Review: SmarTrike Xtend-Convertible Balance Bike for Kids 3 to 7 Years Old


Primarily headquartered in HaDarom, Israel, with a remarkable history of a little over three decades, the SmarTrike LLC. has developed quite a stature over the years. The first SmarTrike launched over a decade ago and was no less than a revolution: An all-in-one trike that grows with parent and child. As leading experts in creating the very best-in-class products ranging from innovative trikes, scooters, bikes, and indoor trampolines that deliver a superior user experience and practical design made for growing families, their reputation precedes them. The detailed description below will prove the abovementioned very well.


Pros and Cons


  1. Solid-quality, durable, extendable magnesium frame.
  2. A longer frame and higher handlebars allow a good fit for several years.
  3. Frame and handlebar adjustments just need an Allen key.
  4. Pedal attaches to the bike in just minutes.
  5. Air tires for better traction and cushioning.
  6. Pedal bike mode is better than some other convertible balance bikes.


  1. Heavy for a balance bike.
  2. Front-brake-only in balance bike mode can teach children improper braking techniques.
  3. A coaster brake in pedal mode can make learning to pedal more difficult.
  4. Seat post height can be challenging to adjust.
  5. Saddle prone to tearing.
  6. Narrow pedals.


The $249.99 bike from SmarTrike is a 14″ balance bike ideal for 3 to 7 years old. The bike is available in two shades, blue and red.

The bike can be used in two modes – balance mode and pedal mode. In balance mode, the pedals are removed to make room for legs. One can even attach a pair of training wheels to the rear wheel. Talking about wheels, the bike has rubber tires instead of EVA tires. Unlike most, the SmarTrike Xtend-Convertible Balance Bike comes with a front brake. The handle, frame, and seat are all adjustable.


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Paint Job

The SmarTrike Xtend-Convertible Balance Bike is available in two different primary shades. The first model comes with a turquoise blue colored frame with the rest of the parts painted matt black. The other one has been painted red with the same texture as above. Some color styles for the bike have a colored rim and appear more mesmerizing than a simple black solid paint. The elegant paint job perfectly hugs the extendable magnesium frame, providing it with a shiny, and sturdy appeal, making it an unparalleled fit for a 4-5-year-old.


Materials and Strength

Constituted of the magnesium frame, the SmarTrike Xtend-Convertible Balance Bike is probably the heaviest in its genre, weighing in at 14.8 lbs. ( 6.7 kilograms approx.) For a well-coordinated and confident 2.5 or 3-year-old, the weight, however, won’t be an issue. With that being said and keeping the weight in mind, longer riding hours could be a bit challenging, but to our point, it is also a part of the learning process. For new, timid, or petite riders, the weight could be an issue. Heavier bikes are hard to get started, harder to maneuver, and are most challenging to pick up after the inevitable falls. The SmarTrike Xtend’s saddle and bolts are of average quality and are both easily damaged. The saddle’s material can scuff and tear easily, while the bolts will get scratched and dented quickly as kids throw their bikes on the ground. In balance bike mode, scuffed bolts can rub against child’s legs as they run and extend their legs behind them. This could account for a downside while considering the safety of kids.


Safety and Stability

With the 14″ wheels instead of the regular 12″ wheels used by its counterparts, the Xtend-Convertible’s frame size and seat height range are well proportionate. This, in turn, provides a better experience for kids tall and old enough to ride it. The convertible has a well-guarded and protected pedal assembly in the pedal phase to avoid all sorts of injury. When the kid is old enough to transition from a balance bike to a pedal bike, the plastic rear cog cover can be easily removed, and the pedal assembly can be installed instead. The installation procedure is purely effortless and shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes. The 14″ fully pneumatic air tires with black-rimmed curves provide phenomenal traction, both on and off-road. The ‘front disc’ brake is available while strolling, but the rear coaster brake becomes a necessary attachment to the pedal assembly while pedaling. The adjustable handlebar and textured saddle provide perfect grip on the bike while strolling or pedaling.


Wheel and Comfort

At a very affordable and reasonable price, the Xtend Convertible comes pre-fitted with fully pneumatic air tires, which provide better traction and cushioning on all surfaces, allowing indulging in off-road adventures for those who seek and find fun in off-road biking.


The Xtend’s saddle is an average quality textured and printed seat, easily adjustable, and in a scooped up profile to provide a perfect center for balancing and biking at the same time. The unavailability of a quick-release seat clamp might appear to be apprehension, but with the help of an Allen wrench, the very purpose can be easily met. The variable seat height is quite versatile, ranging from 15.25″-21.35″, proving to be a perfect fit for a vast number of kids of various age groups.


As far as the handlebar is considered, two separate adjustments can be made, depending on whether the pedal assembly is being used or not. Also, the height of the handlebar can be raised to 1.75″ to accommodate much taller kids. This specific accommodation can be made by loosening the bolt at the top of the handlebar stem, lifting the bars, and re-tightening the bolt. For further adjustment, the handlebars can be rotated towards or away from the rider. This helps to extend or shorten the child’s reach to the handlebars.


The footrest while strolling and the pedal assembly while pedaling ensures smoothness and comfort as long as the learning process goes on. The footrest can easily be removed and replaced with a pedal assembly as described above.


Extra Features

The manufacturers provide a two years warranty on the product against any quality fault. As for the extra customization options, the company doesn’t offer many options to choose from. I think the company could improve upon this.



The mesmerizing paint job on the structured magnesium frame gives the bike a sturdy and robust visual appeal, accounting for long durability both inside and outside. The varying seat and handlebar heights are primarily engineered around elegant adjustments, well worth paying for. Pneumatic air tires provide traction for both on and off-road preferring enthusiasts. In our expert opinion, the SmarTrike Xtend-Convertible Balance Bike is a perfect “value for money” learning tool for your 3 to 7-year-old child.


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