Review: Schwinn Krate Evo Kids Bike for 3 to 7 Years Old


Half Retro, half modern, Schwinn’s new Krate EVO bike is one unique ride that the kids all love! The EVO is an impressive bike that may leave parents scratching their heads in wonder, from its fantastic banana seat to its slick rear tire and front shock. But let us assure you that it will have kids lining up to ride it! Having tested out over 80 different bikes, we can honestly say that the Schwinn Krate EVO is one of the most memorable bikes we’ve ever tested. Read the review to find out why!


Pros and Cons


  1. Comfortable, elongated banana seat.
  2. Eye-catching retro design.
  3. The slick rear tire provides a smooth ride.


  1. Heavy!
  2. Allen wrench required to adjust seat height.
  3. Only five-seat height options.
  4. The slick rear tire has minimal traction on loose surfaces.


Krate Evo is a retro yet very functional bike for kids. It is a bit expensive, $249.99, and a bit heavy, 24.5lbs or 11.1kg. Nevertheless, the bike offers various color options- apple-red, shadow black, sky blue, and raspberry. The reason for its heavyweight is the material used, which is steel. The wheels on the bicycle are 16″ and are assisted by removable training wheels. The model is equipped with some safety and comfort features like the front suspension, chainguard, and seat handle for parents. Some of the features like safety reflectors and brakes are not incorporated. The bike also lacks full adjustability on the seat post. This 16″ retro beast from Schwinn is fit for kids 3 to 7 years old.


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Paint Job

When it comes to selecting a bike for a kid or for a kid to choose their ride, the first thing that either of the two observes is the color and shade of their bike. And when it comes to the paint job, the Schwinn Krate Evo Kids Bike doesn’t disappoint. The model, as mentioned above, has an unparalleled visual appeal with over four different shades and colors and has a classic hint to its very aura. Apple-Red, Shadow Black, Sky blue, and Raspberry, to name a few, are all elegant and hug the bike, ultimately making it a visual and functional masterpiece. With over a dozen spokes and black-rimmed wheels, the color combination on this piece of art is magnificent and worthy.


Material and Strength

The Krate EVO is the best fit for neighborhood riders with a heavy build and a slick rear tire. That is kids who typically stick to riding around the block, over to their friend’s house or the local park with their family. The Krate EVO is not a great bike for those who plan on doing long rides or for little riders in general. At 24.5 lbs (11.1 kilograms), it is simply too heavy of a bike! Although well-built, its components are lacking compared to other kids’ bikes you could buy. Long and comfortable, the main highlight of the Krate EVO with all of our testers was the banana seat. In addition to being well-padded, the long saddle is also functional as it provides plenty of space for kids to position themselves on the bike.


Safety and Stability

The long seat also allows kids who are much too tall for the bike to ride it quite comfortably. By sliding back on the saddle, taller and older kids will be able to comfortably pedal the bicycle without cramping the cockpit of the bike (the distance between the seat and the handlebars). Cramped cockpits severely limit the longevity and usability of the bike as kids’ knees often end up hitting the bike’s handlebars when turning. But the extra space provided by the banana seat prevents the cockpit from being shortened. It gives years of additional growth that traditional bike saddles don’t offer.


Wheel and Comfort

Another win for the Krate EVO in the eyes of our testers was its 2″ wide, flat, and smooth Schwinn Sting-Ray Slik rear tire. Initially released in the mid-’60s, the Sting-ray Slik not only looks ridiculously cool (in both a good and bad way), it received rave reviews from various kids who drove it. The Sting-ray Slik tire does precisely what it was intended to do – provide a smooth and stable ride for paved surfaces. It also makes for excellent skid marks! The shock on the Krate EVO is heavy and unnecessary but is a great addition, especially for aggressive neighborhood riders who love jumping. From curbs to simply popping a wheelie, the shock provides extra cushioning and extra bounce to help get the front tire off the ground.


While comfortable and surprisingly resourceful, the banana bike seat design does make it more challenging to adjust the seat height on the bike. To support the long seat, it is attached to the sissy bar on the bike’s back. The rod that travels between the sissy bar and the plastic housing at the bottom of the seat must be removed to adjust it. Due to the need for the rear of the saddle to be attached to the sissy bar, the seat can only be adjusted to one of five pre-set seat heights.



Much to our surprise, the Schwinn Krate EVO is one of the finest bikes to be tested. From its unique styling to its comfortable ride and longevity of fit, the Krate is sure to remain a favorite amongst our neighborhood pack of testers. While certainly not for everyone (it’s too heavy for really young, timid riders and not ideal for riding off-pavement), it’s a blast to ride around the neighborhood. It will undoubtedly help spark or reignite your child’s love of riding. The paint job is classy in a retro way and modern, making it a class apart and a must-have for every 3-7 year old.


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