Review: Vitus Smoothy Balance Bike for Kids 2 to 4 Years Old


The Vitus Smoothy Balance Bike is created to give the kids the confidence to learn balance and coordination at an early age. The lightweight frame and attractive colors make this bike kid-friendly and instantly grab the adults’ attention. This bike is designed to make learning and progression easy and fun. Kids can learn to balance while having a great time on this bike.


Pros and Cons


  1. Lightweight
  2. Wide rubber tires
  3. Adjustable height
  4. Handle integrated frame for parents
  5. Great visual appeal
  6. Budget-friendly


  1. No handbrakes
  2. No steering limiter
  3. The tool is needed to adjust the height


Tagged with a price of $99, the Vitus Smoothy Balance Bike is a balance bike carved out of magnesium alloy. The bike is available in 6 different shades. Though the manufacturer has not provided a majority of details, the bike fits well for 2 to 4 years old. The bike has a regular wheel size of 12″ which is convenient for kids.


The rubber tires have sealed bearings and are attached via buttoned axle bolts. The bike also has an adjustable seat post, handlebar, and a comfortable footrest.


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Paint Job

The Vitus Smoothy Balance Bike comes in eye-catching shades. It comes in blue, red, yellow, mint, silver, and white colors. The paint job is done perfectly, which gives a glassy finish to the bike. The paint looks uniform from any orientation.


The Vitus Smoothy Balance Bike has a colored frame while the other components are black. The jet black components, i.e., wheels, seat, and handlebars, complement the bike’s overall look. The branding sticker is also black, which gives a classy and modern look to the bike.


Material and Strength

The Vitus Smoothy Balance bike uses magnesium as the primary material for its frame and fork, making this bike lightweight, stable and durable. The magnesium frame gives an impressive visual appeal to the bike. The wheels are made of aluminum, which ensures the bike’s lightweight and reduces the risk of frequent wear and tear of wheels. This bike weighs only 7.05 lbs or 3.2 kg, making it very easy for toddlers to lift and use it. Even being so lightweight, this bike can support a maximum weight of 66lbs or 30kg.


A tool is needed to adjust the seat and handlebars of the bike.


Safety and Stability

This balance bike has a low center of gravity which ensures the coordination and balance of toddlers. The bike also comes with a threadless headset which provides a safe ride for the kids by giving an option to adjust the handlebars according to their height.


This bike comes with a scooped padded seat that maintains the kids’ posture. It also has soft, small diameter rubber grips with flanges to keep kids from losing hold. The bike does not come with handbrakes, which seemed like a cut to me. The wheels have a good grip, and the bike does not slip even on smooth surfaces.


Wheel & Comfort

The Smoothy Balance Bike comes with 12″ aluminum wheels, which is not readily available in other bikes in this price range. The wheels also come with 12 spoke hubs that make the wheels lightweight, stable and durable. The CST IRON KID rubbered air tires are a bonus in this balance bike. Air tires provide cushioning and better traction, even on rough surfaces. So if your kid wants to explore any challenging terrain, this bike won’t disappoint them. The tires are 2 inches wide, ensuring a more cushioned ride if your toddler tackles curb drops. Tire compression will come in handy while riding aggressive terrains. This bike’s wheels spin fast and easily and have less rolling resistance, so kids can gain more speed with fewer efforts, thus ensuring more enjoyment.


The seat is both comfortable and durable. The padded scooped shape ensures the correct posture of toddlers all the time. This ensures that the toddlers can steer effectively and are positioned in perfect shape, thus giving them the chance to balance themselves effectively. The seat height has a range of 12.75″ – 17.5″. It gives the kids more room for growth, a feature that is restricted in most balance bikes. More room for development ensures more fun for the kids and parents alike.

Smoothy Balance Bikes come with a threadless headset that keeps the handlebars in place. A threadless headset also gives the advantage of smoother steering. The handlebars are 16″ wide, providing a stable base and preventing twitchy steering, making it easy to help the toddlers learn how to handle the handlebars as it reduces the jerking. The 20mm of spacers under the stem allows the kids to fine-tune the height of the handlebars. The handlebars are made of aluminum and are straight in shape. The handlebars have soft and comfortable TRP grips that have bumpers on each end to support the kids’ hands.


This bike has a footrest that does not let the kid’s legs hang freely, thus saving them from getting tired too early. The bike does not come with a steering limiter, so it does not jeopardize the child’s safety.


Extra features

The bike’s handle is integrated into the frame. This makes the transport of the bike very easy. The footrest is narrow and does not interfere with the rider’s stride.


The bike comes with a warranty of 5 years on frames. The company also offers an extended two-year warranty on all the other components, but it excludes bearings, brake pads, etc. Thus, the company provides the best materials and a good warranty on the elements of the bike.



Concluding, this bike comes in eye-popping colors that fulfill the demands of every child. The paint is classy and gives a modern look to the bike. The materials used in this bike make it not only lightweight but also very durable. The soft padded seat, wide rubber tires, and an adjustable wide handlebar with a good grip make this bike secure and comfortable. Lack of handbrakes and steering limiters may cause some concerns regarding the safety of the child among parents. Overall, This bike is ideal for kids ranging from ages 2-4 years.


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