetime on the bike’s frame as long as the original owner retains it. The company provides customization accessories such as cycling helmets, socks, and caps. I think that the manufacturers should have provided more customization options with the bike. Overall, the extra features of the bike seem satisfactory, but the company could include more options.



This bike could be considered one of the best products in its price range. To say that the bike delivers a much more robust performance than anticipated would not be an overstatement. The colors and the stickers genuinely resonate with each other, and the detailed paint job attracts both kids and adults alike. The reflectors and the training wheels effectively assist the rider on their adventures. Although the bike has some issues while assembling, I find it a perfect candidate to be on the list of most value-for-money bikes.


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