Review: Yedoo Too Too Balance Bike for Kids 1.5 to 2 Years Old


Spanning a glorious legacy of little less than three decades, the Yodoo’s have been a leader in the biking market since their establishment in 1998. They started with children’s scooters, moved into scoot bikes and children’s bikes, and now scooter racers who want to compete at the elite level can get a set of wheels from them to help them win. The Yedoo’s have been known to build hybrids between high-end bikes and budget bikes, which make them quite popular amongst the middle whose primary focus is reliability at an affordable price. As it happens, our topic for description today satisfies the very definition of affordability and functionality. Read on to learn more!


Pros and Cons


  1. lightweight balance bike
  2. rubber air tires
  3. a rear hand brake
  4. High-quality Kenda or Black Jack tires.
  5. Tektro easy-reach hand brake.
  6. Optional extended seat post extends the height of the seat to 19.5″ max.
  7. 16 adorable designs to choose from.
  8. Padded saddle.


  1. Exposed bolts can potentially scratch legs.
  2. A steering limiter is built into the headset; it’s not possible to disable it.


Comes with an out-of-the-box color selection from orange-red to cotton pink. The Yedoo Too Too is an ideal companion for your 1.5 to 2 years old kid. With a range of costs from £111.90 to £121.90, the bike offers a weight tolerance of 34lbs or 15.4kg. The bike has an aluminum frame and a 12″ wheelbase, pretty standard among balance bikes.


The weight of the bike is 8.2lbs or 5.08kg and comes with rubber tires. The bike also offers an adjustable seat with a quick-release clamp. Additional features include a rear V brake. Yedoo Too Too gives a three-year warranty on the bike’s frame and fork.


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Paint Job

The Yedoo Too Too has a lot to offer when it comes to the paint job. Six color combinations are available, all with a Matt-finished grade, which gives the bike a strong and robust visual appeal without making it appear dense. Orange-red, white, teal blue, mint, lime, and candy pink are the various options one has. Kids will love the bike as soon as they lay their eyes on this beauty, as the colors have been selected and painted specifically for the pre-schoolers. Black rimmed wheels with a dozen black steel spokes add up to the already lucrative paint job, thereby complementing its looks.


Material and Strength

Made of high-grade steel that’ll guarantee safety and stability for years to come, the Yedoo Too Too is an exquisite and robust masterpiece in the biking sector. Rust-free as it is, the bike is made out of a highly durable frame that will last for years and will keep your bike miles away from rusting. The Yedoo Too Too weighs around 8.2 lbs. or 5.08 kg which is perfectly manageable for a toddler and is a high-quality product in a pint-size package.


Safety and Stability

The YedooToo-Too is a solid quality bike with a highly stable frame and perfectly balanced handlebars. Ideal for all sorts of kid-friendly adventures, the Too Too will tackle all the minor bumps and will be your kid’s best and most reliable friend on their ride back home. With a seat height range of 12.5″ to 16.5″, the Yedoo TooToo is an ideal size for toddlers in 24-month to transitioning to 4T pants. A 4″ seat height range is standard for higher-end balance bikes.


Wheels and Comfort

The bike comes pre-fitted with ‘Kendra Contact’ tires which are fully pneumatic and air-filled to provide the right amount of cushioning and traction to get it through every bump on the road and negotiate every curve.


The ergonomically designed saddle and seat cover are flexible and retentive. The bike has a design that grooms and grows with the kid to make him/her subconsciously connected to the cycle even when not riding. The seat is made out of vegan leather and is highly breathable, thus avoiding and preventing all sorts of irritation in longer riding hours.


Extra features

A wide range of add-ons is also available at a very reasonable price. Some of these notable items are-

  1. Spurcycle Bell ($49.00)
  2. Stomp Pump ($69.95)
  3. Sticker pack ($4.00)
  4. T-shirts in various shades ($18.00), etc.

The lightweight frame is probably the best addition to this masterpiece and comes with a lifetime warranty if and when encountered by a manufacturing defect.



Right from its structural fundamentals like build and frame to more elaborate features like the paint job and saddle texture along with handlebar grips and seat cover, the Yedoo Too Too has been carved out of the best in class material for a budget-friendly price.


The masterpiece that it is, the Yedoo Too Too, is a true fusion of a high-end bike and a budget bike. A perfectly manageable tool for a kid and a perfectly affordable commodity for parents and guardians, the Yedoo Too Too will be a fabulous and lucrative addition to your family and your kids’ best friend for years to come.


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