Top 5 Pedal Bicycles for Kids in 2022

Using our repository of more than 50+ kid’s bicycles, we have prepared a top list that contains the bikes filtered by their comfort, strength, safety, price, and visual appeal.

16″ CYCLE Kids Bike ($229.00)

The Cycle Kids 16″ Bike is a minimally designed piece of machine. The cycle is available in Orange, Blue, and Lilac color options. As clear from the title itself, it has a 16″ wheel which comes with brakes both at front and back. The wheels are also studded with reflectors to help ride at night. One can take this ride for some off-road adventure thanks to its roomy and well-grooved tires. Unlike most of the pedal bikes out there, this one has a quick-release lever and a kickstand. The seat post on this cycle can be switched from 21″ to 25″ with ease. This makes the bicycle suitable for kids 4 to 6 years old. The ride uses aluminum for most of its parts. This makes the bike light and keeps the weight below 16lbs or 7.25kg. The whole package can cost you around $299, which is a steal deal.


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Segway Ninebot Kids Bike ($249.99)

When it comes to boasting about the quality of the bike, Segway Ninebot Kids Bike definitely comes into mind. Available in 3 color variations of Turquoise Blue, Baby Pink, and Flawless Red, the bike has a modern and elegant look. The bike can be bought in two sizes- 14″ and 18″. But for now, we are going to focus only on the 14″ variant. The mainframe is made out of aluminum alloy, which keeps the weight in check at around 19.8lbs or 8.97kg. Made for 3 to 7 years old, the bike has a lot of safety elements attached to it. Safety reflectors, dual brakes, fully covered bolts, and chain, and silicon covering on frame and handlebar for safety. Additional features like training wheels and an adjustable seat (18.1″ to 20.5″) are also provided. The bike sure is on a pricey end at $249.99, but the warranty offered can justify this bargain. A 5-year coverage on the mainframe, whereas a 1-year warranty on other parts of the bike.


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ByK Bikes E450 Kids Bike ($319.00)

The E450 Kids Bike comes with a lot of color options. From Ninja green and Blue Chrome to Neon Pink and Midnight Black, there are a ton of options for a kid to choose from. This is a 20″ bicycle that is made up of metal alloy and weighs around 18.6lbs or 8.4kg. Comfortable for kids 5 to 9 years old, and with a price tag of $319. The bike has some basic features like dual brakes, reflectors, bell, kickstand, and chainguard. The seat post on this ride is adjustable and can be fixed anywhere between 23.2″ and 28.7″.


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20″ CYCLE Kids Bike ($439.00)

The 20″ variant from the Cycle Kids is a quality bike for kids 6 to 9 years old. Similar to other variants, this one too is made up of aluminum and weighs 19.47lbs or 8.83kg. The model is available in 3 shades- lime green, orange, and light blue. It is a bike that is made for both commute and off-road adventures. Features like wide tires and 8-speed Shimano gear add an immense amount of fun off-roading. The seat is adjustable from 22″ to 27″ and comes attached with a quick-release clamp for ease. The tires are also equipped with quick-release clamps for easy replacement or inspection. Safety elements like dual brakes and reflectors are also present. Unlike many other bikes, this one comes with a kickstand. The price for this model is a bit heavy on the wallet, costing around $439.


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Guardian Bike Ethos and Airos ($379.00 – $479.00)

16″ Variant ($379.00)

Guardian 16″ Bike comes in stunning visual color combinations. From aqua & pink, black & blue to a three-color amalgamation of black, blue & red. This great bike was also featured on the Shark Tank TV show. It has a patented Surestop Braking System. But safety features like mudguards and reflectors are absent on the bike. The Ethos uses steel while the Airos uses Aluminium alloy, which makes the bicycle weigh about 7.9kg or 17.5lbs. The bike has adjustable seat that moves from 18.5″ to 23.5″, but the upright profile might be uncomfortable for a few kids. Overall, the bike is an excellent investment of $279 to $379 for kids 4 to 6 years old.


