Review: Petimini Pongo Kids Bike for 2.5 to 6 Years Old


With not a lot known about the details, the Petimini’s are essentially new to the biking industry and have grown quite a reputation since their establishment in 2019. As manufacturers of other automobile units, they have expertise in designing balance bikes, and they do a good job of making miracles happen. As it happens, the topic for our today’s discussion is Petimini Kids Bike Pongo. Let’s get into the details!


Pros and Cons


  1. Back coaster brakes provide good stopping power.
  2. Front adjustable caliper brake lever with an aluminum material lever Ideal for small hands.
  3. Durable training wheels.
  4. Saddle with parent assists grip handle
  5. Brown-colored faux leather saddle and handlebar grips
  6. Fully covered chain guard to avoid any mishap.
  7. Broad tires.
  8. Bell for additional safety.
  9. Single-speed gears as young kids may not be accustomed to multi-speed gears.


  1. Vintage look
  2. No mudguard


Available in two size variants 14″, and 16″, the Petimini Kids Pongo Bike is a true classic. Made with stainless steel, the bike weighs 19lbs or 8.6kg and 21lbs or 9.5kg, for 14″ and 16″ variants, respectively. Pongo has very standard color options like dark blue, apple green, baby pink, and silver. The specifications on the bike make it a good contender for kids 2.5 to 6 years old. Classic features like training wheels, coaster brakes, bell, and chainguard come pre-equipped with the bike. Some of the additional parts like the parent handle, reflectors, or the quick-release clamp are very thoughtful. This is a mid-range product, priced very beautifully at $129 for both the 14″ and the 16″.


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Paint Job

The paint job is simple with solid colors. The frame is made out of stainless-grade steel; the structure, along with its color combinations, makes the bike appealing. The bikes have been finished to the most acceptable grades, and more than three color options are available for 14″ and 16″ variants, with one color being shared between the two. Dark blue along with Apple Green and Baby Pink are available, with black-rimmed wheels, training wheels for 14″ and 16″ variants, handlebar, saddle, and faux leather seat cover for 16″ and 18″ variants.


Material and Strength

The Petimini Pongo uses stainless steel as its material. The frame construction is quite simple and classic. Other elements such as the fork and the training wheels also use steel. Using steel makes the bike rust-resistant and provides rigidity to the bike. But on the contrary, it also makes the bike a bit heavier. The bicycle comes 85% pre-assembled, and parents have to only install a few parts. The Pongo comes with a set of training wheels but no kickstand. One can reach out to the manufacturer for a free kickstand if needed.


Safety and Stability

The bike has a lot of safety features installed on it. The bike comes with two types of braking systems. The coaster brakes can be engaged by pedaling backward, whereas the handbrake can be used to stop the front wheel. Other safety elements like reflectors are also provided on wheels and pedals. The chainguard covers the chain and protects the legs from coming in contact and getting scratched. The handlebar bell is a small yet appreciable addition to the safety of the kids.


The training wheels provide a triangular base that makes the overall bike very stable. It is highly recommended to use balance bikes to train kids for balancing and coordination before moving on to the pedal bike. Training wheels can be stable on flat and open surfaces, but in case of an uneven and crowded place, protruding wheels can be an issue. The parent handle is another great feature that can be used to teach kids and maintain a stable posture.


Wheels and Comfort

The Pongo from Petimini Bikes comes in two size variants- 14″ and 16″. Both the variants have an adequate amount of wheel spokes that keep the wheel sturdy and give proper comfort to the rider. The thread on the tires is deep and prominent enough for casual off-roading. Installed with 2.125-inch standard inflatable rubber tires suitable for different grounds, these will not easily pierce and can survive the minor and, in fact, significant learning bumps.


Both the seat and the handlebar are adjustable. One can easily use the quick-release clamp provided on the post to slide the seat 4″ (end to end). This range of adjustment is the same for both 14″ as well as 16″. The handlebar, unlike the seating, doesn’t come with a quick-release clamp. The adjustable fork height in case of 14″ is 1.6″, whereas it is 2.1″ for 16″ variant. The saddle is covered with brown faux leather, which is wide enough to provide comfortable seating. The cycles using steel are often a bit heavier than their counterpart aluminum ones. Still, the bikes aren’t too heavy for the kids.



A piece of well-orchestrated machinery in a pint-size package, the Petimini Kids Pongo Bike has a simple and minimal paint job. The notable steel frame provides it with a robust and sturdy structure. The bike will stay miles away from rusting, making it last longer. Well-grooved tires are hard to come by, especially with kid’s bikes. Ergonomically designed to ensure optimum performance and stability, not to mention equal comfort, the Petimini Kids Bike will be a perfect fit for your 2.5 to 6 year old kids.


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