Review: The ByK Bikes E250 Kids Bike for 3 to 6 Years Old


With its low gravity and rolling dynamics-based design frame, The ByK Bikes E250 Kids Bike arrives in the market with its variety of color and customization options. The bike comes with a push handle, a bell, a stem pad, and much more features that make it one of the best bikes out there. Arriving at a price tag of $269, this bike is one of the most value-for-money products I have encountered recently. While this bike has its issues, I will consider it a fine product considering its price. To know about the merits and demerits of this bike, you might want to go through the complete article and then decide whether to consider it or not.


Pros and Cons


  1. Rolling dynamics based frame design that is highly suitable for kids between the age of 3-6 years
  2. Big 14″ tires result in a faster and more clear ride as compared to their 12″ counterparts
  3. Adjustable seat height from 15.7″-18.1″
  4. Training wheels, a bell, stem pad, and a push handle included
  5. Good customer support
  6. Coaster brake with front hand brake


  1. The material quality of elements like bell could use a slight improvement
  2. The exact period of the warranty is not mentioned
  3. Caliper brakes used in the front tire


The Byk E250 offers a plethora of color options for your kids. There are eight different shades available from cyan blue, and bright orange to lilac haze, and polished alloy. The Byk E250 is a very affordable kid’s bike that encompasses some good and unique features based on an alloy frame. A set of training wheels and a push handle for parents to help kids in their early phases are provided. Additional add-ons like a bell, stem-pad, and front brakes are also present. The seat post on the bike is adjustable and can easily be switched from 15.7″ to 18.1″. Byk is a reliable and established brand that does a good job when it comes to serving its customers.


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Paint job

The bike comes in glossy shades of cyan blue, bright orange, pretty pink, sky blue, neon yellow, charcoal, lilac haze, and polished alloy. It is one of the bikes with the most color options to choose from that I have seen recently. The colors used truly match the young enthusiasm and perfectly define the teen spirit. The striping is done on the fork and the chainguard brings out the distinctive aura of this product. Overall, the appeal of this product is considerably increased by its paint job and the color options offered.


Material and Strength

As for the bike’s mainframe, no specific metal is mentioned on its official website rather than calling it “alloy based” and having a low gravity concept bike. So, there isn’t much to cover on the material of its frame. The seat used is an “adjustable ultra mini” and is finely padded. The handlebar is also made up of “alloy” that is not precisely described. The same goes for the wheels and spokes. The bike does not have exposed bolts, so that was a plus for me. The tubes and tires used are of cheap quality that are susceptible to wear and tear. Overall, the bike’s material quality can just be regarded as satisfactory, as many details are missing out there.


Safety and Stability

The bike has a front-hand brake and coaster brake as well. The front brake is a caliper brake, which can quickly go out of alignment, while the coaster brake delivers robust performance. The company provides training wheels, a bell, a stem pad, and a push handle along with the bike, which gives it a considerable margin over its counterparts. The push handle can easily be detached from the bike when the child gains confidence while riding. Though the kickstand and the mudguard are not provided with the bike, the comfortable grip and the low gravity design fill up for them. Considering all the company’s features in the safety department, the cycle has the upper hand over its competitors.


Wheels and Comfort

The big 14″ wheels provide more clearance and better performance to the rider in comparison to their 12″ counterparts. The thin rubber tires deliver a faster ride at the cost of less grip on the ground. If you are looking for a bike that will be used primarily on non-slipper surfaces, this can be the bike to go with. The training wheels provided with the bike seemed of good quality and efficiently offered support to our learning rider.


The seat is adequately padded and provides firm support to the rider’s body while maintaining an upright position. The rider can also adjust the seat, ranging from 15.7″ to 18.1″. The bike has a V-shaped handlebar with a threaded handset, although it is not clarified by the manufacturers whether it could be adjusted or not. It easily takes the rider’s body’s load through their hands in case of turbulence. As discussed earlier, it also has a stem pad that protects the child from sudden jerks. The pedals used are of average quality, and while they come with reflectors on them, there’s always a possibility of slipping down while using them. Overall, the comfort level of the bike can be regarded as satisfactory.


Extra Features

As discussed earlier, a bell, a stem pad, a push handle, and training wheels are provided with the bike, increasing its overall beauty and appeal. The company is very supportive and provides help for any issue in the cycle due to manufacturing faults. The exact period of warranty is not disclosed on the company’s official website. The company provides a plethora of customization options such as cycling helmets, gloves, training wheels, baskets, saddles, grips, tubes, and much more. It defines the joy of customizing the first pedal bike for your kid.



Although the bike has its issues and areas for improvement, I can undoubtedly say that it provides many features and customization options from the bikes, coming at nearly the same price tag of $269. This bike can be your choice if you have a more value for money approach. I would recommend this bike to someone looking for an affordable ride for their 3 to 6 year old.


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