Review: SQUISH 12″ Balance Bike for Kids 3 to 4 Years Old


Founded in 2015 in Austin, Texas, USA, the “SQUISH” mission is accident-free biking. SQUISH’s are an e-commerce focused brand with its hands in automobiles and their various allied sectors. A privately-owned firm, the SQUISH has a reputation for engineering world-class bikes, suitable for people of almost every age group. What happens to be our topic of discussion today is the SQUISH 12″ Balance Bike. Scoring high in looks and performance, SQUISH 12″ bike has fun designs for appealing to kids and safety innovations their parents will love. Read the review below to discover why the SureStop braking system makes SQUISH Bikes so unique.


Pros and Cons


  1. Lightweight alloy frame.
  2. 135-degree steering limiter.
  3. Junior Specific V-Brake, with reach, adjust lever.
  4. Funky, Squish Saddle with parent carry handle.


  1. Not suitable for toddlers on the taller side.


Coming with an out of the box color selection of blue with green stickers, the SQUISH 12″ is an ideal companion for your 3 to 4 years old kid. With a range of cost from £145 to £150, the bike offers a weight tolerance of 34lbs or 15.4kg. The bike has an alloy frame and a 12″ wheelbase, pretty standard among balance bikes.


The weight of the bike is 8.5lbs or 3.86kg and comes with rubber tires. The bike also offers an adjustable seat but lacks a quick-release clamp. Additional features include a rear V brake. SQUISH 12″ gives a three-year warranty on the bike’s frame and fork and a one-year warranty on original parts.


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Paint Job

The paint job is lucrative, and while the company provides only one color option to the customers, being blue with green stickers, the bike in itself is a piece of art. Black handlebars and rims suit the entire theme of the cycle and resonate with the overall theme. The stickers add a funky look to the bike, whereas the black wheels and handlebars retain a classy appeal to its design. Overall, despite providing a single color option, which could be a deal breaker for some customers, the bike has an excellent finishing on what it offers.


Material and Strength

The SQUISH 12″ Balance Bike weighs 3.86 kg\8.5 lbs. Thus, the makers have ensured that they produce a balance bike that’s easy for your child to handle. Maneuverability is a prime factor for a young and nervous rider, and a lightweight bike like this allows them to climb on board and scoot with confidence in almost little or no time. Once they get the hang of it, separating them from the bike would be impossible, and learning would be practically fun for them.


Safety and Stability

Balancing needs to be a primary learning factor for the kids, and once balancing is mastered, the rear brake, which is junior-specific with a reach-adjust brake lever, comes in handy so that stopping can be learned. The head and handle lock come with a 135-degrees stopper to ensure the front wheel can’t be turned too sharply, resulting in catapulting the child over the handlebar, and might cause injury.


Wheel and Comfort

Easy-pull, small-reach Tektro brake levers provide responsive braking for young riders. Kids will have no trouble reaching the brake levers and no issues adjusting them. Hand brakes are pretty sensitive and will need some time to get used to, so we advise the parents to train the kids accordingly, and it will be beneficial if the kids first learn to walk around with the bike to get used to the braking system before riding.


Extra Features

Though the company lacks when it comes to additional goodies, it does come with a warranty. The bike has a three-year warranty on the frame and fork. It also has a year warranty on the rest of its part.



A piece of well-orchestrated machinery in a pint-size package, the SQUISH 12″ Balance Bike has a marvelous paint job, with the notably lightweight steel frame providing it with a robust and sturdy structure. The bike will stay miles away from rusting and won’t be a concern. Fully pneumatic air-filled tires are tough to find in a 12″ balance bike but lucky, the SQUISH 12″ Balance Bike comes with the same. Ergonomically designed to ensure optimum performance and stability, not to mention equal comfort, the SQUISH 12″ Balance Bike will be a perfect fit for your 3-4-year-old.


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