Review: Ridgeback Scoot Balance Bike for Kids 3 to 6 Years Old


When it comes to designing bikes with the best quality features under an affordable price range, the legacy, and temperament of the Ridgebacks are unparalleled and undefeated. The Ridgeback has been in the biking market for quite a while now, and they’ve improved and excelled in almost every single field. A team of learners constantly working their way towards the best, this is one of the finest companies when it comes to kids’ bikes. Today’s topic of discussion is their latest model fresh out in the market, and we have our review ready! Read on to learn more!


Pros and Cons


  1. Air tires and hand brake.
  2. Wide, stable handlebars.
  3. Long wheelbase for stability and longevity.
  4. Durable and High quality.
  5. 6″ of seat height adjustability.


  1. Too big/heavy for little riders.
  2. Exposed bolts.


Coming in a cool color selection of Orange, Blue, Red, Lime, and a combination of Mint & Grey, the Ridgeback Scoot is an ideal companion for your 3 to 6 years old kid. With a cost of £129.99, the bike is surely on the heavier side. The bike has a 6061 aluminum alloy frame and a 12″ wheelbase, pretty standard among balance bikes.


The weight of the bike is 10.5 lbs or 4.76 kg and comes with rubber tires. The bike also offers an adjustable seat that can slide anywhere between 14″ to 20″ and can be fixed using a quick-release clamp. Additional features include a rear V brake, a cycle bell, and a seat handle for parents. Ridgeback Scoot gives a lifetime warranty on the bike’s frame and a year warranty on original parts.


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Paint Job

The bike has beautiful and smooth shades, a total of 5 shades. From solid colors like Red, Orange, Blue, Red, and Lime to a combination color of Mint and Grey. All the colors are bright and give a glossy finish to the bike. The stickers are not simply slammed on the bike that may peel off one day, but in fact, are covered by a final paint coat. All the other parts on the bike have a simple glossy black finish. Which looks good and contributes to the overall appearance by adding a contrast to the primary color.


Material and Strength

The Ridgeback Scoot is made out of a sturdy 6061 aluminum alloy frame perfectly proportioned for maximum control and optimum comfort for older toddlers. The longer wheelbase and handlebars provide additional stability than most other balance bikes while also allowing kids to gain and maintain control easily. The alloyed frame is highly durable and will provide maximum strength that will last for years. Installed with 2.125-inched standard inflatable pneumatic rubber tires suitable for different grounds, these will easily survive the learning bumps. The bike comes 85% pre-assembled. We recommend you watch the installation video on the product page before installing for easier installation. The heights of the saddle and handlebar are adjustable to fit children in different sizes. Thus, it would be an excellent gift for children as the bike would grow along with the kid making it an adaptable friend.


Safety and Stability

Installed with quality components, fully pneumatic air-filled rubber tires, a handbrake, and plenty of space for kids to stretch out and run, your kids will love riding the Scoot. The bike is longer and taller than other 12″ balance bikes and is perfectly proportioned for children who are starting their balance bike journey as older toddlers. Most of the 12″ balance bikes come with an extended seat post to fit an extensive range of ages. At the same time, their tiny frames don’t allow older riders a lot of room to move around and maneuver the bike comfortably. Still, the Scoot has a longer frame and higher handlebars than these smaller bikes, making it an ideal fit for these slightly older riders. Not to forget, the bike also has internally routed brake cables for the rear tire. The bumpers on the handlebar end prevent the little hands from slipping and protect them from any collision.


Wheel and Comfort

12″ tires can be tough to inflate because bike pump heads are often too big to fit between the spokes. Here is when the pre-installed angled air valves come into play. These valves are angled outwards for easier inflation of the tire and easy access to the tire tube in case of a flat tire.


The bike has an extended seat post that can go from 14″ to 20″. This offers a lot of room for the bike to grow along with the kids. The seat also uses quick-release clamps, unlike traditional nuts n bolts, they are way quick and easy to operate.
The rounded bolts in Scoot’s axle pose a potential scratching hazard when worn. These bolts are, however, slightly set back in the frame, posing a minimal risk. Another unique feature of the Scoot is its extra-wide handlebars, about four inches wider than the other bikes of the same price group. The additional length provides older riders with a more natural riding position and increased handling and maneuverability.


Extra Features

While the company does not provide any additional accessories for the bike’s customization, the manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on both the frame and the bike’s fork, which is pretty cool. As for the other customization options, the buyer can purchase them from any online or local dealer.



The Ridgeback Scoot is the perfect balance bike for preschoolers or taller toddlers with at least a 14″ inseam who can handle a heavier bike. The bike is made for the sole purpose of lasting long with the utmost comfort, even if the rider outgrows it. Families with more than one kid can opt for this bike as it will be easily passed down from the older one to the younger one making it last for years. The Ridgeback Scoot Balance Bike is by far one of the finest bikes on the market, and once your kid gets the hang of it, they won’t let go of it any time soon!


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