Review: Stampede Charger 12 Balance Bike for Kids 2 to 4 Years Old


Built out of the 6061 Alloy children’s bicycles and balance bikes manufactured by Stampede Bikes are the finest in the biking sector. They use light alloy parts appropriately sized for the rider. Their specialty lies in the fact that they design budget-friendly bikes with features generally available on higher-end bikes. The Stampede bikes are backed with a full two-year warranty covering the complete cycle(not just the frame), and their customer services are just excellent, right from manufacturing to responsive on-road services. The model mentioned above has been tested to its limits, and you will love to test it too with your little one just as much as we did. Read on to learn more.


Pros and Cons


  1. Adjustable handlebars.
  2. Titled brake-lever.
  3. Highly stable.
  4. Rear drum brakes


  1. Fresh models are unavailable.


The Stampede Charger 12 Balance Bike is available in one distinct color- Aqua. The body of the bike is aluminum (6061-alloy) and comes mounted on a pair of 12″ wheels. With a cost of $129, the bike fits kids 2 to 4 years old.


The bike’s self-weight is 10lbs or roughly 4.53kg and comes with an adjustable seat. The seat can vary from 12.5″ to 17.5″ and is held at the place using a quick-release clamp. The bike has rubber tires that have good traction on the floor. The rear wheel comes attached to a brake to abide by the child’s safety.


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Paint Job

The paint job is lucrative, and since the frame is made out of aerospace-grade steel, the structure, along with its color combinations, makes the bike exquisite. Matt finished to the finest grade; the only color option available is baby pink or light pink. The bike is fantastic and awesome looking with a set of black-rimmed wheels with spokes and a black painted handlebar, a colored breathable seat, and a black adjustable post.


Material and Strength

The bikes are specifically designed for riders aged 2 to 4 years old. As mentioned earlier, this bike is built from quality components for durability like the 6061 aircraft grade alloy frame. Along with other added components, the bike merely weighs 10 lbs., or probably a little less, making it ideal for young kids that want to handle their bike easily. The hand brake is available with the cycle and provides optimum stopping power. Wider handlebars with premium ultra-light pneumatic rubber tires keep the bike’s center of gravity low, making it highly stable.


Safety and Stability

The Stampede Bikes have primarily focused on providing quality bikes that are cost-effective, safe, and super cool to promote learning and fitness amongst kids and families right from their establishment a decade or so back. Each Stampede Bike is manually assembled and packed with great care; parents will still need some time to construct the bicycle.


Wider handlebars with premium ultra-light pneumatic rubber tires keep the bike’s center of gravity low, making it highly stable. The rear brake is ergonomically cable routed through the frame to keep them out of the way, and the brake lever is designed in an easy-to-reach way to facilitate small hands to grab with ease. Wider is generally more stable, especially for taller. The wider stance makes the steering highly stable and easier to maneuver, providing more control for the rider.


Wheels and Comfort

12″ fully pneumatic air-filled rubber tires provide an enhanced grip on the road, ensuring proper and essential contact and adding to the bike’s stability factor. If we look at the available balance bikes in the market, we find that most of these bikes come with 1.25″ wide tires. In contrast, the Charger 12″ comes with 1.75″, which in turn shall provide a few notches of extra traction and cushion, making the Charger 12″ one of the few lower-end bikes to roll on various terrains.


The seat cover is ergonomically designed and is made out of vegan leather that is highly breathable and avoids irritation during long rides. The saddle is quite adjustable and will help the bike grow with the kid, and with the correct adjustments, this bike could prove to be a perfect match for almost every kid from 2-4. The minimum seat height is 12.5″, the maximum being 17.5″.


The increased height makes the bike an ideal fit for taller toddlers as well. The handlebar can be adjusted up and down or even tilted inwards and outwards as and when needed.


Easy-pull, small-reach Tektro brake levers provide responsive braking for young riders. Kids will have no trouble reaching the brake levers and no issues adjusting them. Coming standard with front and rear hand brakes, the Stampede Charger 12 Balance Bike does not have a coaster brake, and only foot brakes are available.


Extra features

The availability of dual freewheels is advantageous as it allows speed gain and back-pedaling, allowing the rider to gain balance if he/ she tips off.


A wide range of add-ons is also available at a very reasonable price. Some of these notable items are-

  1. Spurcycle Bell ($49.00)
  2. Stomp Pump ($69.95)
  3. Sticker pack ($4.00)
  4. T-shirts in various shades ($18.00)


The lucrative paint job on the 6061-alloyed frame perfectly hugs the structure giving a glossy yet robust visual appeal. The negotiable weight added due to it won’t be much of any issue to the toddler. The absence of a footrest can enhance the learning process and speed up growth under the proper parental guidance. With all facts mentioned, this could prove to be a perfect ride for a 2 to 4 year old.


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