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20″ Variant ($459.00)

Similar to the Guardian 16″ we have the Guardian 20″ Ethos and Airos. The bike has a similar segmented striped design, which is available in 5 different combinations. The two new combinations are the Black, Blue & Green and the Purple & Aqua. If we talk about the cost of the bike, the Ethos version will cost $359, whereas the Airos will cost $459. The following are the notable difference between the two. First, the material used in Ethos is steel, while it is an alloy of aluminum for Airos. Thus, the Airos has a lighter body and is suitable for beginners when compared to the heavier body of Ethos, which is preferable for experienced riders. Both the bikes are equipped with a Surestop Brake System and have a bike stand as well as a quick-release clamp for the seat. The seat can be adjusted from 22.5″ to 28.5″. The bikes have no chainguard or mudguard and come with only a single safety reflector at the handlebar. In all, it is an excellent bike for 5 to 8 years old.


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24″ Variant ($479.00)

Another variant of the Guardian Ethos and Airos comes in 24″ wheel size. Most of the features in this variant are similar to the previous two. The bike has very appealing visuals. The segmented striped pattern looks cool and is available in two combinations- blue, black with green, and purple with aqua. The bike is also available in a bland color combination if one desires. The Ethos is made out of steel and is heavier compared to aluminum alloy-based Airos. To put it in numbers, the Ethos has a weight of 25.5lbs or 11.57kg, whereas the Airos has a weight of 23lbs or 10.43kg. Both the models are equipped with state of an art Surestop Braking system and other salient features like a handlebar reflector, stand, and 7-speed gear. Contrary, the bike lack mudguards, and a chainguard. The seat is adjustable from 25″ to 33″ with the inbuild quick-release clamp. Suitable for the 8 to 12 years old, the Ethos will cost $359 whereas the Airos will cost $479.


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Safety Comparison

It is a close cut between the 16″ CYCLE and the ByK 20″ Bike. But with just a slight margin of having a better price position, the ball goes into the court of 16″ CYCLE. Guardian, on the other hand, is expensive and lacks a chain guard which comes pre-installed on other bikes. The sure-stop is a great feature for beginners but is not a convenient option for technical riders.


Comfort Comparison

Even though every bike has been ranked the same in terms of comfort, there are a few small details that are beneficial to know. The CYCLE 20″ Bike offers more control over the torque while pedaling as it comes equipped with 8-speed Shimano gears. The tires on the ByK are best suited for a road commute, whereas other bikes have considerable thick wheels which can handle casual off-roading. The bikes best for a good posture and bum support are CYCLE 16″ and Segway. Their cushioned seat offers a comfortable and wide seating spot.


Strength Comparison

In terms of strength, all the bikes hold similar ranks. The Ethos from Guardian and the Byk E450 is heavier compared to the 16″ CYCLE because of the steel frame. The use of steel frames in the bikes generally increases the overall weight of the bike. Since all the bikes are on our top list, the quality of the material used is top-notch.


Price Comparison

When it comes to comparing the price against the features offered, the 16″ CYCLE Bike takes the lead. The 20″ CYCLE and the Guardian 20″ Airos are a bit pricey. Accordingly, the 14″ Segway Ninebot is the cheapest with its cost of $249.99, and the most expensive on the list is the 24″ Guardian Airos, $479.00.


Visual Comparison

The CYCLE brand offers a more minimal and simple look compared to the Guardian Bikes, which is heavier on the style and decals. The same goes for the ByK brand, whose visuals are much simple with solid colors. The Segway is the only bike that has more of that “kid’s friendly” vibe, unlike the other bikes on the list, which have a more mature appeal. When it comes to the flexibility in color options, the ByK E450 is the way to go. It offers 11 different options against 4 to 5 options available in other brands on the list.


Age Compatibility

Using the given size chart, one can easily find the bike that suits the appropriate age as well as the inseam length of the child. The Guardian has longer age compatibility and inseam length depiction to account for the 16″, 20″, and 24″ wheel size variation. Same goes for the Segway 14″ and 18″ wheel size.


Final Verdict

All the bikes on the list are the cream of the kid’s bike market. They contain the best available features with a sensible price attached to them. Getting one’s hand over any of these bikes will be worth the money. For more options check out our Pedal Bike Repository for a list of more than 50+ kid’s bikes.



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