Review: Woom Off Air 4 Bike for 7 to 10 Years Old


Riding through the mountains with the help of its 9-speed gearbox and 60 mm lockable and adjustable front suspension, The Woom Off Air 4 cycle comes into the market with a price tag of $949. Even though the bike is a little costlier than its counterparts present in the market, don’t judge it before you know its extraordinary qualities and fantastic features. Equipped with disk brakes, an aluminum frame, and much more, the bike is truly capable of handling rugged terrains and aggressive riding. To know the list of its qualities and demerits, read the article below!


Pros and Cons


  1. Durable aluminum frame that is very lightweight, weighing only 17.2 lbs/ 7.8 kgs
  2. Incredible 9-speed gearbox
  3. Modern design and frame
  4. Disk brakes in both the front and the back tires
  5. Massive 20″ tires provide more clearance
  6. 60 mm travel front suspension with adjustable compression and rebound damping, plus lock-out
  7. 5-year warranty covering 100% of any manufacturer defects


  1. A little on the costlier side of the price range
  2. No quick adjustable seat clamp
  3. Only one color option
  4. No reflectors, bell, or kickstand provided with the bike


With only a black color variant, the Woom Off Air 4 is a splendid-looking bike for kids. It is made using a sturdy aluminum frame and weighs 17.2lbs or 7.8kgs. The wheels come in 20″ size and are equipped with disk brakes, both in front and back. The front handlebar fork is also studded with a 60mm suspension for comfort. Though the handlebar is non-adjustable, the seat post can be adjusted. The seat post can be fixed anywhere between 23″ to 29″. This variation in height makes the bike suitable for kids 7 to 10 years old. The bicycle comes with features like a 9-speed gearbox but lacks safety reflectors and a warning bell. To complete the package, Woom also offers a 5-year coverage on manufacturing defects. The bike is available on an expensive end of $949, but the quality does justify its cost.


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Paint Job

In the iconic shade of black, The Woom Off Air 4 rises above the child-oriented paint job and stickers and delivers a mature look, perfect for our young cyclists. The paint used is plausible, having a dark shade to hide the dust and mud while mountain biking. Though the company should have provided more color options, the bike’s overall paint job infused with its built design and theme considerably increases its appeal for adults and children alike.


Material and Strength

The aluminum frame used in the bike noticeably increases its comfort and shock-absorbing capability. It also makes the bike very lightweight, weighing just 17.2 lbs/ 7.8 kgs. The rubber tires have a firm grip on paved surfaces. Where most bikes tend to slip off the spot, this bike delivers extraordinary performance and holds the ground perfectly. The 9-speed gear system used in the cycle drastically increases its performance on aggressive terrains. While the tires are a bit too wide, the gearing system handles them beautifully without requiring external pressure from the rider. The 60 mm suspensions used in the front fork are durable and support the rider on the paved and off-road surfaces alike. Disc brakes used in the front and rear tires of the bike deliver robust and squeak-free performance. Superlight woom OFF DISCO TEC double-chamber aluminum rim is used in the cycle, which makes cycling fun.


Safety and Stability

Coming with disk brakes on both the tires, The Woom Off Air 4 bike assures you of its safety standards even before riding it. The sturdy and straightforward design of its mainframe maintains the rider’s equilibrium and stability while mountain biking. While the bike does not come with a reflector or a kickstand, the 60 mm travel front suspension fills up for it. Unfortunately, a mudguard is not provided with the bike, but honestly, I see it only as a hindrance to clearance. Grips fitted in the cycle do precisely what they are designed for – providing a soft and comfortable spot for your hands. Overall, the bike showcases appreciable qualities regarding the rider’s safety.


Wheel and Comfort

The massive 20″ wheelbase provides better clearance to the rider and is ideal for off-road adventures.


Undoubtedly, it provides an excellent grip on the muddy and slippery surfaces where most bikes are prone to slipping. Coming to the gear system, the bike has a unique 9-speed gear system, which provides smooth shifting. The 60 mm, travel front suspension provides everlasting comfort to the rider on rocky terrains. It is made up of high-quality material, ensuring that it deals with minimum repairing and maximum performance. They have the option of adjustable compression to adjust it according to your needs and demands. You also have the choice to lock it out.


The seat is adjustable, with its height ranging from 23″-29″. Modified according to the mountain bikers’ needs, the saddle supports the rider’s overall posture during their adventures. The clamp used is also made of aluminum, which ensures long life.


The straight handlebar is designed to handle the rider’s strain in the case of sudden braking or bouncing after colliding with small rocks. The grips are soft and feel good while holding them.


Extra Features

The company provides a 5-year warranty on all the manufacturer defects, which was a plus for me. As for the included accessories, it wasn’t delightful to see that the bike didn’t come with a bell, reflectors, or a kickstand. Although I understand that the built and the bike’s design are not suitable for kickstand or back reflectors, manufacturers should have provided a bell with the cycle. Apart from this, the cycle has various customization options offered by the company, like a bell, reflectors, bike stand, water bottle, caps, hoodies, and much more.



Looking back at Woom Off Air 4 bike, I find it one of the most beautiful and robust bikes I recently encountered. The simple yet effective design defines the aura and quality of the bike that is being offered. The steel frame used in the cycle absorbs most of the vibration caused. The 9-speed gear system rightly fits the bike and provides it with a robust performance. The 20″ wheelbase indeed provides a comfortable and easy ride. The 5-year warranty of the product gives it a lead. Overall even for $949, I would recommend the bike to anyone whose kid is in the age group of 7-10 years.


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