Review: Uenjoy 2 in 1 Kids Bike & Balance Bike for Kids 2 to 3 Years Old


U-ENJOY is one of the representative brands of high-quality e-commerce companies. Established in 2014 as a firm with its hands in automobiles and allied sectors, the U-ENJOY is relatively new to the business. After five years of hard work, building a supply chain, developing an overseas warehousing system, and improving the technical standard system are their areas of expertise. So far, they have a considerable market share in the children’s ride-on toys category. The newest of their creation is the U-ENJOY 2-in-1 Kids balance bike. The bike is a unique product in itself, an innovative mixture of a balance and pedal bike, in which the conversion merely takes 60 seconds. The paint job and material strength are the prime qualities of this product. Coming at a highly aggressive price of $110, the bike is a must to consider if you have a more budget-oriented approach. To know more about this bike, read the article below!


Pros and Cons


  1. 2 in 1 Kids Bike & Balance Bike-60 seconds to convert each other (No tools required)
  2. Adjustable seat & handlebar
  3. It comes equipped with training wheels
  4. Ergonomically designed
  5. Affordable


  1. Assembly could prove to be a complication if not addressed correctly.
  2. No brakes available
  3. Heavy as a balance bike due to the 2 in 1 feature


The $109.99 bike from Uenjoy is a 12″ balance bike ideal for 2 to 4 years old. The bike is available in three shades, blue, black, and red.


The bike can be used in two-mode – balance mode and pedal mode. In balance mode, the pedals are removed to make room for legs. One can even attach a pair of training wheels to the rear wheel. Talking about wheels; the bike has rubber tires instead of EVA tires. Unlike other 2-in-1 balance bikes, the Uenjoy Balance Bike lacks any kind of braking mechanism. The handle and the seat both are adjustable.


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Paint Job

Available in a wide variety of colors right from basic solids like turquoise and teal to more detail-oriented like rose and flamingo and even shades of black including a midnight black-structured frame, with a hint of blue all over, the Uenjoy 2 in 1 Kids Bike & Balance Bike is sure to provide for every child’s mulishness.


Material and Strength

Carved out of aluminum, making it one-third the weight, the Uenjoy 2-in-1 is lightweight, making it much easier for a 2-3-year-old to handle. Air-filled rubber tire features wear resistance and shock absorption to provide a stable experience under various outdoor road conditions. The polyurethane seat is soft, breathable ergonomically engineered to provide sheer comfort and stability. Handlebars are equipped with Polypropylene sleeves to ensure enhanced gripping while also making them non-slipping and squishy. The training wheels provide the bike with a triangular shape offering much more stability than the traditional 2-wheeler structure.


Safety and Stability

The triangular shape instead of the regular perpendicular straight line provides better stability and helps the child gain much-needed confidence. The wheelbase is quite large therefore adding to the stability factor of the bike. Detachable training wheels, along with height-adjustable seats and handlebar, serve as an all-around fit while also contributing to the bike’s overall stability. Non-slip handlebar, comfortable leather seat, durable wheels, and stable triangular structure protect your child from falling or slipping whether on the road, in the yard, or in the garden, thereby ensuring complete protection for kids playing inside or outdoor.


Wheels and Comfort

Pneumatically designed to ensure the right amount of traction, both on and off-road, the Uenjoy 2 in 1 Kid Bike & Balance Bike comes with fully gripped air-filled rubber tires, black-rimmed with over a dozen spokes. These wheels ensure adequate traction and control over the road.


The saddle is also adjustable and comes with a quick-release clamp to allow the bike to grow with the child. With an ergonomic design and textured and a scooped-up profile, a well-padded seat post helps the kid concentrate more on biking and mastering confidence without worrying about finding the perfect sitting position. The bike takes care of it all.

As mentioned above, the handlebar is made out of Polypropylene fiber, which is soft and light. Also, the handlebar is adjustable, giving the 2-in-1 an overall height of 22″. The sleeve is non-slipping, smooth, and washable.


The footrest isn’t available in the aforementioned model as it would have caused hindrance to the already crowded structure, making it more challenging for a toddler to manage. Given that the riding hours won’t be long for a kid, the absence of a footrest won’t be a downside.


Extra Features

As discussed earlier, the bike comes with detachable training wheels and pedals. As for the extra accessories and customization options, the manufacturers don’t have much to boast about.


The bike comes with a warranty of three months, which is less compared to its competitors who offer a minimum of 2 years. Overall, the bike stays in the competition due to its affordability.



The Uenjoy 2 in 1 Kids Bike & Balance Bike is a superior quality product in terms of design and features. The overall glossy appeal of the bike is catchy and perplexing. The material is light, sturdy, and robust with properly gripped air tires. Overall, the 2-in-1 could prove to be a helpful piece of equipment for your kid during his/her learning years.


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