Review: Retrospec Cub Kid Balance Bike


Along with a great display and affordable pricing, the Retrospec Cub Balance Bike has a place in the heart of both parents and kids. The safe architecture of the bike reduces the risk of injury and enables kids to enjoy the ride. It improves balance and coordination at the crucial development state of a toddler. The foam tires that never go flat give the experience of surfing on clouds that kids enjoy the most, or do they? Read the article to find out.


Pros & Cons


  1. Many colors available
  2. Foam tires – puncture-proof & never go flat
  3. Lightweight
  4. Adjustable seat height and handlebar
  5. Minimal assembly


  1. The Large footrest can hinder the child’s ride
  2. Tires provide less traction and minimal grip on the road
  3. Little cushioning


Made from steel, the balance bike comes in 11 different shades. From Powder Blue to Unicorn Pink, Retrospec has something for every kid. With a competitive price of $69.00, the bike can withstand a weight of up to 35lbs or 15.88kg. Usually, kids with that weight are 20 months to 5 years old.


The bike has a step-thru frame with a foot-to-floor design. The design makes it easy for kids to reach the ground and stop it. To make things more convenient, it requires minimal assembly. It also comes with air-free tires and an adjustable seat and handlebar. The seat can be moved from 12.5″ to 17.5″. Retrospec Balance Bike is CPSC compliant for child safety in case safety is your prominent concern.


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Paint Job

The Retrospec Cub Balance Bike is available in 12 different colors ( Royal Blue, Kelly Green, Unicorn Pink, Powder Blue and White, Orange, Blippi, Blush Pink, Matte Black, Teal & Yellow, Silver, Shark Teal, Eggshell ). The bike has beautiful color combinations that exhilarate the toddlers. It has a shiny appearance that makes it look more fascinating. The different colors of the seat, handlebar, and frame give an appealing look to the overall bike. Few variants of the bike also have colored rims with cool animal stickers on either side of the frame and footrest. Some variants of the cycle have printed seats that cheer the kid’s hearts.


Material & Strength

The Retrospec Cub Balance Bike is made up of high-tensile steel with SST – Super Step-Thru frames. It has the mightiest frame that is known for its longevity and unmatched durability. The fork is also made up of high-tensile steel. It is a lightweight bike with an easy-to-hop-on construction that makes it comfortable for the kids to ride the bike and minimizes any risk of injury. It also has a comfortable saddle for easy riding and balancing. With the clam of being rust-free, it weighs nearly around 9.2 lbs or 4.17kg.


Safety & Stability

There are no footbrake or handbrakes on the Retrospec Cub. The bike has an attached footrest which enables kids to rest their feet while riding the bike and save their shoes from being worn out. But, to add to the kid’s safety during their ride, the handlebar fork is made of high-tensile steel with safety grips at both ends. The sturdy frame provides maximum support to the kids. The bolts on the bike are unfortunately exposed that may hit the leg of the toddler.


Wheel & Comfort

Talking about the wheels, the Retrospec Cub uses a regular 12″ wheelbase. The wheels are made out of foam which is good as you are not required to pump them or worry about them getting flat. But on the downside though, these foam wheels do develop cracks quickly and are not as comfortable as the rubber ones. In addition to being foam, the treading on the Cub’s tire is extremely thin, reducing the ability to grip the road even more. The foam tires provide less cushioning, and they don’t compress much while traveling over bumps and uneven surfaces. The tire also has safety washers to ensure the sturdiness of the bolt joints.


The saddle is padded which makes it comfortable for the toddlers to sit comfortably and enjoy the ride. But there were a few reviews where the kids found the seat uncomfortable, so it is debatable and may vary depending on the child. The post of the saddle is adjustable. It has a height ranging from 12.5” at the lowest and 16” at the highest. The seat height can be adjusted without the use of any tools. In fact, to adjust the seat height, pull the quick release lever attached to the top of the frame seat tube outwards. Follow it by inserting the seat post into the seat tube of the frame to at least the minimum insertion marking on the seat post. Adjust the seat to the desired height and then lock it in place by closing the quick release lever against the clamp. The Retrospec Cub Balance Bike has a straight handlebar. It has safety grips that ensure the safe ride of the child. The handlebar of the bike is adjustable to match the torso of the little cyclist. The height adjustment does not need any tools. To adjust the handlebar height, similar to seat adjustment, pull the quick release lever attached to the top of the fork steer tube outward. Then, insert the handlebar assembly into the fork steer tube to at least the minimum insertion mark of the assembly. Adjust the handlebar as per the desired height and lock it by closing the quick release lever against the clamp.


The bike has an ample amount of space for kids to rest their legs, in fact, the footrest is too broad. Being located at the bottom of the seat, the footrest extends well past the sides of the saddle and hinders the ride of the toddlers. When the toddlers try to run the bike, the footrest hits the backside of the toddler’s leg which gives them an unpleasant ride and discourages them at the same time.


Extra Features

The company gives a 5-year warranty on the frame, a 1-year warranty on the parts, and a free post-purchase tune-up. If purchased from Retrospec Website, they even make the delivery charges zero. The product is maintenance-free and requires minimal assembly.



The Retrospec Cub Balance Bike has an awe-inspiring appearance with beautiful color combinations. It is lightweight, affordable, and has puncture-proof foam tires. The seat and the handlebars are adjustable. The only issue with the bike is the footrest that hinders the ride of the toddlers. Also, the tires provide less friction and cushioning. It will be the best fit for the kids 18 months old to 5 years.


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