Review: Segway Ninebot Kids Bike for 3 to 7 Years Old


Segway is the overall forerunner in close-to-home transportation. Established in 1999 by prestigious innovator Dean Kamen, Segway has consistently strived to offer top-caliber, safe, and dependable items for its clients.


The organizations’ businesses are global, selling items in more than 80 nations and districts. Ninebot’s corporate valuation has surpassed USD 1.5 billion. With widely acclaimed licensed innovation, Segway-Ninebot plans to lead the clients and the whole business in the future years. Amongst many of their marvelous creations is the Segway Ninebot Kids Bike, a 14″ masterpiece right from the factory of the very best-in-class manufacturers. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and begin with the most delicate details.


Pros and Cons


  1. Ergonomic and kid-friendly design.
  2. Front and rear V-brakes to help accustom the kid to the braking system.
  3. Fully covered chain.
  4. Soft-silicon covering on the frame for protection.


  1. Affordability could be an issue.
  2. Heavy-duty training wheels add weight to the bike.


When it comes to boasting about the quality of the bike, Segway Ninebot Kids Bike definitely comes into mind. Available in 3 color variations of Turquoise Blue, Baby Pink, and Flawless Red, the bike has a modern and elegant look. The bike can be bought in two sizes- 14″ and 18″. But for now, we are going to focus only on the 14″ variant. The mainframe is made out of aluminum alloy, which keeps the weight in check at around 19.8lbs or 8.97kg. Made for 3 to 7 years old, the bike has a lot of safety elements attached to it. Safety reflectors, dual brakes, fully covered bolts, and chain, and silicon covering on frame and handlebar for safety. Additional features like training wheels and an adjustable seat (18.1″ to 20.5″) are also provided. The bike sure is on a pricey end at $249.99, but the warranty offered can justify this bargain. A 5-year coverage on the mainframe, whereas a 1-year warranty on other parts of the bike.


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Paint Job

The paint job is lucrative, and since the frame is made of aerospace-grade aluminum, the structure and color combinations make the bike exquisite. Matt finished to the finest grade 3 color options are available for 14″ and 18″ variants, with one variety being shared in the two. Turquoise blue along with Baby Pink and Flawless Red are available along with black-rimmed wheels, training wheels (14″) handlebar, saddle and seat cover with kickstand (18″), and your kid is going to fall in love at first sight of it.


Material and Strength

As 2018 iF Design Award champ, the Ninebot 14-inch kid’s bicycle is not difficult to work with and is agreeable to ride for youngsters 3-6 years of age with a stature of 2’11” – 3’11”. The coaster brake works on the rear wheel; the V-brake works on the front. Compared with other kids’ bikes, V-brake has good braking performance and reliability. A fully enclosed bicycle chain can protect little ones from potential scratches. With CST pneumatic tires, harmless to the ecosystem material, sturdy and stun ingestion make the bicycle appropriate for complex terrain. Ergonomic and adjustable saddle, comfortable for the ride. Full Coverage with Soft Silicone for child safety. Made out of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, the frame of this bike, along with discreet PU form, makes the Ninebot Kids Bike sturdy, lightweight, and portable. The design of the bike is based on children’s ergonomics. Larger training wheels make it significantly easier to roll over obstacles and bumps.


Safety and Stability

Training wheels provide a triangular shape to the bike, making it much more stable for the kid to accustom himself to the bike’s design and weight and gain confidence once these factors are wired into the subconscious mind. Heavy training wheels won’t let the cycle leave the ground in case of a bump or a hurdle, so parents need not worry about their kid’s safety. An ergonomically designed saddle with an adjustable seat made out of textured vegan leather is soft and durable and will ensure optimum comfort during long riding hours.


Wheels and Comfort

CST pneumatic tires, environmentally friendly material, durable, shock absorption the bike is ideal and well-suited for complex terrain. Therefore the kid can entirely focus on having fun while learning while the cycle takes care of the rest. The saddle on this bike is entirely adjustable, and the textured seat is breathable to avoid irritation.


The wheels have a dozen spokes each to maintain the proper geometry and stability of the bike and reinforce the shock-absorption factor. The chain is fully enclosed by a chain cover and won’t harm the kid anyway. There are no protruding round bolts etc., so the bike is relatively safe for kids. Since the 14″ variant already has a set of training wheels and the 18″ has a kickstand, there was, as such, no need for a footrest as it would hinder the geometry of the bike.


Extra Features

Accessories are available at very reasonable prices and will serve as a great addition to your ready amazing Segway Ninebot Kids Bike. Some of these are-

  1. Spurcycle Bell ($49.00)
  2. Stomp Pump ($69.95)
  3. Sticker pack ($4.00)
  4. T-shirts in various shades ($18.00), etc.


This bike has been molded from the best quality materials, and its entirety is ergonomic and thus can satisfy every definition of a masterpiece. Standing apart from a whole lot of higher-end bikes with bulky designs, this here is nothing short of an engineering marvel in a pint-size package. Once owned, your kid won’t even let go of it for years to come. A must-have for every 3-7 year old!


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