Review: Swagtron Children – Balance Bike For Kids 2 to 5 Years Old


The Swagtron K3 Balance Bike is an affordable bike for toddlers that helps them learn coordination and balance. It is one of the best companions out there for the little champs to have fun and learn how to ride a cycle. Its architecture attracts the parents and adds up an advantage for the bike. Read the article to know if the Swagtron is the best fit for your kid or not.


Pros & Cons


  1. Lightweight aluminum frame
  2. Affordable
  3. Rubber Air tires
  4. Padded saddle
  5. A threadless headset keeps handlebars from twisting out of place
  6. Adjustable seat height


  1. Limited Saddle Height – just 3”
  2. Tools needed adjustment
  3. No footrest
  4. Poor quality when bought online
  5. Brakes absent


The aluminum body of the Swagtron Balance Bike makes it ideal for kids 2 to 5 years old. The bike can withstand a maximum load of 55lbs or 24.94kg on a wheelbase of 12″. This bike can be yours either in Blue or Pink with a comfortable price of $59.99.


The bike weighs 7lbs or 3.17kg and comes with a 90-day return policy. It has air-filled rubber tires instead of plastic foam tires. It is easy to assemble and even has an adjustable seat. The seat can be slid between 12″ to 16″, which is pleasing for kids having a 13″ to 17″ inseam.


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Paint Job

The bright blue and pink color of the bike makes it look mesmerizing. The colors make it attractive to the child as well as the parent. The bike has a colored frame, while the seat and handlebar come with a black hue. The rim is made of metal and has that shiny chrome look to it. It has branding stickers on either side of the frame, which keeps the body occupied instead of being blank. The paint has a shiny matte finish with is resistant to getting scratched out or any other damage. Its textured matte finish with a water transfer logo gives it a sleek and impressive appearance.


Material & Strength

The Swagtron K3 Balance Bike is made up of an aluminum frame that keeps the bike lightweight and makes it easier for the kids to handle the bike and have a joyful ride. The bike has a sturdy frame that keeps the body intact even when the kids put the bike through a harsh test. The only part that may not stand the test is the axle joint. There are few customer complaints about the axle being too weak that it snaps. The cycle weighs 7lbs or 3.17kg and can support kids up to 55lbs or 25kg. Claimed to be lightweight, but the weight, in reality, puts the bike on the heavier side.


Safety & Stability

The bike does not have brakes. To stop the bike toddlers may use their feet against the ground which may lead to wearing out of the shoes. The handle grips on the handlebar keep the kid’s hands safe when they fall. This prevents the little hands from slipping off the handle. The bike features an upgraded threadless headset that keeps the handlebars firmly in place even after the balance bike experiences many falls. The wide handlebars provide more safety to the kids. It helps in maintaining a good posture while riding with a bit of lean towards the handle. The bike lacks a footrest which provides a platform for the kids to rest their feet while riding. This protects the sole of the shoes from wearing out. The seat of the bike is well padded and soft, which allows kids to sit comfortably and firmly without sliding off.


Wheel & Comfort

The Swagtron K3 Balance Bike has 12” air-filled tires. The K3 is the only budget balance bike to offer an air tire. Air tires provide traction and cushioning that makes the ride very comfortable than a balance bike with foam tires. It works just fine for all-terrain surfaces. The wheels of the Swagtron K3 are also notable for their super-low rolling resistance. This means that the bike will provide less resistance for the rider to move forward and gives a smoother experience overall. Every component of the cycle, be it bearings or the rim and wheel itself, does a great job of keeping the tires rolling.


The saddle of the bike is soft which gives a comfortable experience to the kids. The padded seat enables the kids to sit for an extended period without any numbness in the butt. The seat of the bike can be adjusted that ranging from 12.25” to 15.25”. The seat height range is limited to just 3”. So it is better to buy the bike when the kid is fit for its lowest seat height. The height adjustment needs a tool. It lacks a quick-release lever instead you need to use an Allen key every time you want to adjust the seat height, which can be a little cumbersome.


The bike has an upgraded threadless headset that keeps the handlebars very firm. The handlebars are 15.5” wide which provides a decent wide base for solid gripping. During any bumpy movements, the wider handlebar keeps kids upright rather than wobbling them over. The handlebar post of the bike cannot be adjusted. The handle has grips that keep the kid’s hands safe when they fall. The bike does not have a footrest that allows kids to rest their feet on it while riding. It also helps the kids to save their shoes from being worn out.



The Swagtron Balance Bike is an okayish bike for your toddler. The heavy frame makes it quite unstable for the little kids to handle. Let us not forget the few customer opinions on parts being too weak. The matte finish paint makes it look more attractive. Air tires and a threadless headset make the ride very comfortable and safe. The seat height range is restricted and does not provide enough space for the growth of the kids. It does not have a footrest and brake. With that, the bike seems best suited for kids 2-5 years of age.


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