Review: Muna Zing Balance Bike for Kids 2 to 4 Years Old


With a price tag of $125, Muna Zing Balance Bike promises both learning and features. With attractive looks, various qualities, and an affordable price, this balance bike grabs the attention of every customer. But are these features enough, and is this bike durable? To find out the answer to these questions, keep on reading. By the end, you’ll get the answer to all your questions.


Pros and Cons


  1. Great visual appeal
  2. Rust-resistant steel frame
  3. Adjustable handlebars with good grip
  4. Tool-less seat height adjustment
  5. Wide rubber air tires
  6. Rear drum brake
  7. Rounded bolts
  8. Good customer care support


  1. No footrest
  2. Heavyweight
  3. No handlebar pad


As the name suggests, the bike has a zingy vibe to it. The Pink color for girls and the Green color for boys both have an awe-inspiring style that radiates energy and excitement. Made from aluminum, the Muna Zing 12″ Balance Bike will cost you a decent 125 bucks. With a wheelbase of 12″, the bike is ideal for kids 2 to 4 years old with a weight up to 55lbs or 24.94kg.

The bike weighs around 10.5lbs or 4.76kg and has both an adjustable seat and a handlebar. Adjustments can be made to the handlebar’s height and angle, whereas only height can be adjusted for the saddle from 13″ to 18.5″. The quick-release clamp makes the seat adjustment very convenient. In case, your child’s inseam is longer than usual, the bike comes with an extra-length seat post. The tires are air-filled rubber tubes with a drum brake on the rear wheel.


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Paint Job

Muna Zing Balance Bikes are one of the prettiest balance bikes present on the market. The bikes come in an attractive combination of colors and look like a palette of rainbow tones. These combined colors steal the attention of the viewers at the very first look. The bike has a matte finish, and the jet black tires complement the overall look of this bike. The colored seat-post, handlebars, and wheel rim are the cherry on top of the appearance of this bike. The paint job is durable, and it does not chip off easily.


Material and Strength

Muna Balance Bikes use steel as the primary material for its frame. Steel makes the bike lightweight, durable and rust-resistant. The bike has metallic alloy spokes, which reduce the wear and tear of this balance bike. They also make the ride cushioned and enjoyable. This balance bike weighs 11.87 lbs or 5.40 kgs. It is heavier than most balance bikes in this price range, but it’s durable for aggressive riders. Parents won’t have to worry about the dents and damage on this bike.


This bike is heavier than most other balance bikes in this price range, so lifting and handling this bike could be a problem for petite kids.


Safety and Stability

This bike comes with rounded bolts, which are safe for the kids. Parents won’t have to worry about minor scratches and injuries to the kids. This bike does not come with a reflector, but it is not a big issue in the kid’s bikes as they mostly ride the bike in the daylight.


Muna Zing Balance Bike comes with a rear drum brake, a feature not available in most balance bikes in this price range. So if your kid is a fast driver, the handbrake would prove to be helpful.


This balance bike does not come with a handlebar pad. Kiddos may bump if they are not careful while riding this bike.


Wheel and Comfort

Muna Zing Balance Bike comes with 12″ wheels which possess many advantages. Larger wheels make the ride both cushioned and comfortable. The wide pneumatic rubber tires are knobby and provide a good grip on every kind of surface. Kids can glide easily on any terrain on their balance bikes. The metallic spokes make the wheels not only lightweight but also durable. The wheels have ball bearings instead of bushings.


This bike comes with a padded extra-large seat, making the ride enjoyable by providing more adjustment and comfort to the kids. This balance bike has a 5.5″ seat height adjustment (from 13.5″ to 18″). This feature is pretty impressive in this bike as kids get more room to grow. They learn balance and coordination without pushing themselves. Muna Pro Balance bike has a tool-free quick-release seat post clamp for easy seat adjustments.


Handlebars are bent in shape and provide good grip and comfort to the kids. The handlebars are adjustable forwards/backward and upwards/downwards. It also makes it easier for the kids to adjust themselves and maintain the correct posture. Correct posture is necessary for an easy transition to pedal bikes.


This balance bike doesn’t come with a footrest, which was a cut for me. It may pose a problem for kids while riding downhill.


Extra Features

The company provides addons on its website. Parents can purchase gloves, water bottles, and other accessories at an additional cost from the company’s website.


Resolving the complaints is the motto of every company. Muna Zing Balance Bike has good customer care support. Parents can seek assistance from the company by direct calling, e-mail, and connecting through social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook.



Concluding, this bike is no doubt one of the most appealing balance bikes present on the market. The fusion of colors on this bike instantly grabs the attention of its viewers and makes it look trendy. This balance bike uses steel as its primary material, saving it from rust and making it durable. The bike is quite heavy for the small kids, so they may face problems in handling this bike. This bike has rounded bolts, a rear drum brake, adjustable handlebars having a good grip, an adjustable seat post, and wide tires with a good grip on slippery surfaces. These features are enough to satisfy the needs of every kid and parent. The bike lacks a handlebar pad and footrest, but they do not cause many issues. This bike is suitable for kids ranging from ages 2-4 years. Older kids will have to opt for bigger balance bikes.


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