Review: Schwinn Balance Toddler Bike For Kids Age 2 to 4 Years


Schwinn is an American history icon who has been in the business of making bikes for over 125 years. The Schwinn Balance Bike is the result of these 125 years of experience and knowledge. With a lot of focus on safety and ease of access, this balance bike is sure to win your heart. So how reliable is this bike, read along to find out.


Pros & Cons


  1. Lightweight
  2. Sturdy
  3. Air tires provide good traction and cushioning
  4. Adjustable seat height and handlebar
  5. Comfortable seat


  1. The bike is very susceptible to the paint scraping off through the use
  2. Prone to rust
  3. Protruding footrest
  4. Very thin and flimsy handlebar cover


With a competitive cost of $85, the Schwinn Balance Bike is a sturdy pal for your kids. The 12″ bike comes with a steel body, and four color choices of Blue, Green, Red, and Pink. It is perfect for 2 to 4 years old kids with a height ranging from 28″ to 38″. The bike has a handlebar limiter that prevents 360 rotation. The bike assembly is tool-free with one year warranty. Unlike many bikes, this one has air-filled tires along with seat adjustability.


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Paint Job

The bike is available in 4 eye-catching colors. The colors are very bright and give it a vibrant appearance. The bike has a colored frame, and the rest of the part is black. It has a gloss finish that makes it appear to be shiny. The bike has a few stickers of branding on either side of the frame. The wheels have a metal spoke rim with black rubber tires running over them. The bike is available in blue, pink, red, and green colors.


Material & Strength

The Schwinn Balance Bike is made with a steel frame. It is easier for the older kids to ride the bike and handle it, but it is not fit for young toddlers to ride this bike as it can be pretty bulky for them. The bike weighs 11lbs or 5kg and is sturdy and durable.


Safety & Stability

The seat of the bike is very soft and comfortable, making the ride very enjoyable. It adds an advantage for the kids as they can sit steadily and ride for a lengthier period. The handlebar lacks grip, and it has a thin covering, due to which the little hands may be unsafe during the ride. The tires provide good traction and cushioning, which keeps the kids safe during the ride on various terrains. There is a turning limiter that prevents kids from turning very sharply and mastering the skill of steering. The limiter adds an essential architecture to the safety of the kids. The bike lack brakes and has exposed bolts which may hinder the kid’s ride.


Wheel & Comfort

The Schwinn Balance Bike has 12-inch wheels. The wheels are air-tires that provide excellent cushioning and stability. When compared to foam tires, rubber tires tend to last longer and are compatible with different terrains. The thread on the wheels and the steel spokes make the base very sturdy to handle any road bump and external pressure.

The seat of the bike is soft, which gives a comfortable experience to the kids. The seat is durable and allows kids to sit firmly and enjoy the ride. The saddle of the bike is adjustable without the use of any tools. As the seat post is tractable, it provides plenty of room for growth. It uses a quick-release clamp to make this adjustment, which is very easy compared to the old method of using a wrench. The grips on the handlebar of the Schwinn Bike are not very durable. It is thin and delicate. The grips do not provide enough safety to the kids, but it’s better than having nothing. The handle has a cover to protect the child from the center part of the bike, which is a great addition. The height of the handlebar is adjustable without the use of any tools. The bike has a turning limiter that provides safety to the kids by making sure that the kids do not rotate the handle too much and make precise turns.


The bike has a protruding footrest which is comfortable for kids to rest their feet on. Though it is good for the kids to keep their feet on the footrest as it keeps their shoes safe from wearing out, the footrest is too exposed and may cause hindrance. The backside of the toddler’s leg may hit the footrest, and they can get scars which gives an unpleasant experience of riding.


Extra Features

The Schwinn company gives a one-year warranty as long as the bike is owned by its primary customer.



The bike has an admirable gloss appearance. It has air tires that provide good traction and cushioning on a ride and come along with an adjustable seat and an adjustable handlebar height. The handlebar grips are not durable, and the protruding footrest might be a problem for some kids. After considering every feature, the bike is a good fit for kids 2 to 4 years old.

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