Review: smarTrike Folding Toddler Balance Bike for Kids 2 to 5 Years Old


The smarTrike Folding Balance bike is the first and the only balance bike with a folding feature. With an affordable price tag, the bike is all about fun and learning. It helps kids to learn coordination and balance. The light frame makes handling easier for kids and carrying easier for parents. Read the full article to get the precise details on the bike’s specs.


Pros & Cons


  1. Lightweight
  2. EVA Foam Tyres
  3. Adjustable handlebar
  4. Adjustable seat post
  5. Textured Footrest
  6. Ergonomic Racing Handlebar
  7. 1-Click Folding


  1. No hand brakes available
  2. Turning limiter absent
  3. Fewer color options


At $80, the smarTrike Folding Toddler Balance Bike is a metal beast that comes in three shades, blue, red, and pink. The bike can support 44lbs or 20kg of weight which makes it ideal for kids 2 to 5 years old.


The bike itself weighs around 6.8lbs or 3.1kg. It has EVA tires with an adjustable seat and handlebar. You can easily slide the seat from 12.2″ to 15.9″ for your comfort. The cycle has an ergonomic handlebar and a 1-click folding mechanism.


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Paint Job

The bike has a sleek and simple design. The bike has a limited palette of the colors blue, red, and pink to avoid any dilemma regarding selection. The color is saturated and gives off a glossy appearance. The mainframe is colored while other parts such as the seat, handlebar, and wheels are in black. To avoid the monotonous look of the frame, it has branding stickers on either side.


Material & Strength

The smarTrike Folding Toddler Balance Bike is made up of a lightweight metal frame. The lightweight helps a kid better control the balance bike. It also makes it easier for toddlers to pick up fallen bikes. The bike weighs around 6.72lbs or 3kg, which is sufficient to hold a kid’s weight up to 44lbs or 22kg.


Safety & Stability

The manufacturer has installed various features to ensure the safety of the little toddler. The bike has a low-to-ground frame design that guarantees easy reach. The ergonomics of the handlebar allow kids to change posture while riding and find their comfortable spot. The overall design is kept smooth with almost no sharp or poking corners. The bolts used on the wheel axel and at the folding point are rounded and covered.


Wheel & Comfort

The bike has puncture-proof EVA foam tires. These tires never go flat and do not need any maintenance. It acts as a shock absorber and ensures safety. Though these tires do not provide much grip compared to air tires, they fit fine on paved surfaces. The grooves on the tires are not well carved to create proper traction on the ground. Such tires are very prone to weather and heat and often start to wear off.


The smarTrike Balance Bike has a padded saddle that is fine for the kids to have a ride. The seat post is clamped using a traditional nut and bolt. Unlike most of the bikes out there, it does not use a quick-release clamp. Upon adjustment, the seat can easily accommodate kids with inseam heights between 12.2″ to 15.9″. This space is ample to grow the bike and allow kids to continue their learning experience.


The bike has a curved ergonomic racing handlebar that makes the kids ride comfortably as it allows the kid to choose from multiple postures. The handlebar height is also adjustable and needs a tool for adjustment.


The bike has a well-fitted footrest tucked just below the seat. The placement of the footrest is similar to the position of the pedals on a bike. In other words, this helps with the posture of the legs. It has an anti-slip layer that does not allow their feet to slide off from there. By placing their feet on the footrest kids can learn to balance themselves and avoid any unnecessary damage due to their dangling feet.


Extra Features

The company gives a 2-year warranty on the product and a 30-days return guarantee. With just a click, the bike folds in half and becomes easier to store in the house or in the car trunk.


They also give protective knee & elbow pads at $20 to add to the safety of the child.



The smarTrike Folding Toddler Balance Bike is a budget-friendly lightweight balance bike. The bike folds on a click and has an in-built anti-slip footrest. Though the adjustable seat and handlebar are a great addition, they require tools for adjustment. The racing handlebar can prove to be convenient for many kids. Hope we could say the same for the EVA tires, but they are low on traction. The bike fits fine for kids of 2-5 years of age.


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