Review: The Btwin 100-14 Inch Kids Bike for 3 to 5 Years Old


The Btwin 100-14 Inch Kids Bike comes thrashing the market with its massive range of features and additional accessories. Arriving at the budget price tag of $149.00, the bike provides incredible features and provides value for every penny you spend on it. From its color scheme to the adjustable seat and handlebar, the bike sets a tough competition for its counterparts. Although it has some areas of improvement, which are perfectly described below in full detail, its features outshine them and provide an indulging riding experience.


Pros and Cons


  1. V-pull brakes in the front tire and coaster brakes provided
  2. Reflectors, Bell, and training wheels provided
  3. Chainguard covers most of the rear part of the bike.
  4. Adjustable seat and handlebar.
  5. Lighter than many budget bikes, weighing 16.3 lbs/ 7.39 kgs
  6. Pneumatic rubber tires are used instead of foam-based tires.


  1. No brake was provided in the rear tire
  2. It comes only in one color option.
  3. Exposed bolts may pose a problem for kids
  4. No mention of warranty on frame or parts


Limited by color options, the Btwin 100-14 Inch Kids Bike can only be bought in an aquatic blue shade. The bike is made out of aluminum and has a 14″ wheel size. The material makes the bike light and keeps the weight around 16.3lbs or 7.39kg. Basic features like dual brakes, reflectors, a bell, and a pair of training wheels are also included with the bike. The seat post can be adjusted from 17.25″ to 20.5″, whereas the handlebar allows maximum freedom of 1.5″. It is a fair bike that can be bought for $149 for kids 3 to 5 years old.


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Paint Job

The combination of aquatic blue and white brings the best out of this bike. The glossy shade of color feels just suitable for a kid in the age group of 3-5 years. The chainguard has cute stickers on it, which amuses children and adults alike. The only cut I found out was the limited color options provided by the company, manufacturing the bike only in blue shade. Other than that, the job has been done beautifully and defines perfection.


Material and Strength

The bike’s mainframe is made up of steel with aluminum rims that make the bike more lightweight than most of its competitors. The pneumatic 14″ rubber tires, although thin, provide an enhanced experience on the paved roads, although they have a low gain ratio. The aluminum rims assure the rider of their quality. The saddle is beautifully made, offering full support to the rider’s body. Weighing about 16.3 lbs/ 7.39, the bike stands in the lighter category of the hybrid cycles. The pedals and grips, although small, fit nicely into the bike. The handlebars are straight and are made up of steel to take small jerks and bumps.


Safety and Stability

The bike comes with a v-pull brake for the rear tire and a coaster brake that works efficiently without jeopardizing the rider’s safety. The cycle could have used a v-brake for both the tires but turned out reasonable due to the bike’s price tag. Reflectors and bells are provided with the bike to establish a new standard for safety in the cycle. The chainguard covers most of the rear area of the bike, saving the child from coming in accidental contact with the chain. On the downside, I think that the v-pull brake in the rear tire could have improved the bike’s safety standards, and a mudguard should have been provided with the bike. Overall, the bike has appreciable safety standards, although there are certain areas for improvement.


Wheels and Comforts

The bike comes with a 14″ wheelbase, which provides better clearance and control. The tires are thinner than most of their counterparts and provide easy and comfortable rides on paved surfaces.


The bike contains a chain guard that protects the legs of young adventurers. The saddle promises comfortable rides and has an adjustable height of 17.25″ – 20.5″. The bike does not come with a quick-release seat clamp or a clamp requiring an Allen key, instead of with a nut and bolt that can make the adjustment painful while you have growing children. The straight handlebar with a threaded headset is used in the bike, which helps to adjust the handle by about 1.5″. It has a soft grip that your young cyclist can easily hold. The steel used for the headset feels cheap down the line, but it’s okay considering the bike’s price tag. The pedals are a bit too small but have apt grips so that feet do not slip down the pedal while paddling.


Extra Features

As discussed earlier, a bell, a reflector, and a chainguard are provided with the bike, increasing its overall beauty and appeal. The company is very supportive and provides help for any issue in the cycle due to manufacturing faults. The exact period of warranty is not disclosed on the company’s official website. The company provides a plethora of customization options such as cycling helmets, gloves, shoes, shirts, and much more. It defines the joy of customizing the first pedal bike for your kid.



The Btwin 100-14 Inch Kids Bike can be considered an option for your kid if you are looking for a budget-friendly bike with lots of features and an attractive design. The paint job is soothing to the eyes, with cool stickers. The steel provides rigidity to the bike and confidence to the rider at the same time. I found some areas of improvement in brakes and absent mudguards, but it can be considered reasonable due to its low price tag of $149. Overall, I won’t hesitate to recommend this bike to any parent looking for a proper ride for their kid.


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