Review: Royce Union Kids Aluminum Mountain Bike for 5 to 9 Years Old


Today’s Royce Union bikes deliver the same promise more than a century ago: provide a great biking experience. It was confirmed in 1904 and is still valid today. Royce Union bikes are designed by engineers who ride bicycles every day and recognize the importance of dependable quality. Solid reliability is built in every cycle, whether you choose to take it on an off-road trail or a spin around the neighborhood. As manufacturers of other automobile units, they have their expertise in designing balance bikes, and they do a tremendously good job in making miracles happen. As it happens, the topic for our today’s discussion is Royce Union Kids Aluminum Mountain Bike. One of their newest creations, the Royce Union Kids Aluminum Mountain Bike, is a fantastic product in terms of availability and affordability. Let’s get into the details!


Pros and Cons


  1. Rear mechanical disc brake.
  2. Actual threadless headset for increased maneuverability.
  3. Lightweight aluminum frame.
  4. Linear pull brakes.
  5. Comfortable saddle.


  1. A High-set seat makes for a high center of gravity (harder to balance).
  2. Only 1.5″ of seat height range.


The Royce Union Kids Mountain Bike is available in only matt-black color. The body uses aluminum as its primary material, which makes the bike lightweight. The weight of the bicycle is 39.873lbs or 17.84kg. For a 20″ bike, this weight is enough to support 5 to 9 years old. The bike comes with dual brakes and dual suspension. The wheels are attached to 6-speed Shimano gears which makes the ride smooth and fun. But there is a lack of reflectors and less seat height of 1.5″.


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Paint Job

This 20″ masterpiece is explicitly designed for grown-ups and teenagers, who don’t have much of a likeness for bright and shiny colors. Thus the only color choice is matt-black with colored decals to add fun to the bike’s look.


Material and Strength

The structural frame is made up of aluminum, giving it a robust and sturdy outlook, strength, durability, and rust-free approach for years to come. Lightweight as it is, the Royce Union Kids Aluminum Mountain Bike (20″) weighs merely 39.873 lbs or 17.84 kgs, thus easily manageable for the prescribed is one of the lightest bikes in the Royce’s Union Bike lineup. Shimano 6-speed indexed derailleur supplies the perfect range for steeper hills. Thus the grip shifting is smooth and precise.


Safety and Stability

The various safety factors associated with the bike have been listed below-
Bumpy trails have met their match; RTX’s full suspension mountain bike frame provides a more comfortable adventure for young riders by absorbing shock. Less weight equals better control; aluminum mountain bikes are easy to transport, rust-resistant, and robust – it’s perfect for scaling inclines. Linear pull brakes are quiet, lightweight, and provide stopping power; the brake pads are easy to replace. A compact Allen wrench and screwdriver are included for minor adjustments and assembly help. Shimano 6-speed indexed derailleur supplies the perfect amount of range for steeper hills – grip shifting is smooth and precise. Premium components and superior specifications make a difference. Zoom suspension, Shimano shifting, and aluminum frames are just a few of the options available, Solid control and smooth rides ensure top performance.


Wheels and Comfort

Front and rear suspension ensure both wheels maintain contact with the ground on bumpy trails, keeping you in control. Linear pull brakes are low-maintenance and provide exceptional stopping power. RTX features a comfortable saddle that stays comfortable even on long rides. The Shimano six-speed is precise and offers comfortable gearing for tackling hills.



The Royce Union Mountain Bike is a decent bike on the market. Though there aren’t a lot of colors to choose from, the features offered are quite good. The only downside of owning this bike would be the small seat height. Nevertheless, the bike is still suitable for kids 5 to 9 years old.


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