Top 5 Budget Pedal Bikes for Kids

Looking for a bicycle with blazing features that don’t require a deep pocket? Here we have a list of five best-in-class bikes that are friendly for your kids and your wallet. In case these leave a bland taste in your mind, make sure to check our pedal bike repository. There, one can find more than 50+ bikes listed and sorted by various parameters like cost, on/off-road, suspension, color options, etc.

1. Phoenix KAKU Kids Bike ($119.99)

Phoenix is an old Chinese cycle brand dating back to 1897. The Kaku Kids Bike comes in 4 size ranges- 12″, 14″, 16″, and 18″. Overall, one has three color options to choose from- Sky Blue, Morning White, and Wine Red. The steel body makes the frame heavier in general. The bicycles range in weight from about 1908lbs or 8.6kg to 25.10lbs or 11.38kg. The features offered are similar throughout the various models. Only the 18″ model has a cycle stand whereas, others are accompanied by training wheels. Other features include a basket, dual brakes, seat handle for parents, mudguard, chainguard, and adjustable seat with a quick-release clamp. The cost of the bikes ranges from $119.99 to $149.99 for the 18″. Consequently, the supported age range for Kaku Bikes, in general, is from 2 to 9 years.


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2. JOYSTAR Whizz Kids Bike ($139.99)

Almost all the cycles produced by Joystar come well equipped. The Joystar Whizz contains every necessary feature one kid might need. From chainguard, training wheels to reflectors and front brake, it has every stuff. Bonus add-ons like a parent handle and quick-release clamp are also provided with the bike. Different size options make the model suitable for a lot of kids. Generally speaking, kids from 2 to 9 years old can opt for this bike. Even the weight of the cycle is comfortably low. The body is built out of carbon steel and painted with glossy colors. Some unique shades like Silver, Ivory are also available, along with some popular shades like Blue, White, and Pink. Overall, this product is quite affordable, with its price ranging from $99.99 to $139.99.


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3. Mongoose Switch BMX Bike ($115.00)

Want to have a budget-friendly BMX Bike? Look no further than the Mongoose Switch BMX Bike which comes with a price tag of $115. The bike has 18″ thick wheels with pegs to perform simple tricks. They are also accompanied by coaster brakes and training wheels. The robust steel frame is either available in blue or black and keeps the weight around 27lbs or 12.25kg. The bike is equipped with features like reflectors but lacks a quick-release clamp for the seat post. With a lifetime warranty, the bike is well suited for 3 to 6 years old.


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4. Petimini Pongo Kids Bike ($129.00)

Available in two size variants 14″, and 16″, the Petimini Kids Pongo Bike is a true classic. Made with stainless steel, the bike weighs 19lbs or 8.6kg and 21lbs or 9.5kg, for 14″ and 16″ variants, respectively. Pongo has very standard color options like dark blue, apple green, baby pink, and silver. The specifications on the bike make it a good contender for kids 2.5 to 6 years old. Classic features like training wheels, coaster brakes, bell, and chainguard come pre-equipped with the bike. Some of the additional parts like the parent handle, reflectors, or the quick-release clamp are very thoughtful. This is a mid-range product, priced very beautifully at $129 for both the 14″ and the 16″.


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5. Diamondback Insight 20 Bike ($260.00)

The Diamondback Insight 20 is an aluminum-made bike especially for 8 to 10 years old. With a lightweight of 23.75lbs or 10.77 kg, the bike can be bought in either silver or green. The bike comes with dual brakes but lacks other safety features. It has no bell, reflector, quick-release clamp, or mudguard. The seat post of the bike can be adjusted from 25.1″ to 30.9″. The whole package is available for $260 with a lifetime warranty on any manufacturing defect.


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Safety Comparison

We all know that young kids are clumsy and require additional attention while riding a bike. Hence, it’s beneficial to keep safety as a priority while choosing a bicycle for young ones. Apart from Diamondback Insight 20″, all the bikes come with necessary safety features. The Diamondback caters to 8 to 10 years old and hence lacks a healthy amount of safety gadgets. Some features like having exposed bolts can be an issue that is limited to the Mongoose BMX and the Diamondback. If having a parent handle on the seat is your thing, Phoenix, Petimini, and Joystar should be on your list. And if dirt is too pronounced to get on clothes, then Phoenix is the only bike on our list that comes with a mudguard.


Comfort Comparison

Among all the options displayed, the Diamondback is the only one with Shimano 7-speed gear. Having gears makes tackling different terrain easier. The saddle on all the bikes is pretty comfortable, while the process of adjusting it is not in some cases. The Mongoose requires a toolkit, unlike other bikes, which come with a quick-release clamp. Seats are adjustable in all the models, but one can only tweak the handlebar in the Petimini.


Strength Comparison

Almost every bike on the list comes 85% preassembled. The Diamondback is the only bike made out of high-grade aluminum, while the remaining bikes use steel in their mainframe. Using steel increases the overall weight of the bike, like in the case of Mongoose Switch BMX. It is always convenient for a kid to get a bike that is easy to maneuver.


Price Comparison

These budget bikes are a good bang for the buck, especially the Diamondback, which is meant for 8 to 10 years old.


Visual Comparison

Visually, the Diamondback isn’t as vibrant as the others as there are only two simple shades. The same can be said about the Mongoose BMX, two colors that aren’t playful. There are 3 to 4 colorful shades like Apple Green, Baby Pink, or Ivory on Petimini, Joystar, and Phoenix.


Age Compatibility

The given chart provides detail about the suitable age range and inseam height for every bike. Make sure to measure your child’s inseam and choose a bike accordingly.


Final Verdict

When looking for a budget bike, it becomes hard to evaluate whether the features offered are worth the buck. The bikes on this list are carefully sorted out of the 50+ bikes in our review repository to help one choose a functional yet affordable bike.



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