Top 5 Budget-Friendly Balance Bicycle

Here is our pick on the top 5 budget-friendly balance bikes for kids from our review of more than 70 bikes from the market-

  1. JOYSTAR Roller Balance Bike
  2. Chillafish Charlie Balance Bike
  3. INFANS Lightweight Balance Bike
  4. GOMO Balance Bike
  5. BRILRIDER Flight AF Balance Bike


1. JOYSTAR Roller Balance Bike ($45.99)


The high-tensile steel can withstand 75lbs or 34kg of weight. This makes the Roller Balance Bike an ideal choice for kids 1.5 to 5 years old. If you buy it on Amazon, it will cost you $45.99 and will be available in three colors – green, black, and pink. If you want more variations in color, you can visit the JOYSTAR website. They even have a wheel size variation of 10″ and 12″.

The bike has a unique step-through frame that you can put together within 20 minutes. The assembled bike weighs 6.39lbs or 2.9kg, thanks to its light EVA polymer tires. The bike has an adjustable seat and a handlebar with a quick-release lever. The seat can slide between 12.6″ to 18.5″ while the handlebar can slide between 20.4″ to 22.4″.


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2. Chillafish Charlie Balance Bike ($48.27)


Made with High-quality metal, Chillafish Charlie Balance Bike will cost you $48.27. With a 10″ wheel, this bike comes in four colors – Black, Pink, Red, and Silver. The bike is perfect for kids from 1.5 years up to 4 years, giving it a weight limit of 55lbs or 25kg.


The no-pedal bike has 10″ EVA tires which are flat-free. The bike is very light, weighing only 3.14kg or 6.92lbs. Both the seat and handle can be adjusted when needed. The seat can slide from 11″ to 14.5″ and the handle can be adjusted from 18.7″ to 19.8″.


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3. INFANS Lightweight Balance Bike ($39.95)


With a lightweight of 6lbs/2.72kg, the INFANS Balance Bike is a budget-friendly bike amounting to $39.95. The bike has a steel body which is sturdier than an aluminum body. In addition, the body has a non-toxic powder coat of paint ranging from Black, Red, and Green (Tassel Ribbon) to Yellow (Tassel Ribbon). The bike has no pedal attachment and comes with EVA tires.


It is best for kids over 18 months to 4 years due to its 10″ wheel. The bike handle can be adjusted from 22″ to 24″ while the seat can be slid between 17″ and 19.5″. However, check your kid’s weight as it can hold up to 55lbs or 25.94kg only.


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4. GOMO Balance Bike ($69.99)


The GOMO Balance Bike comes with many color choices – Black, Blue, Blue & Black, Gold, Light Blue, Pink, and Red & Grey. The body of the bike is made out of steel and will cost you $69.99 only. The 12″ wheelbase can support up to 60lbs or 27.22kg of weight. Kids with such weight are usually between 1.5 to 5 years.


The bike itself weighs around 6.4lbs or 3kg. The seat can be adjusted from 12″ to 17.5″. Though the handle length is fixed, it does have a limiter to help in steering. The whole package comes with a warranty of 2 years.


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5. BRILRIDER Flight AF Balance Bike


Flight AF comes in three metallic shades – green, blue, and red. The frame is made from a light metal, probably aluminum which can tolerate a load up to 55lbs or 25kg. The regular 12″ wheelbase of the bike is ideal for kids 2 to 3 years of age.

The bike has light wheels made from EVA Foam. The seat height can be adjusted from 11″ to 16″, in fact, the manufacturer boast of having one of the lowest seat height for any balance bike out there. Switching between heights is also made easier by the provided quick-release clamp. At last, we have the BRILRIDER Flight AF itself, weighing 4lbs or 1.81kg. Quite an acceptable weight for little ones.


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Safety Comparison


The safety comparison of all the bikes on the list brings us a step closer to our winner. While all the bikes are at par with each other in terms of safety, the footrest and the low to ground design of the JOYSTAR Roller Balance Bike give it an edge over others. All the bikes on this list do not have brakes, as it would add to production costs. However, all of them have stable and comfortable grips. The BRILRIDER Flight AF Balance Bike also comes with a footrest, but the frame design of the Joystar is superior.



Comfort Comparison


When it comes to the comfort of the bikes, the BRILRIDER Flight AF Balance Bike takes the cake for the first position. With an ample amount of seat space and footrests, the cycle is definitely the one to consider if your priority is your child’s comfort. However, the other bikes do not lag much behind either, offering comfortable grips and adjustable seat height along with the cycle. The JOYSTAR isn’t far behind, having footrests as well.



Strength Comparison

Other than the Gomo Balance bike, which has some fragile plastic parts, all the bikes offer a decent quality for their price tag. However, the best of them is the BRILRIDER Flight AF Balance Bike, which is made up of airplane-grade aluminum. All the other bikes have a steel frame that is quite durable but a bit heavy than aluminum.



Price Comparison

The most prominent factor to consider in the rating of these bikes is their price tag. As the discussion is mainly about the best budget-friendly bike, the cheapest bikes in the arena will be recommended for sure, but we also look for the value for money these bikes offer. The most affordable among these bikes is the INFANS Lightweight Balance Bike, with a price tag of $39.95, followed by the JOYSTAR Roller Balance Bike($45.99), the Chillafish Charlie Balance Bike($48.27), the GOMO Balance Bike($69.99), and the BRILRIDER Flight AF Balance Bike($89.00). Therefore, the clear winner in this area is the INFANS Lightweight Balance Bike. However, the most value for money is provided by the JOYSTAR Roller Balance Bike. So the JOYSTAR is an ideal bike to go if you can spend a bit more.



Visual Comparison

Talking about the visual comparison, the GOMO Balance bike offers the most color options, followed by the Chillafish Charlie Balance bike, the JOYSTAR, and the INFANS bike. The visual appeal of all the bikes is pretty good, and the paint does not chip off easily off the bikes. So, overall the winner in this section is the GOMO Balance bike.



Final Verdict

After looking at all the bikes’ qualities and features, the undisputed winner is the JOYSTAR Roller Balance Bike. While the bike may not be the cheapest bike on the list, it is evident from the comparison that it has the most value for money status on the list. It isn’t on the costlier side of the list as well. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly bike for your kid, the JOYSTAR Roller Balance Bike is the best option for you.



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