Review: Pello Ripple Balance Bike for Kids 2 to 4 Years Old


Coming with an exceptional range of features, The Pello Ripple Balance Bike is ready to take on the market by its design. While it only comes in pink and orange color options, the finishing is remarkable and appealing. Coming as an undisputed king of the balance bikes, it will undoubtedly serve as your kid’s best friend in their little adventures. The bike comes at $198, which can be considered expensive in the price range of bikes. So, do the features justify its price tag? Let’s find out.


Pros and Cons


  1. The bike comes with premium parts that tend to last longer
  2. Lifetime warranty on frame and fork and two years warranty on the parts
  3. Adjustable handlebars and seat
  4. It comes along with a bell
  5. Contain flat round bolts instead of exposed bolts to ensure the safety of the toddler.
  6. Rubber tires provide more comfort than EVA-based foam tires.


  1. The bike is a little on the heavier side
  2. No safety handlebar limiter is provided on the bike
  3. No footrest is provided on the bike
  4. Limited color options to choose from


The Pello Ripple Balance Bike is available in two distinct colors Orange and Pink. The body of the bike is aluminum and comes mounted on a pair of 12″ wheels. With a cost of $198, the bike fits kids 2 to 4 years old weighing up to 30lbs or 13.60kg.


The bike’s self-weight is 8.8lbs or roughly 4kg and comes with an adjustable seat. The seat can vary from 11.5″ to 16.5″ and is held at the place using a quick-release clamp. The bike has rubber tires that have good traction on the floor. The rear wheel comes attached to a brake to abide by the child’s safety. The bike also has a bell to add that fun factor to your ride.


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Paint Job

The glossy shade of orange and pink provides a classy experience to the rider. The paint job is just fantastic, and even though the bike does not contain multiple stickers on its body, I can say that not using a lot of cheap quality stickers on the bike amplifies its beauty. You can go for orange if you are looking for a punchy color, else pink is good to go for if you are a fan of lighter shades. Overall, the quality of the paint job on this bike is appreciable.


Material and Strength

The mainframe of the bike is composed of aluminum, which significantly increases its durability. But it results in an increased weight of about 8.8 lbs or ~4kgs, resulting in kids finding it challenging to handle the bike. The flat circular bolts used by the company to support the mainframe are not exposed hence they are much safer than the bikes with exposed bolts. The handlebars are also made of aluminum, with bumpers on each end to support the little hands of toddlers. The saddle is made of high-quality padded foam that properly supports the body of kids. Rubber tires are used instead of EVA-based foam tires truly define the quality and experience of the bike.


Safety and Stability

The bike comes fitted with a V-shaped brake that will remain true to your kid on riding downhill. Although the brakes are fitted only in the back tire of the bike, I consider it a plus point as something is better than nothing. I was a little disappointed in learning that bike does not come with reflectors as such accessories are expected to be included with a product of this range. The handlebars, as discussed earlier, have a good grip and bumpers on both ends. No steering limiter provided in the bike felt like a downgrade given the price of the bike. I think that the company should also have included the reflectors and the footrest pedals with the product. Overall the safety of this product seems satisfactory, although there are many areas for improvement under this.


Wheels and Comfort

The rubber tires used in this bike provide a more firm grip on paved surfaces and off-road surfaces alike. The wheelbase used is 12″, better than the 10″ wheelbase used in many bikes.


The bike comes with an extra padded adjustable seat of range of 11.5″-16.5″, which is destined to last longer than ordinary seats. It also provides increased comfort and support to the body.


The straight handlebar is also adjustable from 20″-23″ from the ground, and this is where the Pello Ripple Balance Bike stands apart from most of its competitors. To stand apart, the Ripple Bike offers angle adjustment on the handlebar. The only problem I saw in the handlebar was the absence of a steering limiter, which I think could be improved.


The bike does not contain footrest pedals as well, and it should have been included in the bike, given its price tag. Overall the bike is quite comfortable though some areas like the footrest pedal can be improved.


Extra Features

Fortunately, the bike comes with a plethora of customization options such as Grips, a Kick Stand, Saddles, Inner Tubes, Training wheels, and even a Print, themed Downhill Fun. I believe that riding a helmet and different types of bells should also have been included in the options, but so far, so good. Talking about warranty, The Pello Ripple Balance Bike leaves its competitors far behind in terms of after-sales service. The company offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and fork of the bike. It also grants two years warranty on other parts.



Concluding this article and my research, I can say that The Pello Ripple Balance Bike sets a milestone in quality and after-sales service for its competitors. The paint job is wonderfully done, giving both the punchy orange and sober pink shades their distinct aura. The aluminum frame delivers a robust performance in supporting the bike, although it would be better if the bike weighed a little lighter. At the price tag of $198, I was expecting brakes in both the front and back wheels. The absence of limiting steering and reflectors is also rather odd, but the quality and design of the material compensate for it. The rubber tires provide a well-held grip both on paved and off-road surfaces alike. The padded seats undoubtedly amplify the riding experience and provide sturdy support to the rider’s body. With a surplus of customization options and a lifetime warranty on frame and fork, the bike creates its league in after-sales services. Overall I find The Pello Ripple Balance Bike very intriguing and recommend it to the kids of age group 2-4 years.


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