Review: PHOENIX KAKU Kids Bike for 2 to 9 Years Old


The Phoenix brand of bicycles produced by the joint coalition of 267 factories in Shanghai, China, is a famous national brand and has entered the international market in a big way, with their export volume ranking first in the national bicycle industry. The Phoenixs continue to progress with the times and keep themselves highly active in innovation, research, and development.


As a relatively new brand in the biking business, the Phoenix have had considerable luck, and with the tremendous skill-set, they can, without a doubt, be consistent nation leaders for years to come.


Pros and Cons


  1. The tires are highly wear-resistant and can adapt to a variety of terrain.
  2. The training wheel can be more stable, and the baby learns to ride the bicycle, giving the base a more triangular and sturdy shape.
  3. Sensitive hand brakes with front caliper brake and rear hand brake provide optimum stopping power.
  4. A high-carbon steel frame provides a robust outlook to the bike.


  1. No reflectors
  2. Questionable Durability


Phoenix is a very old Chinese cycle brand dating back to 1897. The Kaku Kids Bike comes in 4 size ranges- 12″, 14″, 16″, and 18″. Overall, one has three color options to choose from- Sky Blue, Morning White, and Wine Red. The steel body makes the frame heavier in general. The bicycles range in weight from about 1908lbs or 8.6kg to 25.10lbs or 11.38kg. The features offered are similar throughout the various models. Only the 18″ model has a cycle stand whereas, others are accompanied by training wheels. Other features include a basket, dual brakes, seat handle for parents, mudguard, chainguard, and adjustable seat with a quick-release clamp. The cost of the bikes ranges from $119.99 to $149.99 for the 18″. Consequently, the supported age range for Kaku Bikes, in general, is from 2 to 9 years.


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Paint Job

The paint job is highly lucrative, and since the structure and frame are made out of industrial-grade steel, its color combinations make the bike exquisite. Matt finished to the utmost fine grade; 3 color options are available for 14″ and 18″ variants, with one combination being common among them. Sky blue along with morning white and Wine Red are available along with black-rimmed wheels, training wheels (12″ and 14″) handlebar, vegan leather seat cover, and adjustable saddle completed with a kickstand (16″ and 18″). The toddler is going to fall in love at first sight of it.


Material and Strength

This kid’s bike is available for boys and girls and comes with training wheels and a quick-release clamp on a seat post, making it easy to adjust the seat’s height (12-14-16-18 inches). Since the bike is 85% pre-installed, its remainder is easy to assemble, leaving only the need to install the training wheels, pedals, front wheel, handlebar, and saddle. Double hand brakes for the front caliper brake and rear hand brake provide optimum stopping power, as mentioned above. Adjustable and removable training wheels give the guardians more choice and a certain amount of maneuverability.


Safety and Stability

Front and back reflect on riding day and night safely. Training wheels help children keep balance when learning to ride by providing the bike with a triangular shape, thus making it relatively stable to tackle bumps and curves. A full chainguard keeps children’s feet away from getting stuck and prevents them from getting scratched.


For a 12-16″ bike, the bike has no hand brake, and only foot brakes are available for better control as many young children don’t have enough power to manipulate the hand brake. For an 18-20 inch bike, both hand brake and foot brake are available. The bike is installed with training wheels for 12″ to 16″ bikes and a kickstand for the 18-inch bike.


Wheel and Comfort

Let us begin with the details of the bike and the age group for which the bike will be suitable-

  1. 12″ Wheel- 2-4-years. (Weight of bike- 19.08 lbs.)
  2. 14″ Wheel- 3-5-years. (Weight of bike- 20.08 lbs.)
  3. 16″ Wheel- 4-7-years. (Weight of bike- 23.10 lbs.)
  4. 18″ wheel- 5-9 years. (Weight of bike- 25.10 lbs.)

Installed with 2.125″ standard inflatable rubber tires, suitable for different grounds, they will not easily pierce and survive the learning bumps. The bike comes 85% pre-assembled.



Made by one of the oldest bike companies in China, the bike holds a lot of features. Long term durability of the bike might be questionable, but the price to features ratio is quite good. Having adequate color and size options makes it appeal to a broader market at an affordable cost.


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