Review: Subrosa Altus Balance Bike for Kids 2 to 4 Years Old


Crashing into the market with its bold design and stylish looks, Subrosa Altus Balance Bike is a reliable option to go with. While it comes in the shades of glossy red and yellow, the low seat and relatively high handlebar provide excellent clearance and encourage the kid to ride the bike with a whole new level of confidence. Mostly building racing bikes, the Subrosa has apt knowledge of design and styles that are appealing as well as performing. It has a price tag of $163 and is quite desirable for this price range. The rubber tires, the plethora of customization options, and the steel frame will surely win your heart. Although there are some areas of improvement, the bike, in its first impression looks appealing to the eyes.


Pros and Cons


  1. Adjustable seat
  2. Includes Footrest pedals
  3. Includes rubber tires
  4. It has a low seat and high handlebars to provides better posture


  1. No brakes included
  2. Limited seat adjustment from 14″-16″.
  3. Exposed bolts may pose a problem for the child.


The Subrosa Altus Balance Bike is a $163.00 steel ride, that comes in two color variations, yellow and red. It has a regular 12″ wheel size that can withstand weight up to 55lbs or 25kg. The weight limit makes the bike ideal for kids 2 to 4 years old.

The Subrosa has a heavy frame of around 9.12lbs or 4.13kg. The seat of the bike can be adjusted from 14″ to 16″. The bike has BMX handlebars and, rubber tires for a firm grip on the ground.


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Paint Job

The bike comes in attractive shades of yellow and red. The glossy paint job truly suits the mood and style of this bike. The stickers used and the logos carved on the bike resonate with the overall paint job and provide a positive appeal to the eyes of both kids and adults alike. I think that there could have been more colors to choose from in this price range, but so far, so good.


Material and Strength

This bike’s frame is made of steel, which is more flexible and less prone to damage. The bike falls in a heavier category, weighing 9.12 lbs/ 4.13 kgs. The forks are also made of steel, while the rims consist of aluminum. Due to this, the bike provides a solid performance on any road.


Safety and Stability

Speaking of safety, the bike doesn’t come with brakes, which seemed odd to me, considering its price tag. The bike’s design is kept low so that the kid can drive as freely as possible. The footrest pedal protects the child while going downhill; it is neither too big nor too small, so it successfully comes into use when it is needed but does not trap the feet while riding. Exposed bolts that come in use to support the frame may pose a problem for the kid. Reflectors are not provided with the bike, and neither is a bell present in the cycle. So, in the safety sector, I think the bike has lagged a little, and this is an area that can be improved.


Wheels and Comfort

The 12″ rubber wheels provide a firm grip on the ground, irrespective of whether it is a paved surface or an off-road one.
The padded seat is very comfortable and can be raised to 16″ from 14″. Although it is a relatively small increment, I think it is done keeping in mind the bike’s low-rider design. The seat is curved, so it supports the little rider’s overall posture. The bike does not come with a quick-release seat clamp, and you would have to use tools to set it high or down.


The handlebars are straight, promoting the general stretching and growth of the kid’s body. Grips are also provided with large bumpers to prevent hands from slipping. The handlebar does not come with a turning limiter. It can be raised to 5″, providing decent support to the hands and body.


The footrest used is an extension of the structure, which is sturdy and comfortable while riding.


Overall comfort can be considered an affordable commodity while riding this bike.


Extra Features

While talking about the extra features, this is an area where the product lags. The cycle doesn’t contain a bell or reflectors. The only extra feature that is given with the bike is its footrest pedal if which can be considered an extra accessory.

The bike has a warranty on its forks and frame, and it can be generally claimed without much hassle.



After looking at the overall specs of the bike, I can say that despite some areas of improvement, it can become your kid’s best companion. The paint job is satisfactory, bringing out the best in design and taste. The steel frame and fork are ready to complement your kid on every journey. The padded seat supports the overall posture of the bike. The low rider seat is definitely for someone who tends to enjoy clearance. Rubber tires make the ride buttery and cozy on paved and off-road surfaces alike. The variety of color options makes this bike a strong candidate in the race for becoming the best balance bike. The Subrosa Altus Balance Bike overall is a decent product that can be considered if you are looking for a stylish companion for your kid.


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