Review: The RoyalBaby Pony Balance Bike for Kids 2 to 5 Years Old


Entering the market with its unique design and features, The RoyalBaby Pony Balance Bike comes with a price tag of $119. Coming in three shades of Black, Pink, and Blue, it truly is a treat to the eyes. The most unique feature I noticed in this bike is its unique patented curved seat that has storage space for the carry strap and a chest pad that ensures both safety and comfort for your kid. The overall feel of this bike seems nice, and you can totally consider it for your kid if they are in the age group of two to four years.


Pros and Cons


  1. The company offers a lifetime warranty for the frame and six months warranty on other parts.
  2. It comes with a chest pad to ensure safer riding.
  3. Adjustable seat height
  4. It comes with a carry strap for convenient shifting of the bike.
  5. It has a unique patented seat that has storage space for the carry strap.
  6. It comes with 12″ rubber tires that perform evenly well on paved and off-road surfaces.


  1. The bike is a little on the scale’s heavier side, weighing 9.3 lbs/ 4.21 kgs.
  2. Exposed bolts may pose a problem for little riders.
  3. No bell and brakes are included with the bike.
  4. No steering limiter is present.
  5. Non-adjustable Handlebars.


Tagged with a price of $119, the RoyalBaby Pony Balance Bike is a balance bike carved out of aluminum alloy. The bike is available in 3 different shades. Moving on to the load capacity of the bike; it is 75lbs or 34kg. The capacity is well above the age range for the bike, which is 2 to 5 years. The bike has a regular wheel size of 12″ which is convenient for kids.


The bike itself weighs about 9.3lbs or 4.21kg with a pair of rubber tires. The tires have sealed bearings but are attached via exposed axle bolts. Only the seat is adjustable from 13.7″ to 18″. To make carrying the bike easier the bike has to carry straps under the seat.


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Paint Job

Crashing into the market in three iconic shades of glossy black, blue, and pink, The RoyalBaby Pony Balance Bike instantly grabs your attention. The bike has a distinct visual appeal to it that intrigues toddlers and adults alike. The saddle is provided in white color, really blending with the bike’s overall texture and theme; however, it is more prone to get dirty due to the same. Even the tires’ rims have a matching color to the paint job. The stickers used in the bicycle genuinely resonate with the overall theme. The chest cushion provided also comes with the matching color of the bike. Overall, the paint job can be considered exceptional for the price range.


Material and strength

The company uses aluminum alloy for the frame of the bike. While it is pretty durable, the cycle slides to a heavier end, weighing 9.3 lbs/ 4.21 kgs. The handlebar and the axle also serve their purpose beautifully, being made of metal. Unlike many bikes in the sub $100 segment, this bike does not compromise the quality of its materials. Metal also comes in use to make the rims of the tires, which pleasantly surprised me. The saddle of this bike is made of high-quality foam, which tends to last longer in the test of time. Using rubber tires in this price range deserves praise.


Safety and Stability

The brakes are not provided with this bike, which is a downgrade as many bikes in the lower price range have them. The bike has a chest pad, which is a unique thing to include in the cycle. As claimed by the company, the chest pad makes the ride much safer for the kids who tend to lean forward while riding. The bike’s handlebar is also made using aluminum, having bumpers on both ends, ensuring the toddler’s safety. The curved design of the saddle ensures that the rider does not slip off behind while riding. The bike has exposed bolts that can jeopardize the safety of the child while riding. The steering limiter is not present as well, which I think should have been provided with the bike. The handlebar has a headset that holds the handlebars in place and controls the steering. Overall, I think the safety of the bike is up to the mark.


Wheels and Comfort

The 12″ wheelbase used in this bike provides long-lasting comfort and an increased grip on both paved and off-road surfaces alike.


The padded seat has a curved design that certainly supports the little bottoms. The saddle’s quality is also appreciable, and it will last more than 6-7 months. Offering a seat adjustment height of 13. 7″-18″, the saddle can be leveled up or down to provide an exclusive riding experience.


The handlebar has a soft rubber grip that feels good while riding. As discussed earlier, the handlebar does not come with a limiter, which is a drawback. It is also non-adjustable. The chest pad is one of the unique features I’ve seen recently in a bike, and the customer reviews show that it works perfectly fine doing its job.


Extra Features

The bike comes with a lifelong warranty on the frame and six months warranty on other parts and provides an excellent after-sales service.


Although the bike does not come with a bell or reflectors, these accessories are available for customization at reasonable prices. The bike comes with a carry strap that could be stored in the space under the saddle. The bike has custom accessories, including a bell, a kickstand, bolts and washers, a water bottle and bottle holder, an inner tube, accessories basket, etc., which enhance the experience and joy of riding. Overall the bike has a plethora of customization options.



Concluding, I find both the design and quality of The RoyalBaby Pony Balance Bike commendable. The color options provided in this bike resonate with the overall design and quality. The aluminum frame supports the child on their adventures, although it puts the bike on the scale’s heavier side. The rubber tires provided in the cycle are ready to take on the riding world with your little angel. Although I believe that brakes and adjustable handlebars could have been provided in the bike. Somewhere down the line, I also think that these drawbacks should not stop you from going for this bike. The variety of customization options increases its overall appeal. The unique patented seat design and chest pad provide both comfort and safety to the rider. After-sales service such as lifetime warranty deserves praise. Overall, apart from some tiny areas of improvement, this bike is definitely recommended for your kid.


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