Review: Norco Roller 16 Kids Bike for 4 to 5 Years Old


Norco Roller Kids Bike is designed for small aggressive riders to ride on mountainous terrain. It has got a bundle of features that provide stability and comfort to the little riders. Keep on reading to learn about the features of this bike.


Pros and Cons


  1. Lightweight
  2. Presence of a chainguard
  3. Dual handbrake
  4. Adjustable handlebars
  5. Strong and durable
  6. Increased standover clearance
  7. Short stems and wide bars provide stability


  1. Limited color options
  2. No add-ons are available on the website
  3. Bike parts are unavailable on the website
  4. Less economical
  5. Lack of reflectors
  6. Externally routed cables


Norco does offer a value for money construction. The aluminum frame and other parts are well crafted. The bike is available in 2 shades of blue and green. There are several size variants, but currently, we will focus on 16″. So, this variant weighs 17.2lbs or 7.8kg which is on the spot for an off-road bicycle made for 4 to 5 years old. The 0.5″ additional seat post length handles the difference in height and inseam variations. The bike comes with basic features like dual brakes, a chain guard, and broad and thick tires. It is a tad bit on the pricey end at $439, but the quality does justify its price.


Check the Norco Roller 16″ Kids Bike on their Website:

Paint Job

Norco Roller Kids Bike looks robust and sporty in its first look. Being a kids’ bike, it does not give the impression of it. It appears like a smaller version of an adult bike. It comes in two color options, i.e., red and blue. I like more color options in the cycle as kids are fond of different colors. Red and blue colors are very “basic,” so your kids might have to compromise their favorite color in this bike. The paint job is durable and does not chip off easily.


Material and Strength

Norco Roller Kids bike uses aluminum as the primary material for it. Aluminum makes this bike both lightweight and durable. This balance bike’s aluminum rim and spokes make it lightweight and durable, and the wheels are less prone to wear and tear. This bike weighs 17.2 lbs or 7.80 kg, making it super light for the kids to transport. This bike is robust and lasts for several years.


Safety and Stability

Norco Roller Kids bike comes with rounded bolts with no sharp edges to prevent scratches and injuries to the kids. This feature is essential in the kid’s bikes, as they get injured very often. The bike does not come with a reflector, but it is not much needed as kids mostly ride in the daylight. This balance bike comes with dual alloy v- hand brakes with spring, which are easy to handle for the kids. A quality handbrake allows kids to stop faster with more control. They infuse the habit of applying handbrakes in kids, which is necessary when transitioning to pedal bikes. Handbrakes prevent kids from colliding with any wall or any other surface. The levers are for smaller hands. Handbrakes have an advantage over coaster brakes. They make it easy for the kids to transition to a bigger bike. However, the externally routed cables of handbrakes require more maintenance. This balance bike comes with a threadless headset. It keeps alignment after the impact from a crash. Handlebars have a good grip and provide cushioned and comfortable ride to the kids.


The Presence of a chainguard keeps the chain safe and kids’ pants from catching.


Wheel & Comfort

Norco Roller Kids bike comes with 16 inches metal alloy wheels which is a great advantage. Larger wheels make the ride more cushioned and comfortable. The wheels also have metallic spokes, which makes the wheels both stable and durable. The bike has excellent air tires made of good quality rubber. Air tires provide better traction and make the ride both comfortable and enjoyable. The 1.95 inches wide tires are puncture-proof. So your little kid can explore any terrain with his balance bike without causing concerns for his safety.


The bike comes with a padded seat, which makes the ride pleasant. The seat post is adjustable. It gives enough room for the kids to grow. So kids won’t have to feel the pressure of learning the bike quickly. They will feel confident while riding this bike.


The bike has wide pedals which prevent kids’ legs from slipping. The handlebars are bent in shape and provide good grip and comfort to the kids. They are adjustable and ensure to maintain the correct posture of the kids while riding the bike.


Extra Features

Unfortunately, the company does not provide any add-ons on the website, making it very difficult for the parents to purchase accessories for the kids. The immense disadvantage of it is the non-availability of the bike’s part on the website. It makes it very difficult to search for the cycle’s parts somewhere else. The increased standover clearance in the bike helps smaller riders fit bikes with larger wheels, making it easier for them to roll over bumpy terrain. The short stems and wide bars provide stability to the kids. The company offers a warranty on the bike with particular terms and conditions on it. Despite having a website, the company gives. NO way to connect through it if you face any issue with the cycle. The only platforms are Instagram and Facebook, which are unreliable. So if you come across any problem with this bike, do not expect help from the company executives.



Concluding, the limited color options may concern kiddos as they may not get their favorite color in this bike. But the overall look of the bike is quite appealing. This bike is an off-road beast with a sporty appearance. The matte finish is impressive, which grabs the attention of its viewers. Aluminum makes this bike lightweight but robust and durable. The cycle provides safety features to ensure the kids are safe while riding the bike. It is designed for the kids to enjoy every bit of their riding in the mountains without feeling bumps. Lack of accessories and a high price tag may concern some parents, but an overall bike is a good option for the kids. This bike is for 4-years to 5 years kids, so you will have to replace the bike with a new one as they won’t fit in it after that. It is not quite economical for parents who have a tight budget.


Buy the Norco Roller 16″ Kids Bike from their Website:



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