Review: Saracen Freewheel 12″ Balance Bike for Kids 2 to 4 Years Old


Considered a top bike manufacturer in the market, Saracen UK has brought a bike to end all the competition the same. Ideal for the kids in the age group 2-4 years, it comes in 3 color variants. The Saracen Freewheel Balance Bike can be considered a premium product for its price. The transition from this bike to a pedal bike becomes very easy due to its frame, weight, and design. Being lightweight and stylish at the same time, your kid will consider it as its best friend to ride on and learn.


Pros and Cons


  1. Lightweight
  2. More stable due to wider handlebars and wheels
  3. Better control as there is no compromise on grips and brakes
  4. Almost fully customizable
  5. Premium look


  1. Too wide for young kids
  2. Exposed bolts may pose a problem while riding
  3. The price is a little too high to be considered affordable
  4. No reflectors included
  5. No warranty


The aluminum frame can withstand 75lbs or 34kg of weight. This makes the Saracen Freewheel Balance Bike an ideal choice for kids 3 to 4 years old. If you buy it on Amazon, it will cost you $249 and will be available in two colors – white and pink. If you want more variations in color, you can visit the WeeBikeShop website.


The assembled bike weighs 10.5lbs or 4.7kg, thanks to its aluminum frame and rubber tires. The bike has an adjustable seat and a handlebar with a quick-release lever. The seat can slide between 13″ to 17″ while the handlebar can not be adjusted.


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Paint Job

Painted in three colors with a plethora of stripes and stickers, the Saracen Freewheel Balance Bike has a glossy finish that is very shiny and appealing to the eyes. It comes in three color variants – White, Pink, and Turquoise, although on checking, the Turquoise seemed to be often out of stock everywhere, including the company’s official trading website. The stickers rightly resonate with the overall finish of the bike and add considerable detailing to it.


Material and Strength

The company uses aluminum for the frame of this bike which reduces the weight of the bike to 10.5 lbs/4.7 kgs. This is quite remarkable, as the frame does not jeopardize the safety and delivers a sturdy and robust performance while riding. The brake lever is made up of alloy metal with side-loaded brake cables, which are internally routed, delivering excellent feedback. A toddler may find its handling very stable and upright. The only concerning area I noticed was the exposed bolts that although supporting the rigidity of the frame, can pose a problem for kids.


Safety and Stability

Speaking of the first line of safety, V-brakes make the handling smooth and stable and prevent loss of control while going downhill. Brakes are also adjustable for the little hands of kids, so that was a plus for me. Reflectors, which to my disappointment, are not provided with any of the color varients or as an additional accessory, can make the buyer more conscious. The handlebar grip is not compromised in any way, so it makes the overall appeal of the bike superior to others. The bike also comes with a bell, which is a nice add-on considering the safety of preschoolers.


Wheels and Comfort

Well gripped wheels of the Saracen Freewheel Balance Bike make the ride buttery and comfortable even on the roughest trails. On the paved roads, the bike goes just as smoothly without any symptoms of a jerk or bumps. The bike has 12″ inflated wheels, made up of rubber, ensuring adventurous rides for your young toddler.


The seat is comfortable and can be risen to 4″, making the minimum and maximum seat height 13″ and 17″ respectively. Its narrow design encourages kids to kick more rather than just slacking.


As described by the company, the bike does not have a limiter, ensuring the customers that it is not a necessary feature and even possesses a hindrance to a child’s safety. The handlebars are straight, promoting the overall stretching and growth of the kid’s body. Grips are also provided with large bumpers to prevent hands from slipping.


Overall comfort can be considered an affordable commodity while riding this bike. The only thing that disappointed me was the over widening of the frame, due to which small kids may find tough to handle.


Extra Features

The bike comes equipped with various features and functions, considering which The Saracen Freewheel Balance Bike can be a value for money product. But if you want to enhance the experience of riding your little angel, the company also offers various accessories as an add-on for the bike. The bike can be customized beautifully by the baseball-themed bell, riding helmets (that come in 2 different colors the pink and turquoise), an 8 in 1 toolbar, a stylish pair of glasses, or a custom quick-release seat clamp which comes in many different colors to suit your kid’s playing preferences.


As of warranty, there was no trace of information regarding this on its official site or in its amazon seller section. This comes as a huge disappointment to me as such products are prone to human errors and wear-tear.



Concluding this article and research as well, I can surely say that The Saracen Freewheel Balance Bike truly delivers something nearest to perfection. It provides a reliable value for money to its customers. The paint job, as discussed earlier is perfect for something that is about to witness the adventures of your kid. The glossy and shiny finish appeals to kids and grown-ups alike. The frame, which is made up of lightweight aluminum reduces the weight of the bike without hampering its strength. The wheels have a good grip over off-road and paved surfaces alike, so there are no concerns regarding slipping. The seat and handlebar set a standard of both comfort and safety in the market. According to the company, the bike is ideal for kids from 2-4 years, but I recommend it to kids who are at least 3 years in age as some kids may have a problem riding it due to its wide frame and design.


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