Review: Schwinn Elm Girls Bike for 2 to 8 Years Old


The Schwinn Elm Girls Bike dominates the market with a starting price tag of $150 and a long list of features. It is one of the bikes that offer brakes, training wheels, a stem pad, and a carry basket at such a low price. The iconic shades of pink, purple, and teal give the bike its different aura and class. With loads of customization options, this bike is truly a fearsome competitor for the rest of its counterparts. Although the bike has some issues, its features, and girl-centric design completely outshine them. To know the full specification of the bike, go through the full review, and enjoy yourself!


Pros and Cons


  1. Extremely budget-friendly, starting from just $149
  2. Cute and colorful design that suits the little girls’ spirit
  3. Coaster and caliper brake included
  4. Available in various sizes and at reasonable rates
  5. Manufacturer warranty for the frame as long as the original owner retains the bike
  6. Training wheel, carry basket, and stem pad included with the product
  7. Chainguard adequately covers the hazardous areas involving chains


  1. Cheap quality materials used in the bike
  2. Exposed bolts may pose a problem for kids
  3. No kickstand, bell, or reflectors were provided with the bike


Schwinn Elm Girls Bike is a cheap $150 pedal bike (16″) that is available in various wheel sizes, from 12″ to 20″. If we consider the 16″ bike, the weight of the bike is 20.5lbs/9.29kg and is constructed out of solid steel. The child gets three color options to choose from- pink, purple or teal. The seat can be fixed anywhere between 19.25″ to 23″. The rear wheel is accompanied by brakes that will keep your 2 to 8 years old kid safe. Additional features like a pair of training wheels, carry basket, and handlebar pad is also provided. Though the company gives a warranty on the bike frame and parts, a lot of customers found the quality of the product to be poor. The bike has no front brakes, exposed bolts, no safety reflectors, or warning bell.


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Paint Job

The bike comes in punchy shades of pink, purple, and teal colors, rightly suited for displaying enthusiasm for a girl child. The stickers rightly resonate with the paint, and the bike looks quite appealing to both kids and adults alike. The pink variant has blue stickers, the purple variant has red stickers, and the teal variant has purple ones. Overall, the paint job on the bike is commendable and looks pleasing.


Material and Strength

The bike’s mainframe is made up of steel, making the bike more durable and lightweight than many of its competitors. The bike weighs 20.5 lbs/ 9.29 kgs (16″ variant), making it easy for a kid to carry and handle. The handlebar is also made up of alloy and has bumpers along the ends to ensure that rider is safe. The saddle is made of high-quality foam with extra padding that lasts longer and beautifully serves its purpose. One area that I saw as a cut was the inclusion of caliper brakes that could quickly go out of alignment. They also become slippery on the painted rims while they are wet. Some consumers complain that they received a defective carry basket or a bent fork; the company should look after its delivery services and quality control. So the overall material quality and strength can be deemed secure for this price range, with some areas of improvement.


Safety and Stability

The bike comes with exposed bolts, which may pose a problem for little riders. Having a longer wheelbase of 45″ (16″ variant) and a steel frame to support the rider, the bike delivers a smooth and reasonably stable ride. While the bike does not come with reflectors, the caliper and coaster brake on the front tire cover its absence, although the V-pull brakes could have been better on the bike. The handlebar grips are smooth and have bumpers at both ends. The handlebar pad saves the rider from unexpected lurches and ensures a safe ride. The training wheel and another layer of safety to the bike. Overall, the bike has appreciable safety features and stability traits for a price of about $150.


Wheels and Comforts

The bike comes with variable wheel sizes for riders of all ages, ranging from 12″ to 20″ wheel sizes. The tires are thick and thus provide a steady grip on both paved and off-road surfaces alike.


The saddle promises comfortable rides and has an adjustable height of 19.25″-23″(16″ variant). It also has a saddle handle which becomes helpful when the kid is not confident in balancing the bike by herself and needs the help of a parent. The company claims tool-free adjustment of the saddle’s height, but you may tell it’s not correct by looking at the seat clamp.
Low Rise V-Bars handlebar with a threaded headset is used in the bike, which helps maintain an upright position of the rider. It has a soft grip that your young cyclist can easily hold. The alloy used for the headset feels sturdy and firm while riding.


The stem pad saves the rider from sudden bumps and jerks that may occur while riding.


The pedals are rider-friendly and have apt grips so that feet do not slip down the pedal while paddling.


Extra Features

The bike comes equipped with various features and functions, considering which The Schwinn Elm Girls Bike can be considered a value for money product. But if you want to enhance the experience of riding your little angel, the company also offers various accessories as an add-on for the bike. The bike can be customized beautifully by riding helmets, a bike trainer, water bottles, bicycle bags, air pumps, rechargeable front and back bike light sets, and much more.


The manufacturers provide a limited warranty on the frame and parts of the bike as long as the warranty is claimed by the bike’s original owner and is a manufacturing defect. So the bike stands tall in the segment of extra accessories and warranty.



After looking at the overall specs of the bike, I can say that I can become your kid’s best companion despite some areas of improvement. The paint job is extraordinary, bringing out the best in design and taste. The steel frame is ready to complement your kid on every journey. The padded seat is exceptional, so it supports the overall posture of the bike. The V handlebars are definitely for someone who tends to enjoy clearance. Wide tires make the ride buttery and cozy on paved and off-road surfaces alike. The Schwinn Elm Girls Bike overall is a decent product that can be considered if you are looking for a stylish companion for your kid in the age group of 2-8 years.


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