Review: Strider ST-R Carbon Fibre Balance Bike for Kids 2 to 5 Years Old


A symbol of the young spirit and enthusiasm, The Strider ST-R Carbon Fiber Balance Bike comes into the market, flaunting its qualities and features. Made especially for energetic young preschoolers, the bike truly represents a combination of free spirit and sentiment of empowerment. This lightweight machine has many qualities and features, such as a carbon alloy body and a fantastic design to attract a whole generation of riders. Although the bike is a luxury at $899, the features and qualities written below will make you consider it as your final choice.


Pros and Cons


  1. Very lightweight and durable, weighing just 5.6 lbs (2.5 kgs).
  2. Fantastic design and color combination
  3. Shock absorbing adjustable saddle and handlebar
  4. Pneumatic rubber tires ensure more comfort.
  5. A two-year warranty is included with the product.


  1. Limited color options
  2. Very expensive
  3. No braking system available
  4. No footrest available
  5. Short warranty period


The Strider ST-R Balance Bike is the most expensive carbon fiber balance bike on the market in 2021, with its value being a whopping 900 bucks. The bike has only one color option, which is a combination of black and red. The bike has a sporty appeal, leaning toward kids who have a powerful and aggressive tendency of riding. The sturdy material makes the bike convenient for kids up to 60lbs/27kg. The 12″ wheels are made out of rubber and are extra wide.

The bike is super light with its weight amounting to just 2.5 kg or 5.6 lbs. The seat post can be slid from 11″ to 18.9″ with the handlebar being adjustable too. The bike overall is a perfect fit for kids 2 to 5 years old.


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Paint job

The bike comes in glossy shades of red and black with black rims and handlebars. Although the bike looks divine with these shades, more options to choose from could have been better. The colors used truly match the young enthusiasm and perfectly define the juvenile spirit. The stickers used on the bike bring out the distinctive aura of this product. Overall, the appeal of this product is considerably increased by its paint job, although the range of options is very limited.


Material and Strength

The bike’s mainframe is made up of carbon fiber, which is very durable and fits right in the scenery of off-road terrains. The bike is exceptionally lightweight as well, weighing 5.6 lbs/2.5 kgs. The handlebar contains big bumpers on both ends with good quality soft grips that protect riders’ tiny hands. The saddle is padded and is meant to last for a more extended period than its counterparts. The tires are made up of pneumatic rubber, and being 2″ wide, they promise to withstand the test of terrain.


Safety and Stability

Strider ST-R Carbon Fiber Balance Bike performs average when it comes to the safety of the rider. The bike does not come with a brake, which looks insufficient for the money I am offering for the cycle. At least a front caliper brake should have been provided by the manufacturers with the bike. The bolts are unexposed, which is good as many manufacturers do not focus on this aspect. The cycle is not supplied with a bell, mudguard, or kickstand, which may displease some buyers. The wide rubber tires perform well on every surface and complete the motive for which they are designed. I would deem the overall safety features of the bike average with much scope for improvement.


Wheel and Comfort

The massive 12″ wheels in the bike provide more clearance and freedom to the rider while taking aggressive turns or riding on off-road terrains. The tires are made up of pneumatic rubber; hence the grip is unmatchable with EVA foam-based tires.

The bike’s seat is well padded and is adjustable from 11″-18.9″, which is a huge margin. This bike is meant to be your kid’s partner for at least 4-5 years.


The handlebars are also made up of carbon fiber and are 400mm wide. The bike has a straight handlebar being 400mm wide with a 1 cm rise. It perfectly fits a child between 2-5 years of age, although the adjustment range is limited for the bike of this price range. The handlebars have soft 22.2 mm grips that help the child maintain balance and control over the cycle. Unfortunately, the bike does not come with a steering limiter. Although criticized by some, it is best to leave it for the personal choice of the parent to use.


The bike does not come with a footrest, which is crucial while riding downhill to maintain momentum and avoid injuries.


Extra features

As I said earlier, the bike lags accessories like a bell, reflectors, and a kickstand. The company should have provided these accessories with the cycle considering its price tag of $900. The bike comes with a wrench to adjust the seat and handlebar’s height. I was pleased to know that the company offers a two-year warranty for the frame and any manufacturing defect, although it could be extended to at least five years. As for the customization options, the company offers a plethora of alternatives to choose from. Various helmets, spare tires, stem pads, and much more are available at reasonable prices in the company’s store.



In the conclusion of this analysis, I want to say that it is one of the finest products present in today’s market. The finishing and the paint job are truly commendable. The carbon fiber frame is strong enough to handle the rough terrains, with wide rubber tires beautifully performing in each gripping test. With some scope for improvement, this bike is a formidable competitor in the market in its price range.


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