Review: Reeple Toddler Balance Bike for Kids 18 months to 4 Years Old


With a price tag of $89.99, a robust look, and a collection of stunning features, the Reeple Toddler Balance Bike is an option to consider before buying a balance bike for your kid. Learning balance and coordination is necessary at an early age, and this bike promises both learning and comfort together in this balance bike. Are you confused if this bike is perfect for your kid or not? Keep on reading to find out every detail of this sporty bike.


Pros and Cons


  1. Lightweight frame
  2. Pneumatic rubber air-tires
  3. Great visual appeal
  4. Toolless seat adjustment
  5. Integrated footrest
  6. Good grip handlebars


  1. Limited color options
  2. Lack of handbrakes
  3. Exposed bolts
  4. Poor customer care support


The Reeple Toddler Balance Bike is an $89.99 steel ride, that comes in two color variations, yellow and red. It has a regular 12″ wheel size that can withstand weight up to 55lbs or 25kg. The weight limit makes the bike ideal for kids 1.5 to 4 years old.

The Reeple has a light frame of around 8.4lbs or 3.8kg. The seat of the bike can be adjusted from 14.5″ to 20″. The bike has straight handlebars and, rubber tires for a firm grip on the ground.


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Paint Job

Reeple Toddler Balance Bike comes in just two color options, i.e., yellow and red. When there are so many balance bikes available in the market, offering a wide variety of color options, this bike lags behind other bikes in providing color options. The kids may have to compromise with their favorite color if they opt for this bike. While the red bike has a frame of white and red, the yellow bike has a frame of black and yellow. This balance bike looks very sporty and bold. The paint job is perfect, and it gives a beautiful matte finish to the cycle.


The jet black handlebars, seat, and wheels make this kid’s friendly bike appear robust and appealing. It grabs the attention of both kids and parents.


Material and Strength

Reeple Toddler Balance Bike uses steel for the manufacturing of its frame. Steel not only makes this bike lightweight but also rust-resistant and durable. This bike comes with steel spokes that absorb the shock and make the ride comfortable. Steel spokes save the bike from frequent wear and tears. This bike weighs only 8.4 lbs or 3.8 kgs, making it easy, even for the kids, to transport it from one place to another.


Safety and Stability

Reeple Toddler Balance Bike has exposed bolts which makes the kids more prone to minor injuries and scratches. The bike doesn’t come with a reflector, but it is not a big issue in the kid’s bikes as they mostly ride the bike in the daylight.


Reeple Toddler Balance Bike doesn’t come with handbrakes. The absence of handbrakes increases the risk of collision. The handlebars have a good grip, which provides both safety and comfort to the kids.


Wheel and Comfort

Reeple Toddler Balance Bike comes with 12″ wheels that come with many advantages. Larger wheels not make the ride smooth and cushioned but also provide a better grip on slippery surfaces. The steel spokes make the wheels lightweight but durable. The air-filled tires are wide and are suitable for any terrain. Little riders can explore any place with their balance bike.


The bike comes with a faux leather padded seat which makes the ride comfortable and enjoyable. This balance bike has a 5.5″ seat height adjustment (from 14.5″ to 20″), which is pretty impressive compared to the other bikes in this price range. It gives enough room for the kids to grow without rushing them to learn balance and coordination quickly. The seat adjustment does not require any tool, which makes this bike very easy to operate.


Handlebars are a fascinating feature of this bike. They are 360 degrees rotatable, a unique feature not found in other balance bikes in this price range, which gives more space for the kids to grow and learn. So you can keep the handlebars inside or outside, according to the comfort of the child.


This bike comes with an integrated footrest, so kids will not exhaust their energy soon and spend more time on their fun rides.


Extra Features

Unfortunately, this bike does not come with any addons. The company does not have a website, so you will have to buy accessories (bell, safety helmets, etc.) from other websites.


Since the company does not have a proper website, there is no way of connecting to the company if you face any issues. The lack of good customer care support is a big disappointment for this company.



Concluding, the limited color options may concern kiddos as they may not get their favorite color on this bike. But the overall look of the bike is quite appealing. This bike is not only kid-friendly but also looks robust and sporty. The lightweight steel frame and spokes contribute to making this bike both stable and durable. Larger wheels and pneumatic air tires absorb the shocks and make the ride comfortable and smooth. 360-degrees adjustable handlebars, tool-less adjustable seat height, and footrest are some of the other fascinating features of this bike. This bike is suitable for kids ranging from age 18 months to 4 years. The lack of handbrakes and good customer care support may cause some concerns to the parents, but overall, this bike is an outstanding option for the kids.


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