Review: NiceC BMX Kids Bike for 2 to 10 Years Old


Riding through the streets with the help of its pneumatic rubber tires and efficient braking system, The NiceC BMX Kids Bike comes into the market with a price tag of $140-$170 for different sizes. Equipped with a rear disk brake, a magnesium alloy frame, and much more, the bike is truly capable of handling off-road aggressive riding. To know the list of its qualities and demerits, read the article below!


Pros and Cons


  1. Durable magnesium alloy frame that absorbs most of the vibrations
  2. Zero weld design and single-piece frame
  3. Pneumatic wide rubber tires that have a firm grip on both paved and off-road surfaces alike
  4. Adjustable saddle and handlebar according to the size of the bike
  5. Very lightweight in comparison to its counterparts, with 12″ size weighing only 14.2 lbs/ 6.44 kgs
  6. Disk brakes in the rear and the V-pull brakes in the front tires
  7. The bike comes in different tire sizes for kids of different age groups, fitting each perfectly.
  8. A bell, compass, mudguard, chainguard, and training wheels
  9. Three months warranty covering 100% of any manufacturer defects


  1. The period of warranty should have been at least one year
  2. Absence of quick release seat clamp
  3. According to some customers, the peddle tends to come odd the crank and does not fit well in the socket.
  4. Some customers received faulty models, although manufacturers replaced them.


The NiceC BMX Kids Bike has a plethora of sizes ranging from petite 12″ to mammoth 18″. If we consider the 12″ variant, the bike has several color options- Cool Black, Lemon Yellow, Mystery Champagne, and Princess Pink. The weight is around 14.2lbs or 6.44kg, which is adequate for young riders. The material used is a magnesium alloy which has a zero weld design. Features like dual brakes, bell, compass, mudguard, and training wheels are also included. The seat post can be changed from 17″ to 22″ while the handlebar (unlike other bikes) can be adjusted from 21″ to 25″. The most notable downside is the lack of good customer service from the company. With all that stated, NiceC BMX Kids Bikes can suit 2 to 10 years old and fit under a budget of $140 to $170.


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Paint Job

The bike comes with a minimalistic and straightforward yet very appealing frame and design. The bike comes in alluring shades of Cool black, lemon yellow, mystery champagne, and princess pink, and each color has a different vibe to it. The paints used are plausible, having a translucent chainguard and a matching mudguard. The company provides a set of stickers that the kids can use to customize their bikes personally. The bike’s overall paint job infused with its built design and theme considerably increases its appeal for adults and children alike.


Material and Strength

The magnesium alloy frame used in the bike noticeably increases its comfort and shock-absorbing capability. It also has an upgrade of making the bike lighter, weighing 14.2 lbs/ 6.44 kgs. The frame is made of a single piece of the alloy without any welds that provide a sturdy and robust frame. The pneumatic multi-layered rubber tires have a firm grip. Where most bikes tend to slip off the spot, this bike delivers extraordinary performance and holds the ground perfectly. Disc brakes used in the rear and V-pull brakes in the bike’s front tire deliver robust and squeak-free performance. The training wheels are made up of high-quality plastic and tend to survive the test of time. The saddle is beautifully padded and delivers a comfortable ride.


Safety and Stability

Coming with disk brakes in both the rear and a V-pull brake in the front tire, The NiceC BMX Kids Bike assures you of its safety standards even before riding it. The sturdy and straightforward design of its mainframe maintains the rider’s equilibrium and stability while biking. While the bike does not come with a kickstand, the mudguard, chainguard, and training wheels fill up for it. Grips fitted in the cycle do precisely what they are designed for – providing a soft and comfortable spot for your hands. Overall, the bike showcases appreciable qualities regarding the rider’s safety.


Wheel and Comfort

The 12″-18″ rubber tires provide better clearance to the rider and are ideal for their respective age group. Since I am focusing on the 12″ variant in this review, it is well suited for the kids of the age group 2-5 years.


Undoubtedly, they provide an excellent grip on the muddy and slippery surfaces where most bikes are prone to slipping. Since they are multi-layered, they tend to last longer than their counterparts. The training wheels provided with the bike become a faithful companion for your kid in their adventures. They are detachable, so you can put them off when your kid doesn’t need them anymore. The seat is padded and adjustable, with its height ranging from 17″ to 22″. The only cut I noticed in this area was the absence of quick-release seat clamps, which could have been provided in the bike instead of the single bolt clamp. The straight handlebar is designed to handle the rider’s strain in sudden braking or bouncing after colliding with small rocks. They are also adjustable, with a range of 21″- 25″ of 12″ variants. The grips are soft and feel good while holding them.


Extra Features

The company provides a three-month warranty on all the manufacturer defects, which could have made extended to at least one year. As for the included accessories, it was delightful to see that the bike comes with a bell, compass, mudguard, chainguard, and training wheels. Apart from this, I wasn’t able to find any extra accessories for sale from the company. I think this is the only area they need to work on.



Looking back at The NiceC BMX Kids Bike, I find it one of the most beautiful and robust bikes I recently encountered. The simple yet effective design, the paint job, and the choice of color all define the aura and quality of the bike that is being offered. The magnesium alloy frame used in the cycle absorbs most of the vibration caused and maintains the weight on the lower side of the scale. The 12″-18″ wheels indeed provide a clear and easy ride. The warranty of the product could have been extended, but it seems fine considering its cost. Overall for $140-$170, I would recommend the bike to anyone whose kid is in the age group of 2-10 years.


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