Review: Radio Flyer Air Ride Balance Bike For Kids 1.5 to 5 Years


The Radio Flyer is 100 years old company that specializes in bicycles in general. Their classic Radio Flyer Balance Bike is a perfect blend of style and functionality to make kids fall in love with it. This pedal-less cycle is an excellent partner to introduce your child to a bike riding experience. So how does a product from a century-old company stands out? Read this quick review to find out whether it will be a perfect fit for your child or not.


Pros & Cons


  1. Longer wheelbase for higher stability
  2. Adjustable seat height
  3. Air tires provide more traction and cushioning
  4. Lightweight
  5. Affordable


  1. No handle brake
  2. No turning limiter
  3. Saddle prone to ripping
  4. Plastic rims


With a cost of $59.99, this classic-looking steel beast can be your kid’s new friend. The bike comes in two colors Red and Gray. Its 12″ wheel can bear a weight of up to 50lbs or 22.67kg, which makes it ideal for 1.5 to 5 years old kids.


The Radio Flyer is a tool-free setup that has an adjustable seat. The lowest setting is at 13″ above the ground. For convenience, you can either go for a rubber or a foam tire. The whole cycle weighs around 9.68lbs or 4.39kg. One extra goodie that makes the package complete is the “bell” that comes along with it. Classic!


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Paint Job

The Radio Flyer Balance Bike is available in only two colors i.e; Red and Silver, which is not enough to fulfill each child’s mulishness. Nevertheless, the bike looks marvelous. The cycle has a colored frame and handles with a white rim to give it a classic look. It has a glossy paint finish all over the body that makes it appear shiny. There are no fun stickers apart from the branding stickers on both sides. It is the century-old branding that wins the heart of the parents.


Material & Strength

The Radio Flyer Balance Bike is made up of a steel frame that is very strong and durable. The bike is lightweight and makes it easier for the kids to ride and handle it. Weighing around 9.68lbs or 4.39kg, the bike can support kids up to 50lbs or 22.67kg.


Safety & Stability

There are no brakes on Radio Flyer, neither handbrake nor a footbrake. The handlebars are wider to provide stability to the kids when they ride the bike. The clamp on the handlebar is not so strong, so it may come out often after some falls and may require some tuning. The grips on the handlebar are hard and firm. Though they provide safety to the kids, they are not comfortable as one would expect. The bike has flat axle bolts that add up as a safety advantage to the ride. As the bolts lay so flush against the bike, it is much less likely to give scars when the cycle falls when they come in contact with the toddler’s leg. It keeps the kids safe and makes their rides free from any hindrance.


Wheel & Comfort

The Radio Flyer Balance Bike has air tires as well as foam tires. The air tires provide more traction and cushioning while riding and give children a comfortable ride. The foam tires, on the other hand, do not require any pumping and are flat-free. Kids can explore different terrains such as sidewalks, dirt paths, paved roads, and even the beaten trail, thanks to its well-grooved wheels. The air tires have plastic rims that are less durable and more likely to bend or crack over time. The seat on the Radio Flyer Balance Bike is well-padded, and it makes the ride comfortable for the kids to enjoy. But on the downside, the seat is covered with soft vinyl that is prone to tearing. The seat height is adjustable and does not require any tools for adjustment. The range for seat height is 14.2” to 18.5”. The 4” seat range allows plenty of room for the kid to grow with the bike. The seat post has a quick-release clamp that makes it easier and faster to adjust the saddle height. But it is not recommended to use the bike at its lowest height as the seat cannot be correctly tightened, and the saddle will tilt, which is neither ideal nor safe for the kids to ride. The issue can be resolved by raising the seat about a ¼”. The handlebars of the bike are 16” wide. The wide handlebars provide a more stable base, making it easier to balance. The handlebar lacks a turning limiter which is usually used to prevent 360-degree rotation. The height of the handlebar is not adjustable. It is attached to the bike via a single-point-of-contact clamp. The clamp cannot hold the handlebars much tightly, and they may come out of alignment quite frequently after several falls.


The bike needs a footrest. Not having one may lead to the wearing out of the sole of the shoes the kids. Also, raising your leg for too long while drifting can cause pain in the leg.


Extra Features

The company gives a free handlebar bell to go on the bike. If you have an account on Radio Flyer Website, then there are some distinctive benefits exclusively for you. You will get free shipping, a double warranty, and a tree will be planted if you get the bike from their website.


If the bike is bought from their website, you can also get a Radio Flyer Helmet for an extra price of $29.99 and a cute 9″ silver bow for $5.



The Radio Flyer Balance Bike is very affordable and has a classic look. It has a light steel frame which is sturdy and durable. The bike comes with two tire variants of air and foam. The loose handlebar and the plastic rims are a disadvantage for the cycle. It is best for kids of 3-4 years.


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