Review: Puky Balance Bike for Kids 2 to 4 Years Old


A company of German origin, Puky is in the business of manufacturing bicycles since 1949. Designing world-class products and preserving the trademark of quality, the Puky has a long history of about 70 years. Today, the topic for our discussion is the Puky series of balance bikes, which can be considered a formidable competitor in the bike market. The list contains 14 bikes such as LR 1M, LR M CLASSIC, LR XL BR CLASSIC LR, and others. We shall look at the bike’s merits and demerits and whether the bike is suitable for your kid.


Pros and Cons


  1. Special balance bike saddle.
  2. Mudguards, handlebar protectors, and kickstands are provided with most bikes in the series.
  3. Pneumatic wheels in most bikes in this series provide traction on both paved and off-road surfaces.
  4. Safety handlebar grips with large bumpers on each side of the handlebar with each bike
  5. Impact-resistant powder coating.
  6. Adjustable saddle and handlebar, a bike that grows with your kid.
  7. Frame with low entry and footboard in most models.


  1. Not suitable for toddlers on the taller side.
  2. No reflector and bell were provided with the bikes.
  3. Most bikes do not come with any braking system.
  4. No information about the wheel size is provided by the company.
  5. Most bikes do not come with a quick-release clamp.


The bike is made from either aluminum or steel. The material allows it to hold 55.11lbs or 25kg of weight which is enough for 2 to 4 years old kids. The Puky Balance Bike is available in 5 different shades, red, blue, black, yellow, and green. The wheels on the bike are the regular 10″ or 12″. Coming on to the price, Puky can cost you anywhere from €69.99 to €179.99.


The bike is packed with a lot of goodies! The wheels are made of rubber for good grip and some even come covered with mudguard. To adjust the height, Puky has provided an easy quick-release clamp. On the other hand, the handlebar has a protective covering, but it does come with a limiter to help kids while turning.


Finally, to put a ribbon on the top, the company offers a 5-year warranty on the frame & the fork, and the handlebar.


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Paint Job

The glossy shade of colors like red, blue, black, yellow, and green provide a classy experience to the rider. The paint job is just fantastic, and even though the bike does not contain multiple stickers on its body, I can say that not using many cheap quality stickers on the bike amplifies its beauty.


The available color options are beautiful and lucrative. With matt black tires and colored rims matching the bike’s color, it looks glorious and majestic, and overall the paint job is pretty impressive.


Material and Strength

All the bikes’ mainframe is made up of recycled steel and aluminum, which is commendable as apart from being durable and robust, the cycle is eco-friendly. With a weight varying from 7.7lbs/3.5kgs to 11.4lbs/5.2 kgs, this bike series is one of the more lightweight products that I have encountered in a while. The accessories like mudguard and kickstand provided by the manufacturers are firm and promise to withstand the test of time. Overall, the quality of the materials used is very good for the price offered.


Safety and Stability

Most of the bikes in the series do not come with exposed bolts, which is a plus point for its consideration. Having a steel or aluminum frame to support the rider, the bike delivers a smooth and reasonably stable ride. All the bike in the series does not come with reflectors and most do without a braking system. It can be a dealbreaker as many bikes in the same price range come equipped with these features. The handlebar grips in the series are smooth and have bumpers at both ends. The handlebar pad saves the rider from unexpected lurches and ensures a safe ride, while The footrest in all the bikes adds another layer of safety to the bike. Overall, the bikes have appreciable safety features and stability traits.


Wheel and Comfort

Unfortunately, no information about the size of tires is provided on the company’s website, but considering the bikes are for toddlers, the wheels should be between 10″ and 12″ in size. The pneumatic tires, which are provided in most cycles except four models, are made up of rubber, which provides enhanced grip and comfort over foam-based EVA tires. They are a suitable choice if your little rider likes to go off-road as much as on paved tracks.


An extra padded seat in the bike delivers everlasting comfort, and while the quick-release seat clamp is not provided with the bike, the comforting saddle fills up for it. The seats are adjustable, and their range varies with the different models. I believe the range is sufficient and can cope with your growing child.


The handlebar is also made up of alloy metal, offering full support to the rider in case of jerks or sudden breaking. It is adjustable as well in most of the models, which is a plus point for it.


Overall, I believe that the bikes in this series have performed well and exceeded my expectations.


Extra Features

The bike comes with a plethora of customization options as well as accessories. The kickstand, mudguard, handlebar pad, and numberplate give it a considerable advantage over its counterparts.


As for the warranty, the company provides a five-year warranty on its frames, forks, and handlebars. The good thing about the warranty is that it is transferable and can also be claimed by successive owners in case of production or material faults. The manufacturers provide various customization options and accessories with their bikes, such as helmets, bag baskets, safety flags, bells, carrying belts, and much more for a reasonable price. It gives this bike series a massive lead in the market.



Even though the bikes have some cuts that the manufacturers can fill, this bike series is a solid competitor in the market as it offers so much in the budget segment. The paint job is perfect, and the stickers used in the bikes resonate with their overall theme. The steel and aluminum alloys are an excellent choice for the mainframe of the cycle as they absorb most of the vibrations while riding. The kickstand, mudguard, stem pad, and number plate significantly increase the overall appeal of the bikes. I would surely recommend them to a parent looking for a budget-friendly product for their child.


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